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Enjoy deeper relaxation with our vegan CBD Sleep Tincture! Take a serving roughly an hour before bed and wait for CBD’s calming properties to gradually take effect.


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CBD Oil Sleep Tincture with CBN- 1000-4000mg – CBDfx

This CBD Oil Sleep Tincture blends rich broad spectrum CBD, CBN (the “relaxation cannabinoid”), special sleep terpenes, and melatonin to give you the ultimate deep sleep experience.** This CBD sleep tincture is available in a 30mL bottle, regular strength (1000mg CBD & 150mg CBN); in a larger 60mL bottle, extra strength (2000mg CBD & 300mg CBN); and then in a larger 120mL bottle, maximum strength (4000mg CBD & 600mg CBN).

Nothing beats a good night’s sleep. It allows your body to repair itself and release harmful toxins, as well as other wellness-enhancing benefits. But sometimes, we need help to get the full eight hours we all so desperately need. Their CBD Sleep Tinctures offer a generous serving of calming broad spectrum CBD — up to 33mg per serving — paired with CBN, commonly known as the “relaxation cannabinoid,” and melatonin. Together, they create a powerful CBD Sleep Tincture to help even the most restless sleeper get a better night’s rest.** And, unlike many tinctures on the market today, their CBD Sleep Tinctures have a delightful flavor.

Added to this CBD oil for sleep is a blend of terpenes, specially formulated to enhance evening relaxation.** CBDfx’s CBD Oil Sleep Tincture also includes MCT oil, which enhances the bioavailability of the CBD in your bloodstream, in addition to its own wellness-enhancing properties. But that’s not all. They’ve even added 5mg of melatonin to every serving. So, you’ll not only find it easier to drift off, but also you’ll be able to stay asleep without waking up off and on during the night.

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Available in:

  • 30ml – 1000mg (1000mg CBD + 150mg CBN)
  • 60ml – 2000mg (2000mg CBD + 300mg CBN)
  • 120ml – 4000mg (4000mg CBD + 600mg CBN)

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Hemp extract – 60mg
CBD – 33mg
CBN – 5mg
Melatonin – 5mg
Terpene Complex – 10mg
Total fat – 1g
Saturated fat – 1g

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I tried this product when I had a lot going on in my life and found sleeping a little difficult. I put ½ dropperful under my tongue and held it there for approximately 1 minute. The effects started setting in within about 30 minutes or so, and I was able to drift off to sleep shortly after. I woke up the next morning without feeling groggy whatsoever.

Each recommended serving contains 5mg of melatonin, which is about the right amount. I usually recommend that my patients use a quick-dissolving melatonin product that is placed under the tongue to dissolve instead of an oral tablet that you swallow, so I wasn’t surprised at how well and quickly it worked.

The tincture itself was a white, milky mixture which was very different from other CBD tinctures I’d tried in the past. The addition of CBN, a cannabinoid showing promising results for relaxation, makes complete sense and is a welcome addition.

You will be hard-pressed to find a higher quality and better sleep-promoting CBD product on the market today!


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