5 Ways to Seamlessly Introduce CBD to Your Daily Routine

If you’re anything like the majority of the world’s population, your daily routine is filled to capacity with so many different tasks and activities. Yet, everyone’s daily grind is different. A grandmother living in Punta Gorda, Florida, will not follow the same daily itinerary as a punk rocker surfing couches across Southern California. Her day is going to be filled with vitamins, sewing kits and late-night viewings of the “wheel show” with that handsome man, Pat Sajak. On the other hand, the punk rocker’s day is going to be filled with guitar practice, leather strap shopping and taping up flyers all around town for his band’s next gig… even though he knows that the only people in attendance will be close friends and some people who got lost.

Even with a wide variation in actual lifestyle, these two groups of people still go through many of the same daily activities. The variations in the ways we approach a full day are greatly outnumbered by the similarities that we possess. We all wake up and prepare ourselves to go through a list of daily duties, whether they include work, school, house activities or anything else. As a result, many of our days follow the same motions, allowing for certain lifestyle additions to fit into nearly any routine. This includes CBD, which can easily be added to most activities that you perform as your day progresses. Here are 5 ways in which you can seamlessly introduce CBD into your daily routine.

#1: Morning/Night Skin Cleanser

Each of your mornings probably begins in a very similar fashion. You wake up, lying in bed, trying desperately to find an excuse to fall back asleep for an hour or two–or at least until the sun comes up! Eventually you give up, get yourself out of bed and head to the bathroom, where you start your daily rituals to help keep your skin in pristine condition. This means the use of several shampoos, body washes and skin lotions that moisturize and strengthen your skin… but could there be a set of skincare products that would start your day off with an even better boost?

Countless CBD companies featured on CBD.co provide topical products that are perfect for these morning rituals. These CBD-infused skincare treats allow you to get ready for the day while using shampoos and lotions that have been infused with moderate servings of high-quality CBD. This is the perfect way to treat yourself and might even help you look forward to getting up in the morning! These products combine CBD with all of the most popular and effective ingredients found in regular topicals. For example, HempMeds’ CBD shampoo combines CBD with argan and goji berry oils that work to hydrate and strengthen your hair, while also giving it a softer, more elegant appearance. These topical products function the same as those that lack an infusion of CBD, so there’s no real difference in the application process or the amount of time that they will require out of your morning.

Time of day really doesn’t matter for many of these products. If you prefer to do the majority of your bathing before you go to sleep at night instead of in the morning, these CBD topicals will still function perfectly fine as a replacement for your normal skin and hair care products. Even in the middle of the day, there are CBD topical products that can fit themselves perfectly to your needs. For example, CBDfx’s brand page on our site lists several different CBD balms that can be taken with you and used on your skin no matter where you are, seamlessly fitting into your day and being usable at a moment’s notice without attracting any unnecessary attention from those around you. With topical options that can service you at any time of day and fit into the same time constraints as your current topicals, there’s no reason NOT to introduce quality CBD into your skin and hair cleansing routine.

#2: Post-Gym Protein/Health Shake

You’re a gym rat, there’s no denying it. That isn’t an insult, of course; many people consider themselves to be gym rats, and the term is really just identifying you as someone who has managed to maintain an impressive dedication to their physical health. Deep down, everyone wants to be a gym rat, and you’ve been smart enough to stash away some time each day to work for those gains you desire. The gym is a source of invigoration for you; you feel different, better, healthier after each session. The adrenaline that flows through your body at the gym is intoxicating, and you can feel yourself craving it when you’re not working out.

Many gym aficionados are aware that you need to provide your body with certain resources after a session, so that it can repair and improve itself quickly. One method of speeding up your body’s recovery process is through protein and health shakes, which offer your body an assortment of healthy, protein-rich ingredients. These shakes are often given different types of sweet flavorings in order to better appeal to your taste buds. CBD oil can be easily and safely added to your post-gym shake, giving it a boost of CBD, essential oils and tasty natural flavorings. Canna River’s CBD Fruit Medley Tincture Oil would be an ideal addition to one of these shakes, providing it with a flavor combination of banana and kiwi that could pair well with many other fruit flavors.

