CBD Oil for Pets

Pets can benefit from the all-natural wellness properties of CBD, just like humans can! If you’ve personally benefited from cannabidiol (CBD) you may want to consider introducing CBD into the health and wellness routine of your pet!


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What Is CBD?

CBD is a naturally occurring compound found in cannabis plants. In accordance with the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD.co offers a variety of legal, hemp-derived CBD items for people and pets. CBD benefits humans and many members of the animal kingdom, including dogs, cats, and even horses! Many folks prefer to give their pet CBD in the form of CBD pet oil or CBD treats.

How Do I Give CBD-Infused Oil Tinctures to Dogs and Cats?

CBD brands have created a variety of ways to give your dog and cat pet CBD oil. When it comes to tinctures and hemp-derived CBD oil, simply drizzle the suggested amount of CBD liquid on top of your cat or dog’s kibble. You can also let your pet lick up the CBD oil straight from the oil dropper, but that can get a little messy.

Do Dogs Like the Flavor of CBD?

Yes! Dogs love our yummy dog CBD oil selections. While CBD itself is generally considered a bit earthy, our CBD brands have worked hard to find natural ways to add flavors dogs and cats love to their CBD oil. You can find CBD-infused pet health products infused with flavors like salmon, bacon, and peanut butter lining our virtual shelves. At CBD.co, we understand that it’s so much easier to give your dog CBD when they love the flavor!

Does CBD Work for Dogs?

Yes! CBD oils do seem to benefit dogs. Similar to humans, CBD oil for dogs may help dogs sleep better, deal with minor aches and pains, enjoy improved overall wellness, and relax easier.*** While the availability of hemp products and CBD has skyrocketed since the 2018 US Farm Bill, veterinary science is still researching and completing studies on the effectiveness of CBD oils for dogs and other animals. While CBD may not replace prescription medications, it’s a great wellness supplement to consider for your dog’s daily routine.

Why Buy CBD Pet Products and Oil Tinctures From CBD.co?

With the incredible popularity of CBD, there’s been much interest in exploring the possible health benefits of this hemp-derived compound for people, dogs, and cats. CBD is a versatile cannabinoid and can be enjoyed in the form of tincture products for pets, as well as treats and other pet products.


With a growing number of CBD brands entering the market, it can be difficult to decide where to buy your CBD products. So, what is it about CBD.co that makes it such a trusted and popular CBD retailer for pet owners?

  1. Wide Selection of Best-Selling CBD Pet Products for Cats and Dogs

The first step of adding CBD into your pet’s health regimen is to find a safe and trustworthy CBD brand. Sadly, there are a lot of low-quality CBD companies out there, so it is essential to buy CBD products from a proven brand.

At CBD.co, we’ve done the research for you and hand-selected the best CBD for dogs and felines from some of the largest and most well-respected brands in the CBD industry. Shop with CBD brands such as CBDfx, Canna River, Holistapet, Penelope’s Bloom, and many more to find the right CBD oil for your dogs and kitties!

  1. Compare Prices of CBD Oils and Other CBD Products for Your Pet in Real Time

The cost of CBD oil is dependent on a few factors, such as purity or quality of CBD, the potency of CBD in the CBD oil, and other additional hemp additives. We believe in carrying both top-shelf CBD brands and more accessible CBD products so everyone can find CBD products that fit their lifestyle and cat and dog’s needs.

At CBD.co, you have the ability to compare hundreds of CBD brands and CBD oil products, allowing you to find your pet’s ideal CBD oil formulation.

3. Tons of CBD Oil Items for Your Dog & So Much More

We don’t just sell pet products; we sell all kinds of CBD and hemp-derived THC products (for humans, of course)! While many CBD retailers only sell hemp-derived CBD edibles, we are committed to offering a wide range of CBD and THC infused products. This includes delta 9 THC oil, delta 9 THC gummies, and more!

If you aren’t looking for THC selections, we also carry more health-focused options, like full spectrum CBD products and CBD oils, giving you a vast spectrum of CBD product options to enjoy.

