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Trying to find your new favorite CBD products can seem overwhelming when there are so many companies to choose from! Now add in the variety of products, and it’s easy to be led astray. But you won’t have to feel lost in space any longer, we’re here to assist you in discovering what suits you best when it comes to delta 8 products and beyond.

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Here, you’ll find an extensive range of premium CBD products, including CBD edibles, tinctures, vape pens, capsules, and more! Also, if you’d like to enjoy cannabis’s euphoric effects, we carry a long list of high-quality THC products, including THC gummies, THC syrups, THC tinctures, HHC vapes, and much, much more.

About Space Walker

Discover the universe of affordable yet top-tier hemp-derived cannabinoid products with Space Walker, a brand created by The Flying Monkey Brand committed to maintaining the highest quality. As a reliable name in the industry, Space Walker offers Grade A extracts, ensuring a superior delta 8 experience that stands out in the market.


Here, we celebrate the vast universe of THC innovation, offering a diverse range of products characterized by unparalleled quality and intensity.

Delta 8 THC Gummies

Indulge in a delightful experience with Space Walker D8 THC gummies. Expertly crafted for a perfect balance, these gummies offer a convenient and tasty way to enjoy the benefits of D8 THC. Each bite delivers a precise dose for a euphoric and relaxing sensation.

Disposable THC Vape Pens

Experience the ultimate on-the-go relaxation with Space Walker’s disposable THC vape pens. Convenient, discreet, and pre-loaded with high-quality THC distillate, these pens offer a quick and efficient way to enjoy the therapeutic effects of THC. Simply puff, savor, and unwind.

Live Resin THC Prerolls

Packed with a curated blend of top-shelf hemp flower infused with live resin oil, D8, and THC-P, these prerolls deliver a potent and flavorful smoking experience. Elevate your ritual with the rich terpene profile and smooth burn of Space Walker’s live resin THC prerolls.

About Their Ingredients

Space Walker products contain various hemp-derived cannabinoids. Noting the differences and how each can affect you can help you decide which products are ideal for you!

Delta 9

Now, to point your attention to delta 9. This cannabinoid is known as one of the most abundant, commonly reached for because of its psychoactive properties. Often simply referred to as “THC,” delta 9 is prevalent in cannabis plants, as it shares similar yet slightly more subdued effects with other THC compounds.

Delta 8

Enter delta 8, another THC compound present in all cannabis plants. Swiftly becoming a standout in the alternative cannabinoid market, delta 8 offers a blend of mellow, relaxing, yet euphoric effects. While some brands exclusively use delta 8 for their gummies, Space Walker takes a different approach by combining various THC compounds, resulting in more potent and noticeable delta-infused effects in various products.


THC-P, also known as tetrahydrocannabiphorol, is a lesser-known cannabinoid found in cannabis. THC-P is structurally similar to THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the well-known psychoactive compound in cannabis, but it is said to be more potent with a more intense psychoactive effect than traditional THC.


Space Walker also embraces one of the newer alternative cannabinoids, HHC. This cannabinoid is crafted by adding a stable hydrogen atom to THC’s molecular structure, resulting in a distinctly different experience—one that is described as more euphoric and energizing. Space Walker has incorporated HHC into their vapes, pairing it with the crowd-favorite delta 9. These carefully curated HHC + delta 9 THC vapes stand out as some of Space Walker’s more potent products.


HXC, short for hexahydrocannabinol, is a minor cannabinoid naturally occurring in both cannabis and hemp plants, primarily found in seeds and pollen. While it exists in small quantities, it’s not practical to extract it directly from plant matter due to its minor status. As a solution, HXC is synthesized in a laboratory through a process called isomerization. Initially derived from CBD extracted from hemp plants, it transforms into delta 8, and then, through hydrogenation, becomes HXC. This involves replacing a double bond on the delta 8 molecule with dual hydrogen atoms. HXC can provide mild psychoactive effects perfect for dipping your toes in the world of hemp.

Product Breakdown

Here’s a breakdown of Space Walker’s best-selling products!


Type of Product Active Ingredients Price
Mac 1 Delta 8 THC Vape Pen Delta 8 THC Distillate Starts at $34.99
Live Resin Delta 8 THC Prerolls with THC-P Delta 8 & THC-P Starts at $9.99
Heavy Hitter Delta 8 THC Vape with Delta 9 + HHC + THC-P Delta 8, Delta 9, HHC, & THC-P Starts at $29.99
HXC Gummies Delta 8 & HHC Starts at $14.99
Live Resin Delta 8 THC Vape Pen with THCP Delta 8 & THC-P-Enriched Live Resin Starts at $39.99

How to Use THC Gummies

For those venturing into the world of THC gummies, a quick guide can be quite handy. Gummies undergo absorption through the digestive system, leading to a journey that doesn’t yield immediate effects. On average, it can take between 30 minutes to two hours to feel the gummies’ impact, although this timeframe is subject to variations influenced by bioavailability factors like height, weight, and body composition.

For THC edible novices, it’s advised that you start off with the recommended serving or a lower dose. Start off with one gummy, or take half to enjoy subtle effects through microdosing. After the initial serving, wait a few hours to gauge its full effects. A second serving can be taken to enhance or sustain euphoric effects that can last six to eight hours.

How to Use THC Vape Pen

If you’re new to THC vape pens, we’ve got your back when it comes to getting it right! If your vape pen features a heating button, press and hold it for a few seconds before your initial pull. This preheating step ensures a smoother hit with the live resin oil.

In contrast to edibles, vapes deliver faster effects that manifest after a minute or even a few seconds. These effects typically last for anywhere between 30 minutes to two hours.

How to Use a THC Preroll

Keep your buzz simple when you opt for Space Walker pre-rolls! Elevate your experience with Space Walker’s special blend of THC-P and delta 8-enriched live resin. And if you need some smoking accessories to complement your smoking ritual, we’ve got you covered!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between D8 and D9?

While both cannabinoids create similar psychoactive effects, the key difference lies in their chemical compounds. While D9 THC is one of the most abundant forms of THC, D8 exists within the cannabis plant in trace amounts.

What is live resin vape oil?

Since live resin vape oil contains the full terpene profile of hemp, it is often considered much more flavorful and potent than other types of hemp-derived oils.

Are Space Walker products strong?

The effects of Space Walker products depend on your personal THC tolerance. Since most gummies, vape pens, and prerolls contain a well-balanced blend of D8, THC-P, and HHC, the calming psychoactive effects can manifest differently for novice and seasoned users.