To add CBD tincture oil to your shakes, all you need to do is use the dropper that comes with the bottle. Once the rest of the drink’s ingredients have been combined and converted into a shake, simply drip 1mL of the tincture oil into it and stir until you feel that the oil has been adequately mixed into everything else. 1mL is the recommended serving size, but as always it will be up to you to determine your perfect serving size.

If you don’t want to use a tincture oil and would prefer that your CBD come in a form that reminds you of the protein powders that have become so integral to your life over the years, a CBD-based powder is the perfect option. Mizo CBD has you covered with a CBD powder designed for inclusion in most any food or drink. Simply scoop some of the powder into your glass or bottle, then add water and mix the two together until they become a more unified drink. You can combine this CBD powder and your favorite protein powder in the same drink, allowing you to get a serving of hemp extract as well as the beneficial effects of a protein boost. The CBD in Mizo’s powder, as well as many powders with similar components, is an isolate. It doesn’t possess any of the terpenes that a full or broad spectrum extract would have, meaning that it does not carry a flavor or aroma and can be added to virtually anything without altering its taste.

#3: Literally. Any. Food.

You love food, and food loves you. Sometimes, it feels like a nice plate of Fettucini Alfredo with fresh, zesty shrimp might actually hold a higher position on your list of priorities than some family members. Without your love of food, you may have never needed to get that gym membership, which in turn would have prevented you from discovering your love of the gym rat lifestyle. You are eternally grateful to food for this, and in return you have promised to celebrate food in your everyday life. Maybe not to the point where giant pictures of meatballs are hanging in your family room instead of pictures of your kids and family, but you certainly do have a heightened appreciation for the meals that you eat.

If the above sounds like you, good news — CBD can be introduced into your food in nearly any of its forms and through almost all methods. If you like foods such as pastas and deli meat-filled sandwiches, then you can try adding CBD to them through a butter mixture. Italian foods are notoriously buttery, finding the taste of butter to perfectly complement the assortment of meats, cheeses and pastas that are common staples of their food genre. Before any of the butter is actually introduced during the food’s cooking process, you can blend it with a serving of CBD tincture oil to give it the added effects of the hemp extract.

Blending the two is a very straightforward process: melt the butter down until it is softened but not yet a complete liquid, then add the oil and use a utensil of your choosing to help the oil spread throughout the butter. After that, you can cook the food as you normally would. This technique works for any situation in which you use butter, including things such as burgers and pizza. It is best to use an oil that contains a CBD isolate, such as Eclipse CBD’s Tincture Isolate, as this will eliminate the potentially unwelcomed taste of hemp extract that naturally occurs when the CBD is paired with certain earthy-tasting terpenes. With an isolate, the CBD will not have a negative impact on the taste or aroma of your food.

You’re not limited to adding CBD to your larger meals only; snacks can be given the CBD treatment as well. In fact, many CBD companies have begun to produce snacks that have already been infused with hemp extracts, making the entire process much easier on you and requiring minimal work. JustCBD’s Cookies and Cream protein bar, for example, offers you all the effects of CBD with the sweet tastes of a cookies and cream protein bar, a flavor that likely has already invaded your snack supply. They offer several other flavors of CBD-infused protein bars, as well as an assortment of CBD-infused dried fruits that can be munched on whenever you start to feel hungry. Switching from normal snacks and protein bars to these products will be simple and easy, and once you’ve actually tried them, you’ll never want to switch back.

#4: CBD-Infused Dog Treats

If you own a dog, you’re probably familiar with the struggle that you encounter when attempting to train it. People with dogs of certain breeds, such as border collies and german shepherds, will have to spend less time teaching their dogs, since they possess certain traits allowing them to learn faster and be more obedient. However, if you have a pug… good luck. Some dogs just don’t feel the need to please you through performing tricks on command. They don’t totally understand what the purpose is of sitting down and standing up at the waving of your hand; they know they can sit, they know they can lay down, so why do they need to show this to you?

Treats are always a helpful tool for getting any dog to pay attention to you and work harder to learn different commands. Some dogs won’t even pretend to be interested in learning unless there is the promise of a meaty treat upon completion of a trick. CBD companies recognize the occasional necessity for this incentive and have produced many treats that combine the appeal of a meaty reward with a serving of CBD that is tailored specifically to dogs. Creating Better Days offers a line of CBD-infused dog treats for you to give to your dogs for the purpose of training them. These treats can be treated like any other treats, and you can give them to your dog for non-training purposes in just the same way. They are guaranteed to capture the attention of your dog and get him more interested in heeding your commands and learning tricks. You may not ever be able to get your bulldog to do a handstand, but he’ll be more than willing to try if he knows that one of these treats will be his reward.

