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Located in the Pacific Northwest, Wildflower is a publicly traded company offering a wide variety of cannabis products.

Through harnessing the knowledge and technology that comes from experts in a region with a rich history in cannabis products, Wildflower provides top-of-the-line cannabidiol (CBD) products across the US.

Dedicated to product excellence, Wildflower uses 100% natural ingredients and offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. All products are manufactured locally in Bellingham, Washington.


“The Wildflower mission is to connect people with the healing power of plants.

We live to share and inspire holistic wellness by designing, developing and producing the world’s most innovative and best performing cannabis products.

We will achieve this mission through a commitment to our values of transparency, sustainability and freedom. With these values we can make the world a better place.”


Wildflower is dedicated to providing the highest-quality cannabis products, both in relation to the quality of the CBD and through the use of the best technology around.

The highest quality CBD comes from hemp grown in the USA without the use of pesticides or fertilizer. This CBD is extracted from mature hemp stalk and seeds.

CO2 Supercritical Extraction, known as CO2 oil, is used to separate the CBD from the hemp plant matter.

In Supercritical Fluid Extraction, high pressure and carbon dioxide are used to separate the oils from the hemp plant matter. This allows the desired compounds, such as CBD and terpenes, to be extracted separately.

This extraction method yields pure oil that is free of residual solvents, additives, and impurities.

Winterization is also used, which is a technique to remove other unwanted substances from the oil product, including waxes and undesired lipids.

Many CBD-infused e-liquid products on the market contain polyethylene glycol (PG) or propylene glycol (PEG). Rather than using these chemicals, Wildflower uses only terpenes, which are natural oils derived from cannabis plants.

To ensure unwavering quality, all Wildflower products are lab tested via a third-party lab using ISO 17025 testing facilities at three points: before extraction, after extraction, and final products in batches.

These tests confirm both purity and CBD concentration, leaving the consumer confident in both the quality and quantity of CBD that they are ingesting.

The Best in CBD Product Technology

Every aspect of product quality is considered when crafting Wildflower CBD oil vaporizers.

Safety, durability, and smoking quality and ease are all guaranteed with Wildflower vapes. They are made of stainless steel using only food grade paint.

The perfect temperature for cannabidiol vaporization is maintained, with a vortex tip that lends to a smooth, quiet, and easy draw. The liquid chamber uses a no-sponge reservoir which reduces any leaking or liquid contamination.

Even the battery life is enhanced, leaving customers with a convenient, safe, and enjoyable CBD vape experience.

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