What’s The Highest Potency CBD Oil?

CBD comes in a huge variety of different formulations and potencies. Some people prefer more mild potencies and others find that they experience the best results when they consume the highest potencies available.

Everyone is unique and experiences different effects from CBD and requires different potencies to achieve them. Finding the perfect potency for you is more important than where that potency ranks in comparison to others, but for those who know that they’re after the highest potency CBD oils, this article will help you become more familiar with what’s available.

Understanding how potencies are measured, the most common potencies, and the highest potencies available will all serve to help you on your path to the perfect CBD experience. So, stick around because we are going to explore some of the most potent CBD oils on the planet!

How Is Potency Measured?

When it comes to potency people tend to believe that it’s all in the quality of the CBD itself, but there are a number different factors that contribute to the efficacy of a product besides the cannabidiol itself.

CBD potency is measured in milligrams and you can find this measurement on any bottle or tincture of oil that you purchase. Once you know the milligram amount of CBD you can compare it to the overall tincture size (measured in milliliters) and have an accurate understanding of how concentrated that formulation is.

The higher the concentration of cannabidiol, the more potent a product is. For example; if you have a 60ml tincture of oil that contains 900mg of CBD, it will be less potent than a 60ml tincture of oil that contains 1,200mg of CBD.

The Highest Potency CBD Oil

There are a myriad of different potencies of CBD oil available and if you are looking for the most potent of them all, you are after the formulations with the highest concentration of CBD per milliliter.

Oftentimes CBD manufacturers offer their oils in potencies that range from roughly 200mg to around 3,000mg per 60ml tincture, but there are some brands who offer some incredibly high dose formulations. While 3,000mg/60ml CBD oil is definitely considered high potency, it doesn’t quite reach the extremes offered by select manufacturers.

The two highest concentrations that we have come across are the RSHO max strength oral applicator that contains 4,500mg of CBD with 225mg per serving, and a 9,000mg oil tincture that contains 300mg per serving. These potencies are incredibly high and should only be consumed by experienced CBD users.

Even if you find that higher potencies provide you with the most desirable effects, you should still work your way up to these because they are more than double the concentration of many manufacturers’ most potent offerings.

Experimenting With High Potency CBD

The concept of high-potency CBD is alluring. Many people already know and love cannabidiol for the benefits and effects they experience, and higher concentrations seem like it would simply provide you with more of what you love.

Everyone experiences unique results when utilizing the power of cannabidiol and is affected by different potencies. All of our bodies are unique and absorb CBD at different rates and with varying degrees of pharmacokinetic efficiencies.

When experimenting with high-potency CBD products it is important to work your way up. Consider the serving size of CBD that you currently take and think of a series of logical, incremental increases that will help you reach the higher-potency over a period of time. If you double or even triple your serving size overnight, it might be a bit more than you expected.

Is High-Potency CBD Safe?

One of the many great things about cannabidiol is that it is completely safe. If you are looking to work your way up to higher potency products to enhance your CBD experience, you don’t have to worry about any negative mental or physical repercussions.

CBD has been proven to be 100% non-toxic and non-intoxicating even in extremely high doses. In theory, if you were to consume an entire 9,000mg 30ml bottle of CBD oil you would be fine. We don’t at all recommend that you do that for a number of reasons, one being that is a lot of oil to consume at one time and you might end up with a funny tummy—not from CBD but from the simple reason that you probably shouldn’t consume that amount of any sort of oil at one time.

Being that CBD is completely non-toxic, feel free to experiment with the more powerful concentrations. You might just find that they are exactly what you’ve been looking for.

We have an incredible selection of top-tier, high-potency CBD oils at unbeatable prices, so when you are ready to take your CBD experience to new heights, make sure you are treating yourself to the best from CBD.co!