Spotlight on Top-Selling CBD Oil Pet Selections for Dogs and Cats

After the passage of the Farm Bill in 2018, there has been a large effort to explore the potential applications for CBD. This increase in research and desire for CBD products has resulted in countless CBD brands entering the market, making it difficult for both CBD newcomers and experienced CBD consumers to find a dependable CBD company that meets their needs and the needs of their dogs and felines. While many CBD brands utilize best practices in their meticulous hemp cultivation and manufacturing process, some CBD companies take damaging shortcuts that can be harmful to consumers and dogs alike.


If you’re looking for superior CBD, you should avoid CBD companies that use cheap shortcuts in their hemp cultivation and extraction processes. These exploitative CBD companies often make hemp products that are ineffective and potentially harmful for you and your dog. They often use impure hemp, add questionable additives, and use processes that may leave behind chemical residue in the CBD oil. To avoid these subpar CBD companies, make sure you only purchase from reputable CBD and legal THC brands that harvest non-GMO hemp, use organic and all-natural ingredients, extract cannabinoids using a residue-free filtration process, and allow the public to see the results of third-party lab reports.


Four high-demand CBD companies that follow these ethical guidelines when crafting their CBD products for cats and dogs are:


CBDfx is celebrated for its status as one of the largest CBD manufacturers in the world. Renowned for their consistent commitment to using natural and organic ingredients to create premium CBD products, this brand is an excellent place to start your search for the perfect CBD-infused dog or cat product. This proven CBD brand puts all their CBD selections through rigorous, third-party lab testing to guarantee your pet a five-star CBD experience.


If you’re looking for calming CBD oil for cats and dogs, CBDfx is a great brand to consider! It’s no secret that pups are obsessed with the taste of bacon. Treat them to one of their favorite flavors with a high-potency pet tincture. For small dog breeds, select the 250mg CBD Oil for Dogs and for medium-sized pups (includes dogs that are 20-60 lb.) give them a few drops from the 500mg CBD Oil for Dogs. If your dog belongs to one of the larger breeds, they can enjoy the bacon-y bliss of 1000mg CBD Oil for Dogs or the 2000mg CBD Oil for Dogs. The larger the dog, the higher levels of CBD per drop!


CBD oil isn’t just for dogs, felines can benefit from CBD oil as well! Made with organic broad spectrum CBD and all-natural ingredients, CBD Cat Tincture is a chicken-flavored CBD oil product that may help your pet gently relax and help with joint pain for older cats. If your dog is also crazy for chicken, they can enjoy the plucky poultry flavor of this brand’s CBD Dog Tincture. Available in four different options, this CBD oil blend can be enjoyed straight from the dropper or sprinkled on top of your dog’s kibble.

Canna River

Canna River is a versatile CBD brand dedicated to providing premium CBD offerings in a variety of flavors and applications. From recreational options for humans, like hemp-derived THC vapes and THC edibles, to more health-focused items, like CBD oil and more, this beloved CBD brand gets every product tested by third-party labs to guarantee a safe CBD experience for you and your pup!


Made in a one-size-fits-all formulation for easy shopping, their Salmon CBG + CBD Pet Tincture is formulated with CBD and cannabigerol (CBG) for maximum benefits. Cannabigerol is another hemp-derived cannabinoid that works to provide possible health benefits. Also formulated with CBD and cannabigerol is their Bacon-Flavored CBG + CBD Pet Tincture and their Chicken-Flavored CBG + CBD Pet Tincture. For those looking for natural solutions for their dogs or felines, these three CBD oils are an excellent place to start!


