CBD for Anxiety

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CBD For Anxiety
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CBD for Anxiety

Almost everyone struggles with anxiety––at least at some point in their lives. No one’s always calm, cool, and collected. Whether it’s before a big presentation or during a blind date, anxiety can sprout up when it’s least expected. For some, a chemical imbalance in their brains can lead to a daily struggle––one that requires consistent tender-loving care. It’s a common part of the human experience.

If you are currently struggling with anxiety, you’re probably interested in natural, effective ways to handle it. Many turn to supplements, diet changes, lifestyle modifications, and even pharmaceutical interventions for lasting support. But, there might be another way you have yet to try––a more natural route. When we talk about how to handle anxiety, CBD undoubtedly comes up.

For thousands of years, various cultures have utilized CBD’s organic, anti-inflammatory properties to treat sore muscles, irritated skin, and stiff joints. These problems are addressed with topical CBD––but what happens when you ingest CBD? Can its anti-inflammatory properties calm your worries and silence your anxiety as it does with muscle pain and joint soreness?

No one’s anxiety is the same. So, no one’s treatment for their anxiety looks the same. That’s why we’re proud to offer a wide array of CBD products designed to unwind and soothe the anxious tension in your brain and body. We have CBD tinctures, gummies, capsules, vapes, and topicals––all the necessary CBD products to help you find some mental relief. But which product is best for anxiety? Which product is best for you? And how does CBD work for anxiety?

What is CBD for Anxiety?

CBD stands for cannabidiol and is a prominent molecule in all cannabis plants. Depending on the strain, one cannabis plant can have more CBD than another––usually balanced by the psychoactive molecule THC. Hemp is almost 100% CBD with few THC molecules, which is why hemp-based CBD products won’t cause you to get that classic weed “high.” Because they are so low in THC, these hemp-based CBD products are legalized by the 2018 Farm Bill.

These native cannabis molecules are called cannabinoids. Your body is uniquely equipped to process them through its endocannabinoid system. Discovered recently, the endocannabinoid was sort of stumbled upon when researchers in the mid-1990s were trying to find how THC reacted in the body. That’s when they saw an unknown system at work––one that seemed to bridge the brain and the body. Over time, these researchers found that not only is the endocannabinoid system connected with almost every other major physiological system in the human body, but it also exists in all animals. That’s why your pets can also enjoy the calming benefits of CBD.

While researchers have been unable to pinpoint how CBD eases anxiety, many studies have noted its effectiveness in decreasing the effects of anxiety, like stressful thinking, shallow breaths, and an increased heart rate. They believe it has something to do with how your brain responds to CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties, specifically the neuroinflammation caused by anxiety. Much like how it massages away soreness from aching muscles and joints, CBD seems to calm panicked neurons in your brain.

CBD and Anxiety: Potential Benefits and Uses

When it comes to treating anxiety, there are a lot of paths you can take. Many of these paths lead to wonderful results––but these come at the expense of some adverse side effects. Before we dive in, we should first say that if you are prescribed medication to treat your anxiety, don’t go off the medication unless you have help and guidance from your healthcare professional.

CBD is beneficial for treating anxiety because it:

  • Is a natural compound
  • Comes in many different forms to fit your lifestyle
  • Doesn’t lead to adverse side effects
  • Is easy to implement into your daily routine

Types of CBD used for Anxiety

With the wild world of weed ever-evolving, there seems to always be a new way to enjoy CBD’s benefits. From tinctures to edibles to topicals to candy to drinks, there are so many avenues to feeling calm, cool, and collected with CBD. But which one is right for you? There are four main ways to introduce CBD into your body:


  • Digestion
  • Inhalation
  • Skin absorption
  • Sublingually (under the tongue)

Each of these ways alters your experience with the cannabinoid. Some are easier to implement into a busy workday. Others are perfect for a nighttime pause. That’s the beauty of CBD: you decide which way is best for you!

CBD Oil for Anxiety

CBD oil is the foundation for all types of edible CBD. Cultivators make it by harvesting hemp buds and using solvents to strip away all the unnecessary plant matter, leaving behind only the honey-hued, cannabinoid-rich CBD oil. Brands then take this oil to make a variety of products. One popular product is CBD tinctures. CBD tinctures are usually mixed with other natural, health-boosting ingredients that complement CBD’s therapeutic benefits. These tinctures come in little bottles with a dropper attached to the lid, which lets you measure a precise dose. Once you have your desired dose in the dropper, administer it under your tongue. Here, mucous membranes in your mouth absorb the molecules and usher them directly into the bloodstream, where they reach your endocannabinoid system and incite relaxing effects. When you take CBD sublingually, effects can appear sooner than when taken through an edible, but not quite as fast as smoking or vaping.

CBD Gummies for Anxiety

CBD gummies pass through your digestive tract, where the liver picks them up. Once the liver absorbs the cannabinoids, it passes them to the bloodstream. Here, the cannabinoids mingle with the endocannabinoid receptors and begin inciting their patented calming effects. This process can take 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on a number of factors like your age, metabolic health, activity level, and whether or not you’ve eaten that day. Since their creation, CBD gummies have been one of the (if not the) most popular ways to enjoy CBD.

CBD Cream for Anxiety

You might wonder if applying CBD topically will help with your anxiety. It can––but not in the way you might expect. It’s well known that physical pain can be an underlying cause of anxiety. If you’re sore, fatigued, or achy, you might be more susceptible to anxious chatter in your mind and restlessness in your body. CBD cream works to massage the tension away from your muscles and joints, boosting your overall wellness, which, in turn, calms underlying anxiety.

The Best CBD for Anxiety at CBD.co

Finding the right CBD product for you can feel a little overwhelming––sometimes even daunting. There are just so many options to choose from. That’s why we are proud to offer such a comprehensive collection of CBD products delivered right to your door! Because of the recent boom in the world of hemp-based products, regulatory bodies have yet to form, so hemp brands are expected to hold themselves accountable. You can only imagine how well that’s going.

We only offer brands backed by third-party testing from ISO-certified laboratories. This gives you peace of mind, knowing that your CBD product of choice doesn’t have any leftover solvents or other harmful chemicals. Just pure calming goodness.

So, now that you know what CBD is and how it helps anxiety, be sure to look around our site to find the product that’ll best bring lasting relief to your every day!