How To Find CBD Oil Near Me: A Guide

The hunt for the perfect CBD product can be a tricky mistress, especially when you want to find a convenient location to purchase it in person. There are countless brands and formulations available and we all have our favorites. This guide is a first-hand account of my experience trying to find the perfect CBD near me.

My Quest To Find CBD Oil Near Me

I’ll start by saying that I’m a huge fan of CBD products. I use them as a way to stay on top of my general wellness, and I also use them when things are getting a bit tense throughout the day. I have always struggled with anxiety and in my personal opinion and experience I’ve discovered that CBD is one of the best ways for me to deal with it.

For a number of reasons, I typically buy CBD products online, but I was curious and eager to find a convenient location in my vicinity where I could find my favorite CBD brands and formulations.

Being that I have purchased pretty much all of my CBD online for as long as I’ve been an enthusiast, I knew it would take a little bit of effort to accomplish the task at hand. What I did not realize is this seemingly simple task would turn into an epic. I wasn’t at all expecting an adventure when I started this endeavor, but that is exactly what I got.

Where To Buy CBD Oil Near Me?

The first step was to get on my computer and check out some potential locations. I live in Los Angeles which is obviously a huge metropolitan city and led me to believe that this task would involve about two minutes on google maps and maybe a five minute walk. This couldn’t have been further from the truth.

When I opened my computer and got online, I quickly found that CBD vendors don’t pop up quite as easily as restaurants and grocery stores. Though CBD is incredibly popular, it is still a fairly niche product and even many of the vape shops that I was sure would carry CBD products didn’t. After about an hour of online searches I had come up with a list of potential vendors.

Not Just Any CBD, The Best CBD Hemp Oil Near Me

Once I had my list of potential CBD shops I started making phone calls. I know what I like when it comes to CBD and I was after something specific. I don’t want just any CBD, I want the purest, most effective formulations and am willing to make the extra effort to find them. I was committed to my goal of finding CBD near me, but not just any CBD, the best.

My time on the phone was adding up quickly and not producing the results I had hoped for. Most of the shops I called had a very limited selection of CBD products, and many of the shopkeepers couldn’t even tell me what they had in their inventory. I thought I would at very least be able to figure out where to buy CBD vape oil near me, but no one seemed to have the brands or formulations I was looking for.

I understand that someone working at a CBD shop isn’t going to waste their time listing off every CBD product they have available, but I do expect that when I ask for something specific, that they can tell me whether or not they carry it. What I heard more times than I’d like to believe is “I’m not sure if we carry that, you’ll have to come in and take a look”. Needless to say I was starting to get frustrated.

The situation had become a lot more annoying than anticipated, but I loved the idea of being able to walk up the street and pick up some CBD with ease so I kept going. I grabbed my favorite tincture, put a couple drops under my tongue, and got back to work.

Where To Buy Green Roads CBD Oil Near Me

Green Roads CBD is one of my absolute favorite brands. They make clean, highly effective formulations and offer a broad range of products. Since I was striking out, I decided to be really specific.

I wanted to buy 600mg CBD oil near me, and I wanted it to be Green Roads. I called all of the CBD shops on my list and asked them if they carried Green Roads CBD oil tinctures. To my complete surprise, not a single store had Green Roads tinctures. Ok, maybe I should be slightly less specific.

I went down my list and called everyone back with one more inquiry. The people answering the phones at the shops could tell that it was me calling and I could hear the annoyance in their voice.

I know it is frustrating to have someone call you over and over again, but I was used to the ease of the online shopping experience and didn’t want to make the physical effort nor the time commitment to go down to each store and check out their inventory.

When I called back and asked the CBD stores if they had ANY Green Roads CBD products, I was again blown away to hear a resounding “no”. We are talking about one of the most reputable, widely used CBD brands here. Green Roads is a highly sought after brand and the fact that I couldn’t find it in any brick and mortar location in my general vicinity was shocking to me.

I Became Curious Where To Buy CBD Oil For Dogs Near Me

At this point in my exploration my dog Achilles came up and started whining at me. I had been sitting at my computer making phone calls for so long that I was late feeding him. His feeding routine includes a hearty helping of CBD and I knew I was getting low, but in fact, I had completely run out of pet CBD.

