How Often Should I Take CBD Oil?

Our bodies appreciate regularity and when it comes to CBD, consistency is key. Though CBD is well-known and widely utilized for its remarkable benefits, many people find it confusing to figure out how often they should take CBD and what serving size works best for them.

When trying to figure out how often you should take CBD there are a few things that need to be taken into consideration. Without knowing what dosage works for you or which product fits your personal preference it can be a bit tricky to know how often to take your CBD.

Never fear, because there are some simple ways to calculate dosages, figure out how much CBD to take at a time, and which products are going to be the most effective for you. If you are wondering how often you should treat your body to the power of CBD, then stick around because these tips are for you.

Experimentation Is Key

Nobody’s born knowing how much CBD to take. It is not a subject that is taught in school, and due to the fact the CBD was unjustly outlawed for almost a hundred years, your parents probably didn’t provide much advice in this regard.

CBD products come in a huge variety of different flavors, formulations, and potencies. If you don’t have any experience with CBD but are interested in experiencing its benefits for yourself, the guessing game can seem like a daunting task.

Whether you are a seasoned CBD connoisseur trying to reevaluate their dosage, or you are just getting started with this incredible compound, experimentation is the key to understanding the proper dosage to achieve your desired results.

Once you’ve done some experimenting and have an idea as to what serving size is appropriate, you can start to consider the regularity of your CBD use. Some people find that once a day is all they need, while others treat themselves to a hearty helping of CBD 3-4 times a day. The best way to figure out what’s right for you is to experiment and see what works.

Calculating Your Dosage

Calculating CBD dosages may sound like a complex task that should be left to professionals, and for the most part it is. Products containing cannabidiol are required by law to display how much CBD is contained in each serving and the exact amount that is considered a single serving.

This makes it incredibly easy for the user to calculate precisely how much CBD they are taking. It is a great idea to stay on top of your dosages by writing down how much CBD you are taking each time, your overall daily intake, and your weekly total.

At first documenting your CBD usage may seem tedious, but it will help you gain a better understanding of how much cannabidiol you should take and how often you should be taking it. You may find that you feel the effects and benefits of CBD by simply using it once or twice a day, or you may find that you need to use CBD three or four times a day to feel the effects.

Everyone is different, and the only way to be certain of how often you need to take CBD is to experiment and find out what works for you specifically.

Is It Safe To Take CBD Every Day?

Though cannabidiol is one of the most highly sought after compounds on the market, there is still a fair bit of confusion with the general public in regards to the effects and safety of CBD. Many people still associate the non-psychoactive hemp plant with its highly psychoactive sister-plant marijuana.

There are countless Americans that utilize the awesome power of CBD as part of their daily health and wellness regimen. The hemp used to create cannabidiol contains less than 0.3% THC and does not elicit any sort of psychoactive effects or leave the user feeling “high.”

Through various studies and countless hours of research, scientists have concluded that CBD is completely safe for use. Hemp extract is non-toxic, non-habit forming, and is 100% non-intoxicating. CBD can be used as often as you would like, and it is completely safe to do so.

How To Stay Consistent With Your CBD Intake

When it comes to CBD use, consistency is the key to success and one of the best ways to stay consistent is to find a product that really tickles your fancy. If you make your CBD experience an enjoyable one by finding a flavor or product that you love, you are more likely to remember to take your daily helping of CBD.

This is another situation where experimentation can be hugely beneficial. We all have specific CBD products that we consider our favorites, but diversifying your CBD repertoire will help keep things interesting and increase the likelihood that you will reach for the intriguing new CBD product that you are trying out.