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Pure Hemp Collective is a small business run by three enthusiastic individuals out of Conifer, Colorado.

Terri Leek, founder and CEO, is a champion of Pure Hemp Collective, inspiring both her customers and her colleagues. She is dedicated to upholding quality and honoring women, as is represented by Vina Bell, the inspiration for the Pure Hemp Collective Brand.

Vina Bell, Terri Leek’s grandmother, was a healer and entertainer, who would sing about health and wellness, especially her plant-based remedies. She was a believer in the power of plant-based tinctures, salves, and solutions, whose passion lives on today in Pure Hemp Collective.

Juliet Fillweber is the COO of Pure Hemp Collective whose life and health was reportedly altered from one of Pure Hemp Collective’s hemp oil salves. She suffers from a rare form of neuropathy that left both her body and mind exhausted and weakened. Juliet believes that this product gave her her life back.

Matt Meidinger acts as Director of Sales. He is a passionate and energetic believer in the products offered by Pure Hemp Collective, acting as their ambassador.


Every ingredient in Pure Hemp Collective’s products is scrutinized to bring only the highest quality products to their customers. This extends further than the hemp extract, to the natural and synergistic blend of ingredients.


Pure Hemp Collective offers a wide variety of topical CBD products along with tinctures and pet products.

Vina Bell Tincture comes in either 1 oz (500 mg of pure hemp extract) or 2 oz (5,000 mg of pure hemp extract). These sublingual tinctures are a combination of the hemp extract in either hempseed oil or MCT coconut oil.

Pure Hemp Collective offers numerous topical products, including salves, pain spray, bath soak, and soothing ice.

Vina Bell Pure Plant Salve comes in a variety of sizes and proprietary blends of essential oils. Each ingredient was chosen for the unique characteristics offered by the plant. These blends were created to ensure quick absorption and fast relief.

Vina Bell 200 mg Pain Spray is a harmonious blend of plants intended to deliver relief all over the body in a simple take on-the-go packaging. Hemp extract oil is combined with aloe vera, witch hazel, essential oils, and a variety of plant carrier oils in an easy-to-use and aromatically pleasing package.

Soothing Ice is a CBD gel, methanol-activated, 300 mg hemp extract meant to be used on areas of the body that are in need of fast relief.

Unique to the market, Pure Hemp Collective offers a Vina Bell 50 mg Bath Soak. Epsom salts, plant oils, and hemp extract oil brings soothing relief to your entire body.

Not wanting to leave any member of the family out of the benefits of hemp oil products, Pure Hemp Collective offers both CBD infused pet treats and hemp extract pet tinctures.

In each 1.5 ounce Buddy & Boo Pet Treat product, dehydrated beef and lamb lung are infused with 25 mg each of cannabidiol (CBD). These treats are all-natural, non GMO, and grain free.

Buddy & Boo 500 mg Pet Tincture is a combination of hemp extract in hempseed oil. Pet tinctures are ideal for fine-tuning dosage based on pet size and individual need.

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