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32 premium filters and papers with a built-in rolling tray! Everything you need for a groovy, slow-burning smoking experience!



Ultra Thin 1 ¼” Rolling Papers Kit

The hardest thing you do today shouldn’t be rolling your own joints. Thankfully, TRĒ House has an all-in-one rolling papers kit with all your smoke sesh essentials! Packed with 32 1 ¼” papers, filters, and a built-in rolling tray, this kit has everything you need for a wonderful smoking experience!

Roll the perfect 1 1/4″ size joint with TRĒ House 1 1/4″ Rolling Machine!

Key Takeaways

  • 32 Rolling Papers (1¼”) per pack
  • 32 filter tips per pack
  • Built-in rolling tray
  • Available in 3-pack bundle

TRĒ House 1 ¼” All-in-One Rolling Kit

This all-in-one rolling kit comes with TRĒ House’s premium, French-made rolling paper, top-quality filters, and a built-in rolling tray for quick, carefree joint rolling! Now all you need is your favorite THC or CBD flower and a lighter. Then, you’ll have all the necessities for a fantastic smoking experience!

Other Rolling Papers, Cones & Accessories

Give your rolling skills the night off, and opt for a pre-rolled cone! These cones are pre-formed with high-quality rolling paper. Just pack in your flower of choice, twist the paper at the top, and then you’re ready to enjoy a groovy smoke sesh! We carry pre-rolled cones from many top brands, like TRĒ House, Zig Zag, and more!


If you want to bypass the rolling and packing stages entirely, we also have premium THC prerolls! Filled with THC-infused flower, these prerolls don’t require any rolling or packing. They come ready to enjoy!

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32 Count – 5 Pack, 32 Count – 20 Pack


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