“That’s ok,” I thought. I happen to be in the middle of searching for CBD, so I’d just add pet CBD to the short list of product I was looking for. I fed Achilles, but distinctly remember him having a bite of his food and looking up at me.

He knew there was something missing and I don’t think he likes missing his midday dose of CBD. I sure don’t, so I definitely sympathized. I promised him that I would find him some CBD by the end of the day, but as the words rolled off of my tongue I flashed back to striking out on the phone repeatedly and wondered if I would actually be able to deliver on my promise. Achilles was fed and eager to enjoy his CBD so It was time for me to get back to it.

Getting Closer To Finding The Perfect CBD

At this point in the day I was feeling a bit disheartened but fully dedicated. If it was just for me I probably would have given up, but Achilles was now involved and I didn’t want to let him down. I got back on my computer, re-assessed my list, and started making phone calls. To my surprise there were a few shops that I had ignored that were in walking distance.

I called to inquire about my preferred CBD brands and ask if they carried pet CBD. Two of the five shops carried pet CBD but not the brands I was after. Another three carried some pretty awesome brands but did not have any pet CBD.

Finally, after more effort than I care to admit, I found two CBD shops that had both pet CBD and human CBD and carried some of my favorite brands, one of them even said they had the Green Roads tincture that I was after.

My excitement was blossoming faster than a spring flower and I exclaimed to Achilles that we were in business! There was a wave of relief that washed over me. I had invested hours of my time in finding a place to buy CBD oil near me and would have been wholly disappointed if my efforts had not paid off.

The Long Walk

The closest CBD shop I found that had what I was after was only a couple miles away. I am an avid hiker and had been sitting at my computer for the better part of the day so a nice walk sounded refreshing. I grabbed Achilles leash, coerced him off of my bed where he had gotten comfy, and away we went.

Like I said, I didn’t mind the walk, in fact, I was excited about it, but it certainly didn’t fulfill my dream of being able to walk down the street and quickly pick up my favorite CBD. No matter, I was happy to have simply found a place that claimed to have exactly what I was after. Walking is healthy, and if this store really has what I want, then a two mile drive isn’t the worst thing in the world either.

Achilles and I made our way through the bustling city and after about an hour, arrived at the CBD shop. I walked in and immediately saw a variety of CBD products on display. To my dismay, I couldn’t spot the Green Roads tincture that I had my heart set on.

Not only was Green Roads CBD completely absent from their selection, I only recognized two brands of CBD on their shelves, and they were brands that I had tried and did not want to spend my money on again.

My frustration was building again but I kept my cool, hoping that they would have the Green Roads tincture in the back storage. I called previously and was told that they had it, so maybe I was missing something. I wasn’t.

I spoke to the person running the shop and after they looked around for about 10 minutes, they confirmed that they didn’t carry Green Roads products. Fortunately, they did have some decent pet CBD. Not what I was after, but not the worst either.

I wanted to ask the shopkeeper why they had told me on the phone that they had these products, but didn’t have the energy for confrontation. I assume that they were just trying to get me to come to their shop and figured that I would buy some CBD whether it was the specific brand I was after or not. They weren’t wrong because I did buy Achilles some pet CBD, but I did feel that I had been deceived and will never return to that store again.

All I wanted was to find reputable CBD oil near me, and that just isn’t happening. I could tell Achilles was over it. We go on walks in the hills not in the city, and I could see the hustle and bustle of the city around us starting to stress him out so.

It was time to take Achilles home. I gave him some of the CBD I had purchased for him, and we started on our long walk back home. “Where can I buy CBD oil near me” I thought, “and why is this proving to be so difficult”?

The Rideshare

After investing 4 miles of walking and a couple hours of time I was in no mood to walk another few miles to the next CBD shop on my list. If we still lived in the time of taxi cabs this would have been the end of my day.

There is no way I was going to invest $20 in cab fare on top of my already exhausting efforts. But, we don’t live in that time anymore. We live in the age of rideshares and they really aren’t all that expensive. I had invested a lot of effort in this endeavor and really didn’t want to end it unsuccessfully.

