The Top 5 CBD Pods From OG Labs

The Top 5 CBD Pods From OG Labs

When it comes to cannabidiol, finding a brand that you can put your trust in is everything. OG Labs are committed to providing their customers with a top-of-the-line experience when it comes to vaping CBD: their cartridges and vape juice boast an unrivaled mixture of potency, flavor, and organic goodness. This is a brand that is committed to quality output above all else. Needless to say, OG Labs’ products offer unassailable proof of that aforementioned aspiration.

One area in which OG Labs excels is their brilliantly engineered vape pods. These vape pods are compact, handy and remarkable; a genuine feat of small-scale design work. If you’re looking to vape without complications or unnecessary bother, then these pods are exactly what you’ve been looking for.

We’ve selected five of our favorite pod flavors from the OG Labs lineup for you to feast your eyes on. To us, these products are all winners, but what we’ve tried to do is put together a list that takes everybody’s tastes into account: there really is something here for every palate and preference.

Without further ado: here are our five favorite CBD pods from the CBD trailblazers at OG Labs.

#1. Blue Razz

Blue Raspberry is truly one of the most underrated flavors; period, end of story. This “Blue Razz” pod packs all the tart, tangy flavor of your childhood blue raspberry cravings into this one-of-a-kind, CBD-friendly package. Inhale, and feel the otherworldly notes of blue raspberry do a dance on your tongue, invigorating your taste buds and lighting up your palate with audacious new flavor notes! Each pack contains four pods – perfect for use on the go, at home, or on your work break.

#2. Pineapple Express

It’s insane how much the Pineapple Express strain has taken off and endured since the Seth Rogen-starring stoner comedy classic of the same name hit theaters back in 2008. The Pineapple Express Vape Pod from OG Labs, named for the movie and the now-ubiquitous strain, is a mellow, high-strength vape that will get you feeling groovy. This product contains the purest form of organic, pesticide-free CBD, with no additional additives to muck up your experience. One puff of this pod and you’ll swear Saul and Dale were sitting on your couch next to you, yukking it up and plotting their next adventure.

#3. Mint

Everyone loves a good mint-flavored CBD vape, right? It’s one of the most pleasant and pleasurable flavors out there, which partially explains its popularity across various brands and demographics. OG Labs’ Mint-flavored Pod is, quite simply, on another level. It’s fresh, frosty, piney, peppermint-y and full of spectacular non-GMO, THC-free CBD that will have you feeling fantastic. A single pack contains four pods, but the packs are also available in bundles of 3 (x4) and 10. With that in mind… go nuts!

#4. Sour Green Apple

Some people are really into CBD vape pods that boast a sweet flavor profile. Others, not so much. Some folks are more into sour blends that will make your mouth pucker up as if you just swallowed a whole lemon. We’re being hyperbolic, but you get what we’re trying to say… right? Right.

For those who are into the sweet and sour blend, allow us to introduce you to OG Lab’s Sour Green Apple Vape Pod. This pod packs the nostalgic taste of those incredible sour green apple hard chews you used to eat back in the day ー does anyone know what happened to those things? We’re asking for a friend here ー and has an added bonus of high-potency cannabidiol manufactured in the CBD-friendly city of Denver, Colorado. Enjoy this amazing product on your own, or share it with your friends and be sociable! Live your life, ya know?

#5. Cookies N’ Cream

Cookies N’ Cream is a lot of people’s favorite ice cream flavor. I mean, in all honesty, what’s not to love? In each bite, you get the milky goodness of vanilla ice cream mixed with crumbly, chocolate-y Oreo cookie bites; we’re getting carried away just thinking about it! Lucky for you ー and lucky for us, if we’re being honest ー OG Labs knows how good Cookies N’ Cream is, and they know how much you love it. Their Cookies N’ Cream-flavored CBD Vape Pod captures the blissful essence of one of the greatest desserts of all time, AND you don’t have to live with the guilt that comes with excess calorie consumption. The fact that this product is also entirely organic might sound too good to be true. It isn’t. It’s absolutely 100% real, and it’s spectacular.

These are just five products from the current OG Labs lineup that are worthy of your attention. These pods are made with integrity and love, and it comes across when you use them recreationally or medicinally. These guys are doing great work, and it’s our pleasure at to offer a showcase for what they do so well.

If you’re interested in more products from the good folks at OG Labs, be sure to search for them on and check out their profusion of outstanding products. As always, thank you for reading!

30th Jan 2020

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