King Size Rolling Machine – 110mm – TRĒ House

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Quick and simple to use, this King Size Rolling Machine from TRĒ House is the ace up every expert roller’s sleeve!



Rolling Machine for King Size Papers – 110mm – TRĒ House

Simplify your smoke sesh with this King Size Rolling Machine from our friends at TRĒ House! Made with black, hard plastic and donning the TRĒ House logo, this rolling machine cranks out XL joints in just a few couple steps! Next to a lighter and ashtray, this King Size Rolling Machine is a smoking essential!

Complete your stash with TRĒ House Unbleached King Size Rolling Papers!

Key Takeaways

  • The quick and easy way to roll joints
  • Iconic TREࠢ House logo
  • Black, hard plastic design
  • 110mm

How to Use a TREࠢ House Rolling Machine

Follow these steps for a perfectly rolled joint—every time!

Step 1: Add Flower & Filter

First, open the plastic cover of the machine, exposing the machine’s hollow insides. Then, take your THC or CBD flower of choice and disperse it evenly inside. Next, place a filter tip on either end.

Step 2: Close the Rolling Machine

Then, gently close the machine, keeping the flower inside undisturbed. Then, press the sides of the machine to compact the contents. This helps create the firm spine of your joint.

Step 3: Insert the Paper

Next, take your rolling paper of choice and place it in the Leafmaster machine with the adhesive strip facing you.

Step 4: Roll the Machine

Then, use your thumbs to gently roll the machine back and forth several times. This motion is how the paper encompasses the flower and creates the joint’s cylindrical shape.

Step 5: Remove the Joint

Open the rolling machine and gently remove the joint. Be careful here. Joints are fragile!

Step 6: Enjoy!

Finally, you don’t need us to tell you how to enjoy this perfectly rolled joint!

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