Dedicated to providing natural remedies for your pet, Holistapet combines the power of CBD with carefully selected superfoods, vitamins, and minerals to create their popular pet tincture options. Available in five different CBD strengths, Holistapet CBD Oil for Dogs & Cats is formulated with broad spectrum CBD oil and hemp seed oil. This CBD oil product provides fast and efficient results for your pet and can be easily added to their favorite snacks. If your cat or dog loves the taste of meat treats, give them a drop or two of their chicken-flavored Holistapet CBD Oil for Dogs & Cats and their fish-flavored Holistapet CBD Oil for Dogs & Cats. Last, but not least, this CBD brand has options for your bigger barnhouse pets with their powerful bottle of Holistapet CBD Oil for Horses.

Penelope’s Bloom

With the mission to empower pet parents and provide accessible CBD solutions, Penelope’s Bloom is a leader in the world of CBD tincture products for kitties and dogs! Available in four different strengths and made with organic ingredients, their Full Spectrum CBD Oil for Dogs is a fast-acting CBD tincture product to consider for your dog. If you’re looking for something tailored to your cat’s needs, they have an enriched, full spectrum CBD Oil Tincture For Cats to help with pain relief and stress reduction.

CBD Oils for Your Dog and Cat

CBD is a wonderful compound from the hemp plant and has a variety of uses and benefits. When processed into an oil product, it can be administered as a tincture. For humans, CBD oil is taken sublingually (under the tongue). When administering an oil product to pets, simply squeeze the oil dropper filled with the suggested amount of CBD to the top of their kibble or wet food. Similar to humans, dogs and felines also benefit from CBD’s ability to help with minor pain, reduce stress, and help with sleep.*** CBD oil is a great way to see if your felines and dogs can benefit from the all-natural health qualities of CBD.

CBD Oil Product Data

Here is a helpful chart to help you review some important information from these popular CBD oil selections!

Brand CBD Tincture Strength $ per mg of CBD
CBDfx 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg & 2000mg CBD Starting at $0.04
Canna River 1000mg CBD Starting at $0.03
Holistapet 150mg, 300mg, 600mg, 1200mg & 3000mg CBD Starting at $0.04
Penelope’s Bloom 150mg, 250mg, 500mg, 750mg & 1000mg CBD Starting at $0.07


Pros & Cons of CBD Oil for Your Dog and Cat

Like any other compound, CBD has some major advantages—and a few disadvantages, depending on the needs of your dog or cat. Review the following information before selecting your CBD oil items.



  • Customize dosage
  • Come in several dog and cat approved flavors
  • Available in different sizes and CBD strengths to fit your dog’s breed


  • Not as mess-free as pet chews

Shop Our Complete Collection of Oil Products and CBD for Dogs and Cats

If you think CBD oil could be a great addition to your cat or dog’s health regimen, check out our versatile collection of CBD oil, CBD balm, and more right here at CBD.co.


If you’d like to learn more about CBD oils and see other CBD options for pets, check out our entire collection of CBD products for pets and see why pet owner’s love to shop at CBD.co!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is CBD good for pets?

Just like humans, your pet can definitely benefit from CBD, whether your pet is a dog or a cat. Studies suggest that cats and dogs may experience relief from aches and pains, deeper relaxation, improved wellness, and more restful sleep when administered CBD oil.**

Is CBD safe for pets?

Yes! CBD is generally safe for pets. Make sure you purchase your oil from a trustworthy CBD brand that uses organic hemp and natural ingredients, and speak to your veterinarian before adding CBD to your kitty or pup’s diet, especially if they are currently taking any prescribed medications.

What is a tincture?

A CBD-infused tincture is an oily liquid form of CBD that is ingested. With humans, it is generally taken under the tongue, but when it comes to your cat or pup, you can just add a drop or two from the CBD tincture product to their kibble. Since our CBD hemp tincture items are formulated with delicious flavors, felines and dogs will welcome the addition of CBD oils to their mealtime.

Is pet CBD safe for humans?

While CBD oil tinctures for pets generally contain the same oil used in human tincture items, human CBD oil tinctures usually have much more CBD than a canine or cat should consume. While the CBD-infused oil is perfectly safe, pet owners should avoid using CBD oils formulated for their dog as they will most likely be too weak to be effective for human use.