Welcome to the awesome world of CBD Tea! For those who love nothing more than enjoying a steamy cup of delicious tea, we have something truly special. CBD Tea has become an incredibly popular way for CBD enthusiasts to enjoy their daily CBD. Whether you wake up to a cup every morning, sip a gentle brew at night, or often find yourself wondering if it is tea time yet, you are sure to find the perfect CBD tea in the huge variety of offerings we have in stock at We have had countless customers ask “can I put CBD oil in tea”, and the answer is that you don't have to because there are pre-made, perfectly measured CBD teas available for you at If you are a tea drinker who is looking for an incredibly easy, convenient and discreet way to enjoy your daily serving of CBD, then you are going to fall in love with CBD Tea.

At, we pride ourselves on our innate ability to distinguish between brands that maintain a high standard of excellence, and those who rely on catchy marketing tactics to sell their products. In our quest for the best, we refuse to carry anything less than brands and products that are of the utmost quality. No matter what CBD Tea you choose from, you can rest assured that if it wasn't one of the absolute best products around, we wouldn't offer it to our beloved customers. Treat yourself to a tea experience like no other, and pour yourself a mug of delicious CBD tea.

What is CBD Tea?

The most common way for people to make tea is by utilizing the convenience of prepackaged tea bags. This frees the user of any measuring duties and allows for a clean easy way to make tea. For tea lovers there is almost nothing more relaxing than a hot cup of tea, but now that CBD infused tea exists, the world of tea has forever changed. CBD tea bags are used just like regular tea bags but contain a hearty helping of CBD alongside the other beneficial botanical compounds. When you are looking for a fantastic cup of tea that is so much more than your average cup, treat yourself to the power of CBD tea!

What are the Benefits of CBD Tea

There are an incredible amount of beneficial compounds present in CBD tea. You get the best of both worlds with this powerful combination and are presented with the benefits of both cannabidiol and the antioxidants contained in tea. If you are interested in making the ultimate Buddha tea CBD is definitely a compound that needs to be included.

Everyone experiences different effects and benefits when using CBD tea. All of our bodies are as unique as a snowflake, and all have different ways of metabolizing and processing CBD. We recommend that when you start experimenting with your Buddha CBD tea, that you take it slow at first by only drinking a small amount, in increase your serving size to fit your preference after you have experience with this method of consumption.

When brands first embark on the quest to make happy tea CBD quality is of the utmost importance. To make a truly magnificent CBD tea, you must of course start with incredibly high-quality CBD. The brands we carry infuse their teas with some of the finest CBD on the market. Whether you are making your daily CBD oil tea, or you are looking after your health with a CBD detox tea, we have an incredible variety of CBD teas on offer for you at!

CBD Tea Pros & Cons

With CBD tes, there are a lot of pros and very few cons. It’s not even just because we’re partial (we most certainly are). CBD tea allows you to enjoy the wealth of benefits that cannabis has to offer in a highly accessible, highly enjoyable format. If you like drinking tea and love the benefits of cannabis, you’re going to be a huge fan of CBD tea.


This tea tastes amazing, offers a wealth of benefits, and we truly can’t think of a single con. Give it a try and you’ll see what we’re talking about.


Effects of CBD Tea

CBD Tea affects everyone differently. Some people say it makes them feel calm, some people love using it for aches and pains. Really, there is no way to predict what you’ll feel when using CBD tea. The best way to know what you’ll experience is to give it a try. You might also check some CBD forums or our customer reviews section to see what others have experienced. CBD tea is 100% non-toxic so you can experiment 100% worry-free!

CBD Tea Wholesale

CBD tea is quickly becoming one of the most popular options for CBD users, and because there is no CBD tea Amazon page, it is a great thing to be able to offer your customers. We have an incredible variety of awesome CBD teas available from the most reputable brands on the market, and are happy to help you stock your shelves with the finest. Our mission at is to make the finest CBD products available to the world at affordable prices, and that includes retailers. If you are interested in purchasing CBD tea wholesale, feel free to take a look at our wholesale page, or contact us for more information.

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