Choosing the Right CBD Oil For Cats

CBD can be a great way to help your cat keep their cool during difficult times and we have some great tips for choosing the right CBD oil for cats!

If you’re looking to treat your feline companion to the power of CBD but don’t know where to begin, you’ve come to the right place! At, we’re big fans of our feline friends and are happy to help them feel their best. We have all of the perfect products to keep your kitty purring and want to help you figure out how to choose the right one.

There are a multitude of fantastic feline CBD products out there and making a final decision can be difficult. How much CBD should you give your cat? What will they experience?

We know that you have a bunch of burning questions and we’re here to help! In this article we aim to get you informed about cat CBD. We’ll take a look at the products that are available, how they work, and how to select the perfect CBD for your cat.

Cats Get Anxious Too

Your kitty may seem like they are chill most of the time, but cats get anxious just like we do. Maybe you’ve gone through a move recently, or you’re having some construction done on the house. These types of things have a big impact on your kitties daily life.

Cats are already fickle creatures and when they are frequently subjected to loud noises and changing environments, it can drive them a bit crazy. Fortunately, when your feline friend is feeling frazzled you can depend on the power of CBD to help it regain its chill.

The Purrfect CBD Treats

There’s a pretty huge selection of CBD cat treats out there and we have the best of the best right here at! While it’s always nice to have options, when there are alot of great products to choose from, making a final decision can be difficult. But don’t worry! We want to help you find the best possible products so your cat can get back to feeling their best.

The first thing you should consider is what type of treats your cat is partial to. Do you think you’ll be able to get your kitty to swallow tincture oil straight? Or will you need to mix it into their food? There are a variety of different flavors and formulations to choose from. Maybe your cat would prefer a chewy, bacon flavored CBD. Or a salmon flavored CBD might be just the thing to make their mouth water.

Cats are picky animals, but with a little consideration on your part, you’ll be able to pick the perfect CBD cat treat!

How Much Does Your Cat Weigh?

Cats are a lot smaller than we are. This means they won’t require the same serving size. CBD that is made for cats usually has a greatly reduced potency that is perfectly suited for their size.

Each CBD cat product will suggest an appropriate serving size based on your cat’s weight. If your cat is heavier, they will require more CBD. If they are fairly small, you can give them significantly less. It’s always best to read the label on the product you’re using. While all CBD products are safe for cats, you don’t want to give them more than they need.

How Will CBD Affect Your Cat?

Like humans, every cat will react differently to using CBD. Some cats are sensitive to cannabinoids and only require small servings. Others will require a heftier dose of CBD to have the same effects. It’s impossible to tell exactly what a cat is experiencing when they have consumed CBD. They obviously can’t tell us. So how do we know that they like it?

We’ve read countless customer reviews for cat CBD and the results are unanimous. Anxious kitties from across the country have found their chill by using CBD. Our customers have told us about how their cats were bouncing off the walls and hissing at them until one day they tried CBD and everything changed.

Cats seem to really love CBD and if your feline is experiencing anxiety for any reason, we highly recommend giving these products a try!

Is CBD Safe For Cats?

The best part about CBD for cats is it is completely safe. These products don’t contain any harsh chemicals, residual pesticides, or contaminants of any kind. CBD is 100% non-intoxicating so you can give it to your cat without any worry of getting them “high”.CBD has also been shown to be completely safe for both cats and humans, even when consumed in extremely high amounts.

If your cat has been feeling anxious and you want to help them feel better,

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