How To Use Your New Koi Cartridge

So, you’ve just purchased a Koi CBD vaping device and are looking into the many different vape cartridges on the market. You’re looking for a cartridge that is both effective and reliable, eliminating much of the guessing game that can occasionally occur when buying them. One product in particular is certain to catch your eye ahead of the others: the Koi CBD Refillable Zen Cartridge!

What Is The Koi Zen Cartridge?

The Refillable Zen Cartridge is a product that Koi CBD is especially proud of, offering consistent, exceptional use throughout its life span. Designed specifically to work with a Koi CBD vape kit, these cartridges come in packs of 4 and will likely surprise you with how long they can each last! They are all refillable, allowing them to be filled with vape juice multiple times before you should consider moving onto the next one. Additionally, they are incredibly compact, meaning that you don’t need to worry about them looking awkward when stored in your bag or purse. Feel free to carry as many of these lightweight cartridges with you wherever you go, ensuring that you never have to experience a CBD-less business trip or night out. If we could make one recommendation, it would be that when using this product, fill it with CBD vape juice in the 500mg-1000mg concentration range, in order to provide yourself with the best experience possible!

How Do I Use The Koi Zen Cartridge?

You can treat the Koi Zen Cartridge as you would any other CBD vape cartridge or pod. The first step is going to be filling it with CBD vape juice. Find the vape juice that you enjoy the most, the one you’ve been thinking about nonstop over the last few days, and pour it into your cartridge. You can pour up to 1.8 mL of vape juice into each cartridge, and if you’re feeling adventurous, you can combine multiple juices to create your own blend.

Once your chosen juice is inside the cartridge, seal it so that the juice doesn’t spill out. Then, attach it to your Koi vape pen as would with any other cartridge. This product is especially easy to connect to your pen, and its size and shape don’t result in any undesirable aesthetic changes to the pen itself. Once connected, give the pen a moment to warm up and interact with the juice before enjoying its contents. Voila, you’re now using your new Koi Zen cartridge like the champion you are! Once it’s empty, you can simply disconnect it from the pen and refill it, and once the cartridge has run its full course, you can discard it and pick up the next one in your 4-pack.

Best CBD Juices For My Koi Cartridge

For the most part, you’ll find that the best CBD vape juices are unique to you, meaning that a list of vape juices that you consider to be the best might be extremely different from the list that one of your friends comes up with. Flavor, thickness and concentration all play a key part in determining the best juices for you. However, some you will likely consider some juices to be in a league of their own, making them an easy choice over other juices regardless of flavor or concentration. Koi CBD’s line of vape juices are an example of this, boasting a combination of distinct, delicious flavor profiles and impeccable quality that you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

Whether you’re looking for something fruity or a sweet dessert treat that you can enjoy throughout the day, Koi CBD has you covered with a high-quality vape juice. Each juice carries the flavor and aromatic profile of a popular fruit or sweet treat. Trying to work your way through a hot summer day? Have some of their Pink Koi juice, which both tastes and smells like a freshly squeezed glass of strawberry lemonade. Sitting at home, covered in blankets to fend off the cold air of a winter night? Pick up some Koi Gold juice, designed with the flavors of fresh vanilla and smooth caramel in mind. These juices are perfect for any occasion, and when you vape them through your Koi Zen cartridge, you can rest easy knowing that they’ll be consumed as effectively as possible!

Finding Zen

Now that you know how the Koi Zen cartridge works and have a source of reliable, tasty vape juices, you can begin to better enjoy each CBD vaping experience. Check out some of Koi CBD’s other products as well, such as their CBD gummies and topicals. If you like this brand’s vape juice selection but want to expand your repertoire even further, check out the rest of our massive CBD inventory here at We carry every type of CBD product you can imagine, including hundreds of different vape juices!