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CBD Isolate Tincture – Blood Orange – Lazarus Naturals

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Enjoy the benefits of CBD isolate with this delicious blood-orange-flavored tincture!

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Blood Orange CBD Isolate Oil – 1500-3000mg – Lazarus Naturals

Lazarus Naturals’ high-potency isolate blood orange CBD tincture is a fantastic option for those looking to enjoy both an incredibly effective CBD isolate and the refreshing taste of blood orange extract. This impressive tincture is formulated in-house to ensure the utmost quality. Thanks to the combination of carefully selected ingredients such as fractionated coconut oil, blood orange extract, and incredibly high-quality CBD isolate, Lazarus Naturals isolate blood orange CBD tincture is an incredibly well-balanced oil, and maintains a perfectly precise level of potency.

There is almost nothing better than biting into a fresh, juicy blood orange, and the Lazarus Naturals isolate blood orange tincture brings that experience to you with an elegance that is not soon to be forgotten. This supple oil feels gentle on the tongue and provides the user with subtle notes of citrus combined with the rich natural flavors of hemp terpenes. By using the included graduated dropper, the user can accurately measure their serving size, and easily enjoy their daily CBD without any worry of making a mess, or having to guess at what amount they have taken. When you are ready to treat yourself to a truly premium CBD isolate experience, allow yourself to indulge in the awesome power of Lazarus Naturals isolate blood orange CBD tincture.

How It’s Made

Unlike other CBD brands who source their hemp from multiple third-party farms, Lazarus Naturals goes to great lengths to make sure the isolate blood orange CBD tincture is treated with the utmost care throughout the entire production process. By practicing a seed-to-shelf style of production, Lazarus Naturals is able to maintain the integrity of this impressive isolate tincture every step of the way. All of the hemp used for extraction is grown by highly qualified individuals on farms owned and run by Lazarus naturals. Great care is put into the hemp plants, and when they have had time to grow to their full potential, they are harvested and prepared for the drying process. In order to achieve the quality of CBD present in the isolate blood orange tincture it is important to dry the hemp to the optimum moisture level before the extraction process.

Once the raw hemp is properly dried, it is ready for the extraction process. To ensure that the isolate blood orange CBD tincture contains all of the desirable compounds, a proprietary ethanol-based extraction method is used. This is an incredibly effective way to move all of the terpenes, cannabidiol, and other beneficial compounds from the hemp plant to the resulting extract. After being subject to a brief distillation process, the finished extract is prepared to be sent to a third-party laboratory where it will undergo rigorous tests that measure potency and confirm quality. Lazarus Naturals isolate blood orange CBD tincture is cared for throughout the entirety of the production process, and is a shining example of what seed-to-shelf can mean in terms of quality.

The Best Ingredients

From the moment the seeds are planted on Lazarus Naturals farm, to the day the finished isolate blood orange CBD tincture ships to a lucky customer, the CBD blood orange isolate is treated like the prize it is. From the seeds used to grow the hemp, to the sweet blood oranges used for extracts, the short list of natural ingredients included in this potent isolate tincture have been carefully selected and considered. Fractionated coconut oil is included in the formulation of this tincture, and contains medium-chain triglycerides that encourage healthy metabolic function and allow the beneficial compounds contained in this CBD isolate to be readily absorbed into the body.

Third-Party Testing

Because they have been involved in the creation of this product every step of the way, Lazarus Naturals is well aware of the contents and quality of the isolate blood orange CBD tincture, and it is no surprise when they receive the impressive lab results. Before being sent to one of many satisfied customers, the CBD isolate blood orange tincture is sent to third-party laboratories for a full inspection. These labs test for the presence of residual pesticides, heavy-metals, and toxic chemicals, as well as the purity and potency. Full laboratory results are available for all Lazarus Naturals customers, so take a look and see for yourself just how amazing this powerful tincture really is!

Customer Reviews

People have no problem being public about how much they love Lazarus Naturals isolate blood orange CBD tincture. It doesn’t take much reading to see that this is an incredibly effective, delicious, and popular isolate CBD, so join the rest of the happy customers, and treat yourself to Lazarus Naturals isolate blood orange CBD tincture.

  • Contains 50mg of CBD per 1ml
  • Comes with a graduated dropper to ensure accurate serving size.
  • Made with isolated CBD. This product does not contain any THC.
  • 60ml Contains 3000mg CBD

Directions: Take 1ml (50mg) as needed, or as directed by your healthcare provider. May take up to 2 hours for full effect. Serving may vary greatly by individual. Shake well before use.

Ingredients: Fractionated Coconut Oil, CBD Isolate, Blood Orange Extract. CONTAINS: Tree Nuts (Coconut)

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Rated 5 out of 5

William G. Verified Buyer

Cbd.co and Lazarus naturals

I have nerve damage in my lower back an before I started useing cbd my legs went numb. I have used different kinds an this Lazarus Naturals blood orange is great I love it an getting it from Cbd.co its quick an easy an they get it to u fast. Cbd.co an Lazarus Naturals is the ones to use .


Rated 5 out of 5

Jason N. Verified Buyer


This is the one to get. Just what I needed for my anxiety and sleep. Cbd.co is my go to web store.


Rated 5 out of 5

Mike L. Verified Buyer


So far it's been very good.


Rated 5 out of 5

Steven S. Verified Buyer

Tastes ok works great!

Tastes ok works great!


Rated 5 out of 5

S B. Verified Buyer

One of reasons for using

One of reasons for using CBD is to lower blood sugar .. in one month dropped from 7.4 to 7.0 .. very pleased and anxiously waiting for a other 3 to 4 months to see where it is then ..


Rated 5 out of 5

Sherry Z. Verified Buyer

Great new flavor

Love the new orange flavor. Seems lighter..


Rated 5 out of 5

Connie S. Verified Buyer

I found your online store

I found your online store by accident when looking for somewhere to buy cbd for my 6yr old autistic grandson. He started on tinctures at 4 ( had been nonverbal) and it has worked wonders for him ! Yes, he’s still autistic but he can focus and communicate more and more!! Remarkable progress, great price and product ! Thank you


Rated 5 out of 5

April L. Verified Buyer

Yeah! At last CBDs that work on my nerve pain

Excellent quality and effectiveness


Rated 5 out of 5

Carol W. Verified Buyer

Even though you don’t advertise

Even though you don’t advertise this, when I take 1 ML of CBD Tincture on a daily bases I notice I have a consistent lower blood sugar reading in the morning. After observing this for @4 months, i’m Convinced the CBD oil is playing some factor in this. I appreciate the quality of Lazarus Naturals.


Rated 5 out of 5

Jack S. Verified Buyer


This cod oil is great it takes the edge off of my old body pain


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