4 Lazarus Naturals Products You Must Try

In a landscape that is arguably overpopulated by CBD brands, there is something undeniably distinctive about a company like Lazarus Naturals, who proudly proclaim themselves to be an entirely employee-owned business. The upside to this lack of superfluous oversight means that Lazarus Naturals can stay busy creating CBD products that feel blessed with an artisan’s touch.

There are quite a few reasons why Lazarus Naturals, as a CBD company, remains boldly ahead of the curve when it comes to their competitors in the cannabidiol field. For one, Lazarus Naturals do not sell vape cartridges, or vape pens. You also won’t find any edibles in the company’s stock; no over-sweetened gummies, no overpoweringly rich chocolate bars…. nothing of the like! The products manufactured by Lazarus Naturals are intended for a certain kind of buyer: someone who is discerning about the CBD they choose to consume, but not pretentious or haughty about it in the slightest.

So, what will you find at Lazarus Naturals? Tinctures, for one. Lazarus Naturals has crafted a line of top-tier tinctures for both humans and their animal friends. Many of their products are divided into Standard and High Potency categories. In addition to tinctures and high-quality isolates, Lazarus Naturals also concentrates on making the best CBD capsules, assorted specialty items (seriously, how many CBD companies can say that full spectrum CBD coconut oil is part of their product line?), and various topical products. They’ve even got some cool merch available on their site: t-shirts and beanies, plus a nifty-looking water bottle!

CBD.co is proud to be able to feature Lazarus Naturals products available for purchase online. If you’re looking to learn more about this brand and maybe even try some of their incredible creations, here are four of our favorite Lazarus Naturals products currently available at CBD.co!

1.) Lazarus Naturals – CBD Pet Tincture

Lazarus Naturals isn’t just looking out for you – they’re also looking out for your kitties and puppies at home. There’s a slightly lower level of CBD in the company’s signature Pet Tincture, at least compared to what you might get in a similar product engineered for human use. In this case, that’s a good thing. After all, our furry friends can’t handle the same quantity of CBD that we can. This top-shelf pet tincture – which has been vertically integrated in its production, so as to ensure optimum quality – is made with full spectrum hemp extract. It also comes with a super-handy dropper, so that pet owners can moderate the amount that they’re administering to their fluffy loved ones. This product is both gluten-free and vegan. It contains coconut oil, tree nuts, hemp extract, and absolutely no artificial flavors or sweeteners. Sublingual administration is highly recommended (this may be easier for cats than for dogs), and you can feel out the serving size as you see fit.

2.) Lazarus Naturals – CBD Topical – Cedar Citrus Full Spectrum Balm

Who needs regular, boring old balm when you can enjoy Cedar Citrus Full Spectrum Balm from Lazarus Naturals? Scented with evocative notes of wood and luscious fruit, this full-bodied, dynamic proprietary balm contains no shortage of resplendent natural ingredients: mango butter, beeswax, fractionated coconut oil, potent hemp extract, you name it! Half a teaspoon of this balm contains 50mg of CBD, which, in this case, is intended strictly for topical use. Simply take a small dab (less than you can fit on your finger, as you would with normal balm), and apply it to the epidermis as needed. As far as topical products go, this is as good as it gets. This product has been third-party tested to ensure quality, and also for pesticides and other harmful additives.

3.) Lazarus Naturals – CBD Capsules – Full Spectrum

Looking for a stronger, more concentrated, straight-to-the-point serving of CBD than what you’re used to? Not into the ritual that comes with taking tinctures? Do topical products not do it for you? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you owe it to yourself to check out these one-of-a-kind CBD Capsules, which contain a rich, copious profusion of full spectrum hemp extract. This vegan and gluten-free Lazarus Naturals product was formulated and manufactured in-house, and contains microcrystalline cellulose, vegetable cellulose, coconut oil, silicon dioxide, and other natural ingredients!

4.) Lazarus Naturals – CBD Tincture – Full Spectrum Chocolate Mint

Taste is probably the number one factor when it comes to why some people don’t like using tinctures. Some tinctures can leave users with an unwanted, earthy aftertaste that can be hard to rinse out of your mouth. So what would you say if we told you that we know of a full spectrum CBD tincture that also just happens to taste like mint chocolate? Lazarus Naturals’ Chocolate Mint-flavored Tincture blend is derived from natural and delicious chocolate and mint extracts, resulting in a dizzying and wildly refreshing chocolate sensation that will have you actually excited about taking tinctures. Imagine that! This product comes with a graduated dropper so that you know how much you’re consuming at any given time, and it contains absolutely no artificial flavors. It does, however, contain fractionated coconut oil and organic hempseed oil. Comes in both Standard and High Potency options. This one’s for the chocolate lover in your life.

These are just four of the Lazarus Naturals products that we’re most excited about – there are plenty of other great items being produced by this company at present, many of which are available for purchase on our website. If you’re interested in what other products this sterling, on-the-rise brand has to offer, simply go to the “search the store” bar near the top of the CBD.co homepage, and search for “Lazarus” or “Lazarus Naturals.”