I decided to relax for a moment and regain my composure. I had a cup of sun-brewed tea that I had set out that morning, tossed a ball for Achilles, and was starting to feel less overwhelmed about the whole thing. Once I had my head on right again and wasn’t so immensely frustrated, I pulled out my phone and ordered a ride share.

After about 10 minutes my ride showed up. Not an incredible amount of time to wait, but I couldn’t help but think to myself that if I was ordering CBD online, it would take me less than 10 minutes to do so. I was trying to stay chipper and focused on the task at hand so I ignored my thoughts and before I knew it my ride was there and I was ready to go.

Par for the course of the day, we hit traffic. This shop was only 3.4 miles away, but in Los Angeles at traffic hour, that can take hours. For us it was only one hour, but it was an hour of grinding away in stop and go traffic.

I didn’t want to be rude to my driver so I was as nice as possible, but he wouldn’t stop talking. I kept casually ending whatever conversation he started, but no matter how much I did so, he always had something more to say. Again, it doesn’t bother me that he wanted to chat, but the whole time?

A note to all rideshare drivers—an hour of talking about your buddy Jeremy and his cat named popcorn is not what you should subject your riders to. I could have walked in just about the same amount of time, and really I was straying further and further from my initial goal to find a place to buy CBD oil near me.

Disappointed By The CBD Smoke Shops Near Me

After hearing about Jeremy’s life story and how he found popcorn the cat, I had finally arrived at my destination. The driver was really nice, and I started to think that maybe this adventure to find CBD was getting the best of me and demolishing any patience I had left.

I thanked my driver for the ride and walked over to the CBD store. When I went inside my hopes were high. Maybe I have finally found the right place. Even though my goal of finding CBD near me was pretty much out the window, at least I could end my day knowing that I had persevered and actually accomplished at least half of my goal- find CBD.

Unfortunately this store was no better than the one before it. I had been baited twice! They had some ok CBD brands but not the top-tier selection I was after. Again, I had been told yes,yes,yes as when I called and asked if they had this brand and that. It was just a ruse to get me to come in with hopes that I would make a purchase anyway. I would not.

I was too frustrated to fork over my money for some sub-par CBD. After about two and a half minutes of perusing their inventory, I knew that I wasn’t going to find what I was after. I was wholly disappointed and had now spent an entire day searching for a convenient location to find CBD oil for sale near me.

Time To Retreat

At this point I knew that it was time to throw in the towel. I had put forth a valiant effort, but my efforts were not met with glory. No matter how hard I tried, I wasn’t able to figure out where to find CBD oil near me. Well, not the CBD I was after.. I have been using CBD for years and I know what I like and am familiar with a large number of reputable brands. I couldn’t find either on my journey.

I sat outside the shop, opened the rideshare app, and ordered a ride home. It was the middle of traffic hour so my ride share took 34 minutes to arrive. I was no longer frustrated. My anger had subsided and turned into the heavy feeling of disappointment. My shoulders felt like they weighed 100 pounds each and my wallet was needlessly lighter. Eventually my ride showed up and I got to sit for another hour as we made our way back to my house.

The Joys Of Buying CBD Online

When I finally arrived at my home I went inside, jumped into bed and pulled the covers over my head. I had spent an entire day of my life trying to come up with a response to what I thought would be a simple question to answer- where can I get CBD oil near me? I had failed miserably but It wasn’t due to a lack of trying.

Then a wave of euphoria hit me. I would never have to live this ridiculous day again. Why? Because ordering CBD online takes about 5 minutes. You have a world of selection at your fingertips, the prices are unbeatable, and shipping is incredibly fast. I could have avoided wasting an entire day of my life if I had just ordered online.

My initial goal was to find a convenient place to buy CBD near me, and it turns out that even when I was staring at my computer I couldn’t see the answer. There is nowhere closer to buy CBD than at your computer in the comfort of your own home.

It really doesn’t matter where you are, if you have a smartphone, you have the power to order CBD at your convenience from almost anywhere. If you are looking to find the closest place to find an incredible selection of top-tier CBD products at unbeatable prices, there is no need to look any further than your phone or computer. Take it from me, save yourself from frustration and over paying, and order your CBD quickly and conveniently online.