Brand Spotlight: Dosist

Every so often we come across a brand that really stands out. Sometimes it’s a company that’s been around for years and others it’s an emerging brand with huge potential. Dosist is the latter.

Dosist is relatively new to the market, but what they lack in the “time” department they make up for in product innovation. This company has invested a great deal of time developing a product line focused on precise dosing with super high-quality CBD. These qualities combined with mouth-watering flavor profiles give Dosist the right ingredients to become a huge success.

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at this impressive brand and their premium line CBD products. If you’re interested in trying something new and exciting, this brand should certainly be on your radar!

The History of Dosist CBD

Though Dosist is technically a new brand, it does have a bit of history. Dosist was originally named HMBLDT. This was a hugely famous company known for their top-tier products – especially vapes.

People loved HMBLDT and the company consistently delivered products that were more than satisfactory. So why did they rebrand?

The state of California felt that the name HMBLDT implied that their products were made with hemp grown in Humboldt, CA. They were not. The company was named HMBLDT because one of the co-founders had been raised in Humboldt. Unfortunately, the state felt that the implication was too strong and issued the company a cease and desist order.

The brand didn’t fight it. Deceiving people was the last thing they wanted to do. It wasn’t their intention with the name, but if that’s how people felt they didn’t want to take any chances. So, they graciously changed their name to Dosist.

They felt that this name better represents their mission to bring people the ability to enjoy extremely precise doses of CBD with ease. We agree. And so does the Federal Trademark office.

Where Innovation and Quality Intersect

The best CBD is made when quality and innovation come together. Quality is obviously of the utmost importance. There are countless brands out there for you to choose from but they don’t all have the best of intentions.

Some companies manufacture CBD because they truly believe in its benefits and value. These brands tend to put a lot more effort into the production of their CBD. Others only see these products as monetarily valuable.

Companies that are only in the CBD game to make a quick buck are the ones you want to avoid. They try to save money at every stage of production and don’t mind sacrificing quality to do it.

Dosist is in it for the right reasons. Not only do they use the finest ingredients, but they are constantly pushing to make the most innovative products possible. These characteristics contribute to the fast-growing popularity of this impressive brand.

What Sets Dosist Apart?

There are a ton of different products and brands on the market. So, what makes Dosist so special? This brand is relatively new but is rapidly growing in popularity. They have all the qualities necessary to become one of the leading CBD brands.

If you’re on the hunt for a premium CBD experience and appreciate precise dosing, we highly recommend Dosist.

Premium Ingredients

There’s a lot to love when it comes to Dosist, but one of the things that customers really appreciate about this brand is their commitment to using the highest-grade ingredients possible.

This brand doesn’t spare any expense when it comes to their ingredients and manufacturing process. By ensuring that they use the finest ingredients and cleanest extraction methods, Dosist ensures that their customers get the best quality product possible.

Diverse Formulations

Another quality that sets Dosist apart from the crowd is the diversity of their product line. This brand offers everything from top-tier vape devices and replacement cartridges, to some of the most satisfying CBD tinctures we’ve come across.

One customer favorite is their dose dial. This product allows users to enjoy a precise 3.7mg dose of CBD. This product is a nifty container filled with powerful servings of dissolvable CBD tablets. What people love about this product is that it provides you with a quick, convenient, discreet way to enjoy CBD no matter where you are.

Third-Party Tested

When it comes down to it, the most important thing is that the CBD you use is safe. The FDA has pretty strict regulations for all of the CBD produced and sold in the U.S. One of the requirements is that all products are rigorously tested at third-party labs.

Not only do all Dosist products surpass any FDA requirements, they’re all accompanied by detailed lab reports. This provides complete transparency and lets you know exactly what each product contains. If you want to see just how amazing these products are, take a look at the lab reports and see for yourself!

If you’re on the hunt for a premium CBD experience, 

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