Can You Take Too Much CBD?

Cannabidiol has some pretty impressive effects, but can you take too much CBD? Hemp extracts can be used for a variety of different things. Some people utilize CBD when its time for bed, others use it for aches and pains, and a lot of people utilize it simply to stay on top of their daily wellness regimen.

One of the most important aspects of using CBD is making sure that you’re consistent. If you don’t stay regular with your CBD use, you won’t experience its full range of benefits. The only problem with being diligent about your daily CBD regimen is that at some point, you might feel its effects have become more mild.

Does this mean you’ve taken too much CBD? Is it even possible to take too much CBD?

In this article we’ll explore what happens when you take CBD everyday. We’ll discuss what “too much CBD” really means, how to find an appropriate serving size, and even provide some pointers for what to do if it stops working.

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What Happens When You Take Too Much CBD?

It’s quite difficult to define what taking “too much” CBD actually means. Cannabidiol has been proven to be 100% non-toxic, even when consuming extremely high doses. You can’t overdose on cannabidiol, nor will it cause you to become inebriated. So what happens when a person has eaten “too much CBD”?

Developing a Tolerance

Taking CBD multiple times a day is very common amongst users. Enthusiasts know that to experience all that CBD has to offer, you need to remain consistent with your regimen. Consistency comes with a wealth of benefits, but one downfall; developing a tolerance.

Most people who take CBD multiple times a day will eventually develop a tolerance. This isn’t the end of the world. There are several different approaches you can take to get things back on track.

Finding the Perfect Serving Size

CBD effects everyone in different ways. Some people experience powerful effects from a very small serving of CBD. Others require high-potency products to experience the results they’re after. The way CBD affects you will be highly personalized, so its important to experiment and find the serving size that works best for you. 

Starting out with an appropriate serving size and potency will help you avoid developing an unnecessarily high tolerance. This will make it easier to compensate when you eventually develop a tolerance.

A lot of people hear about the incredible results that CBD can have and they jump right in. They start with a random potency, try the recommended serving size, and never explore any further. This is not the best approach.

CBD offers a wealth of benefits, but because its non-psychoactive, it’s immediate effect wont be readily apparent. This means that you can’t tell right away whether or not you’re taking the optimum serving size or potency.

We recommend starting with a medium to mild potency and slowly working your way up. Take a dropper full of CBD oil, wait 45 minutes or so and see how you feel. Continue using the same serving size and potency for a week and take note of your experience. The next week, increase your serving size and stick to it for the full 7 days. Repeat this process until you experience the results you’re after. This will help you find the perfect serving size without over shooting it. 

Just about everyone who uses CBD develops a tolerance at some point. If you start out by taking high-potency CBD or large serving sizes, you’ll inevitably end up having a higher tolerance than if you had started with a more mild product.

What To Do If Your CBD Stops Working

Developing a tolerance happens slowly. You aren’t going to wake up one day and have your CBD stop working. It happens over time and might not be immediately noticeable. If you develop a tolerance for CBD, you’ll probably become aware of the change gradually.

Once you’ve developed a tolerance to cannabidiol, you’ll want to compensate by either increasing your serving size, or purchasing a more potent product. Taking a break from CBD will help you get back to your baseline tolerance, but you’ll be missing out on the benefits of CBD in the meantime. 

Ultimately, the decision is up to you. That being said, if you develop a tolerance, we highly recommend continuing your CBD regimen and exploring higher potencies or more substantial serving sizes.

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