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Pure Hempnotics
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Pure Hempnotics Shop has developed partnerships with the best hemp growers and oil producers throughout the United States and Europe in order to bring their customers a diverse selection of full spectrum hemp oil products.

Why Pure Hempnotics Shop Hemp Products 

Through working with a large number of growers and producers, Pure Hempnotics Shop is able to provide customers with the best products available, from quality of ingredients to cutting edge technologies.

These technologies offer improved bioavailability of phytocannabinoids, meaning that the body is able to absorb and retain more of the desired ingredients found in the products.

Pure Hempnotics Shop capsules and edible hemp products are tailored to meet individual needs through the addition of other natural compounds, and they even offer cannabidiol (CBD) gummies for those who would like some delicious variety in their daily supplements.

Their hemp oils are full spectrum hemp oil, which means that they include not only CBD, but over 500 additional plant compounds found naturally in hemp plants. These compounds include additional phytocannabinoids, terpenes, minerals, vitamins, flavonoids, and other natural compounds.

These oils are never heated as this kind of processing can lead to the degradation of the cannabinoids and other compounds that make hemp oil so sought after in the health community.

Lastly, these elixirs are not cut with glycerin, MCTs, or coconut oil, and are naturally flavored.

Pure Hempnotics Shop also offers two different varieties of topical CBD products for those looking for targeted CBD application.