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Canna River’s collection of CBD, THC & delicious HHC products boasts a diverse line-up of vapes, gummies, tinctures, cartridges & so much more! Jump in, chill out, and find the product that best fits you—all while wading in the Canna River!

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About Canna River

Based in Thousand Oaks, California, Canna River was founded by Grant Boatman in 2018. Canna River delivers an all-encompassing, affordable approach to hemp-derived products, offering the same pedigree of products as other top-tier brands—but at a fraction of the price. Since 2018, Canna River has been filling out their product selection, expanding more into the alternative cannabinoids space. They now have a wide range of products that spotlight a myriad of cannabinoids, from delta 8 to HHC and everyone’s favorite, CBD. As they keep amassing a loyal customer base (and plenty more cannabis awards), Canna River will undoubtedly continue shaking up the hemp market, giving customers nationwide a reliable, trustworthy source for premier wellness and recreational products.

From Seed to Sale

But how does Canna River seemingly do the impossible: high standards with affordable prices? They follow four simple steps:

  • For the Love of CBD: Though their collection now largely contains a blend of THC cannabinoids, Canna River opened their doors with CBD in mind—more specifically, high-quality, expertly cultivated CBD. The CBD in their products has been cared for from seed to supplement, grown around healthful compounds, and extracted using safe, eco-friendly practices.
  • Live, Breathe, Think in CBD: Canna River knows the hemp market feels slightly oversaturated. They aim to refine the customer experience. Canna River wants to do more than make high-quality CBD products; they want their high-quality CBD product to remain affordable for adults from all walks of life.
  • Pride in Cultivation: Canna River believes in premier cultivation backed by brand transparency. This is why Canna River publishes third-party lab tests (Certificates of Analysis) alongside each product, which help customers verify a product’s purity and potency.
  • Innovation First: If the last few years have taught us anything, the hemp plant is versatile. Canna River stands at the forefront of innovations in the hemp industry, creating new potent blends, delicious flavors, and novel ways to enjoy this age-old plant!

Top-Selling Canna River Products

If you’ve never tried Canna River before, here are three must-haves!

Canna River CBD Gummies

Canna River CBD Gummies pull other cannabinoids into the limelight, like CBN and CBG. Canna River’s exceptional blends (and delicious flavors) make for a unique, wellness-backed experience. These CBD gummies offer more than your average CBD supplement, potentially simplifying your daily wellness regimen.

Canna River THC Vape

Canna River THC Vape products let you enjoy a number of classic strains, like Green Crack, Watermelon Zkittles, and Wedding Cake, in various forms. Choose from pocket-sized vape pens to twist-on vape cartridges. Canna River blends each vape juice with THC cannabinoids like delta 8 or HHC to give you uniquely euphoric effects.

One of Canna River’s most popular THC pens is their Highlighter Vape! This pre-filled, rechargeable vape pen comes packed with two grams of potent delta 8 or HHC vape juice. Plus, Canna River formulates these Highlighter pens with true-to-strain terpenes, so you can enjoy the flavors and feels of some of your favorite cannabis strains!

Canna River CBD Oil Tinctures

Canna River CBD Oil Tinctures bring the benefits of fast-acting CBD in a convenient, customizable dose. Like Canna River’s other best-selling products, these CBD tinctures have delicious flavors that slowly morph into relaxing, soothing effects. Canna River makes both full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD tinctures, so you can browse a comprehensive CBD collection.

Why You Should Buy Canna River at

Like Canna River, aims to bring you the best selection of CBD products at the most competitive prices. We’ve carefully curated our collection of CBD brands, only spotlighting those that follow gold-standard cultivation and extraction practices. Here, you can find a mix of established brands and best-selling newcomers. At, you can shop for Canna River’s products at more affordable prices, compare key product details, and discover new, exciting brands and products. Plus, when you shop at, you can take advantage of member-only discounts, exclusive sales, and promotions—all while earning Rewards Points with every purchase!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Canna River?

Canna River is a hemp-based brand based in Southern California. They make high-quality, affordable CBD, THC, and HHC products ranging from tinctures and gummies to vape pens and cartridges.

Where is Canna River?

Canna River is based in Thousand Oaks, California.

How do you use Canna River disposable?

Canna River pre-fill their disposable highlighter vape pens with THC-rich vape juice. They don’t come with interchangeable pods, so you can puff right away! These pens are rechargeable; you don’t have to worry about losing a charge with leftover vape juice. Just take a puff and wait for the effects to set in, which can take a couple of minutes, if not seconds—much faster than edibles!

Where to buy Canna River gummies?

While you can find Canna River delta 8 and CBD gummies on many online CBD shops, none of these sites accomplish the brand’s founding message of affordability quite like Here, we compete with the brand themselves, offering more approachable price points for the same great products.

Is Canna River legit?

Canna River is one of the most legit CBD and THC brands on the market! Their products are routinely tested at third-party labs to regulate purity and potency. Plus, Canna River has one of the most eclectic collections of products, giving adults of all ages a wide range of vapes, gummies, and tinctures to choose from!