How to Make CBD Bath Bombs

Bath bombs provide one of the most relaxing experiences imaginable and we happen to have the low-down on how to make CBD bath bombs at home!

If you’ve been so kind as to treat yourself to a CBD bath bomb, you know how wonderful they are. There’s nothing quite like luxuriating in a steaming hot bath, yet these powerful bath bombs somehow take this indulgence to the next level.

CBD-infused bath bombs are always worth the investment, but if you’re determined you can make these little beauties at home.

Whether you love the soothing scent of lavender, or you want to indulge in the invigorating aroma of mint, we’ve got you covered. By following our simple recipe, you can customize your own CBD bath bombs with whatever fragrances or essential oils tickle your fancy.

Not everyone’s hip to the wonderful world of CBD bath bombs, so for those in the know, feel free to skip ahead. If you’re scratching your head in wonder, allow us to break it down for you.

What Are CBD Bath Bombs?

CBD bath bombs work in the same way as any other bath bomb, with the added bonuses of being infused with CBD and made with the best botanical ingredients.

When you want to enjoy a particularly relaxing bath, CBD bath bombs are the way to go. These products are easy to use, and highly effective. All you need to do is fill the bath with hot water, and toss in the bath bomb.

You’ll notice the bath bomb start to fizz and disperse its essential oils into the water. This is both exciting and beautiful to watch, as the essential oils tend to make gorgeous patterns in the water.

This is only the beginning though. The real joy comes when you step in and start to let your troubles melt away.

It’s hard to rival the relaxation felt when basking in a CBD-infused bath water. This is a completely unique experience, and believe it or not, you can actually make your own CBD bath bombs at home!

CBD Bath Bombs Recipe

Bath bombs may seem like a complicated product to make, and in all fairness; there’s nothing like a professionally crafted bath bomb. CBD manufacturers have an immense amount of resources and have invested heavily in making sure their bath bombs are crafted to perfection.

That being said, you can still make some pretty amazing bath bombs at home.

This recipe will make 12 delectable bath bombs for your bathing pleasure. They also make fantastic gifts if you can bring yourself to part with a few.


  • 1 cup citric acid
  • 1 cup cornstarch
  • 1 cup epsom salt
  • 4 tablespoons of coconut oil
  • 2 cups of baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon of water
  • 12-15 drops of an essential oil of your choice
  • CBD oil tincture
  • Bath bomb mould

Putting it all Together

  1. Take a large mixing bowl and combine all of your dry ingredients (citric acid, epsom salt, cornstarch, and baking powder).
  1. Whisk this mixture until all of the dry ingredients are evenly combined and free of any clumps.
  1. Next, you’ll need to melt your coconut oil. This can be accomplished by lightly heating the oil in a pan, or by microwaving it for a few seconds.
  1. Once the oil has fully melted, gradually combine it with the other liquid ingredients. Whisk until even.
  1. Slowly add the liquid ingredients to the dry ingredients. Make sure to stir the entire time. If the mixture starts to foam, pour the liquid more slowly. This mixture should be the consistency of a gritty putty. You should be able to form it in your hand, but shouldn’t be able to squeeze much liquid out of it. If the mixture is too dry and won’t form, add a little more water.
  1. After clumping together a couple handfuls of this mixture, gently press them into each side of your bath bomb mould until they are overflowing. This will allow the mold to join together more easily.
  1. Once the bath bomb has had a chance to dry a bit, take off the top part of the mould to allow it to dry more thoroughly. When the first half is dry; replace one half of the mould and repeat this process with the other half.
  1. Leave the bath bomb out overnight. When it is completely dry, seal in an air-tight container, or store it in a dry place.

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