While dogs are possibly the most accessible with regards to CBD treats, there are snacks and tincture oils for all types of pets. All mammals possess the same endocannabinoid system, which is the system that CBD stimulates when it’s absorbed into your body. So long as your pet is a mammal, they will experience very similar effects to you and will only feel the mild side effects that you feel if they consume too much CBD. Much like the food that you purchase for them at the market, pet tincture oils are often given flavors such as chicken and beef that will appeal to your pets. Hopp and Hemp Co. offers a pet tincture with a chicken flavoring that all but guarantees the undivided attention of your pet. Even cats, the antisocial sociopaths of the animal world, are sure to show you some love after you give them this CBD oil. To use the tincture, simply fill the dropper that comes with the bottle and apply one serving of the oil directly into the mouth of your pet. If this is not a feasible option because of your pet’s size or stubbornness, you can also apply the oil to its food and have it ingest the CBD in this way.

Reptile owners, I’m afraid this part of the list doesn’t apply to you. But rest assured, as soon as the reptile alternative to CBD is discovered, companies will be certain to pounce on it and turn it into little cricket-flavored treats for your cold-blooded besties.

#5: Nighttime Gummies

Do you remember those gummy vitamins your parents had you take as a child that struck you as being more like candy than a supplement? The ones that you convinced them to buy you after pretending that the hard Flintstones ones made you feel sick? You would get corralled into the bathroom at the end of the day and told to take your gummies, and while you knew in the back of your mind that all the cool kids would be saying no to them, they tasted too good to refuse. We’ve eaten gummies since before we even knew how to spell the word “gummy,” and gelatinous snacks have continued to occupy a space in many people’s hearts to this day.

Virtually every single CBD company has begun producing their own form of gummies featuring an infusion of hemp extracts. These gummies look and, for the most part, taste identical to the gummy treats that we grew up with. Many take on the classic shapes of gummy bears, sugar-coated rings and worms, while other companies get creative with their own shapes and sizes. Nirvana Natural Relaxation offers an assembly of gummies that take on the accurate shape of a lion’s head and mane. Like a regular container of gummies, the varying colors of CBD gummies indicate the type of flavor that it possesses. Some are fruitier and taste stronger than others, but each and every one of them is guaranteed to taste good and contain the same moderate amount of CBD.

One of the CBD gummy’s greatest strengths is its mobility. The bottles are perfect for use at home, sitting on your bathroom countertop amongst the various other items that prepare you for the end of the day. It is a popular nighttime option, but can also be taken in the morning if you feel that this would be a better use for it. Either way, they take up very little counter space and you use up little to no time when consuming them. If you feel like this is something you would rather be having in the middle of the day, when you’re out on the town or driving your two admittedly below-average soccer-playing children to a playoff game, then there are gummy options that come in packets. These packets, such as this one sold by Savage CBD, take up much less space and can be brought with you anywhere. Their appearance doesn’t reveal much about their contents, meaning that you don’t need to worry about other people judging your snack choice. If you really are going to your children’s soccer game, maybe consider bringing some for the other parents as well; they could certainly use them. This comforting snack will always be at your fingertips and won’t do anything to affect your normal daily routine.

These are just five of the countless ways in which you can infuse CBD into your everyday life. They offer avenues into the world of CBD that will not hinder the rest of your day’s responsibilities in the slightest, and you’ll certainly be pleased if you choose to try them out. They can be adjusted as your daily routine changes, and if they turn out to be too much for some reason, you can simply put them on hold for a bit or find a new way to work them in.

Most days are long, some seeming to go on forever with no end in sight. To ward off the monotony and boredom of your daily rituals and duties, you need to experiment with ways to shake things up. These products offer a shakeup that can breathe some life back into your day and does nothing to negatively impact your efficiency. Don’t let the sameness of the everyday grind slow you down; let CBD bring some flavor back to your life!

Once again, to all the reptile owners out there, I’m so, so sorry. Your time will come…just not today.