What to Look For in CBD Oil

CBD has quickly become one of the most popular health and wellness products available, but what should you look for when selecting CBD Oil?

There is an unimaginable number of CBD products on the market, but they aren’t all created equally. Some brands truly care about their customers and go the extra mile to ensure the utmost quality. Other brands cut corners throughout the production process and are only really concerned with making a quick profit.

In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into the world of CBD oil. We’ll explore the qualities that separate the “ok” products from the truly magnificent. If you aren’t sure how to identify top-tier CBD oil, this is the article for you!

Premium Ingredients

The first thing you want to look for in CBD oil is the ingredients list. It should be long. All of the finest CBD manufacturers keep things simple. You don’t need many ingredients to make a premium CBD oil, what you need is quality ingredients.

The best CBD oils are comprised of hemp extract, a carrier oil, and possibly some flavorings. Some companies use chemicals to recreate flavors that exist in nature, and others use nature itself. Many top-tier CBD manufacturers utilize natural citrus extracts or similar ingredients to flavor their CBD oil. This is certainly a sign of a quality product.

How is the Hemp Grown?

One of the most important parts of CBD production is having high-quality hemp. This is achieved by using the best possible farming practices. That means not using harsh chemical pesticides, non-GMO hemp, and organic farming techniques.

Hemp cannot currently be certified organic, but that doesn’t mean that companies can’t grow their hemp organically, it just means it can’t be certified. With that in mind, companies will usually let you know if their CBD oil is grown with organic farming practices.

Another important part of hemp is the location in which it’s grown. There are some states such as California, Oregon, Kentucky, and Colorado, that are all synonymous with premium hemp production. If you’re on the hunt for premium CBD, check out how and where the hemp was grown.

Is the Product Tested at Third-Party Labs?

When it comes down to it, safety is the number one priority with any CBD product. There are strict FDA regulations in place whose sole purpose is to keep you safe. There are two FDA regulations that you should remember.

  1. All industrial hemp is legally required to contain 0.3% THC or less. This ensures that CBD products are 100% non-intoxicating.
  2. All CBD sold in the USA must be thoroughly tested at ISO-certified third-party labs. Third-party testing ensures that the products don’t contain heavy-metals, residual pesticides, or contaminants.

It’s pretty rare to come across a CBD product that hasn’t been lab tested, but if you do, run. Lack of lab certification is a huge red-flag in the world of CBD.

Fortunately, when shopping at CBD.co, you can rest assured that any product you choose has been thoroughly tested and is accompanied by detailed lab reports that tell you exactly what’s in your CBD.

Flavor Profile

Flavor really comes down to personal preference, but it’s not something that should be overlooked. This is an incredibly important and personal part of selecting a CBD product. If you aren’t a fan of the flavor, you’ll be a lot less likely to take the product regularly.

With CBD, consistency is of the utmost importance. Choosing a flavor you love can incentivise your CBD use and make it a breeze to stay on top of your daily regimen. There are tons of flavors of CBD oil to choose from, and if you just want to enjoy the robust, earthy flavor of hemp, there are plenty of un-flavored options to choose from.


Finding the appropriate potency is a hugely important aspect of finding the perfect CBD oil. CBD affects everyone differently. SOme people only need a small amount of CBD to feel its effects, and others need high-potency oil to achieve their desired results.

We highly recommend taking some time to experiment and find what works for you. Start with a small amount of CBD, wait 45 minutes to an hour and see how you feel. If necessary, increase your serving size the next time you take CBD. Repeat this process until you’ve found the potency that works best for you.

Customer Reviews

Last on our list is customer reviews. As consumers, we are so used to seeing customer reviews that we don’t often give them a second thought. Reviews should not be overlooked. They provide real insight from real people who paid for the product.

Whether people love or hate a product, they will honestly voice that opinion in a review. If you’re looking to use CBD oil for something specific, it’s a great idea to check out some customer reviews from people with similar intentions to yours.

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