What Makes Green Roads A CBD Edible Powerhouse

With such an incredible number of CBD brands filling the market, and a myriad of edible options available, it can be really difficult for a CBD company to stand out, so when we do come across a brand that is head and shoulders above the rest, we are always a bit curious as to how they got that way.

Green Roads CBD is one of those brands that shines through like a beam of light at the end of a tunnel. With a huge variety of products and some of the best hemp extract around, Green Roads has certainly made their mark on the world of CBD. Here are some of the reasons that they have become one of the most sought after brands on the market.

Hemp Farmed In The United States

Green Roads CBD is committed to providing their customers with the absolute best CBD products possible, and they believe that the only way to make an incredible product is to start with incredible ingredients. All of the hemp material used in Green Roads products is sourced from carefully selected farms in the United States.

In the pursuit of quality, Green Roads CBD requires that all of their hemp come with a proof of analysis and certificate of origin. This level of commitment to high-quality ingredients is somewhat of a rarity in the 21st century, and it’s certainly one of the traits that makes Green Roads stand out from the crowd.

Huge Selection Of Delicious Edibles

On top of being committed to making high-quality hemp extract, Green Roads also puts a great deal of effort into making their products easy to use and enjoyable for all of their customers. This dedication has led the brand to produce a wide variety of potent CBD gummies and tinctures, which in turn has made them an absolute powerhouse when it comes to the CBD edibles market.

Not everyone enjoys consuming CBD oil tinctures, and would have a hard time accessing CBD if it weren’t for products such as CBD gummies. Green Roads understands this, and has designed an incredible line of tasty gummies that are infused with carefully selected natural ingredients such as melatonin and, of course, the CBD itself.

Relax Bears

Whether it’s been a busy day at the office, the kids are bouncing off the walls or your workload at school has started to feel a bit overwhelming, we could all take a moment to enjoy some CBD. CBD is the perfect way to improve your daily wellness routine, and it can be added seamlessly.

These delicious CBD Relax Bears from Green Roads are a fantastic way to boost your daily wellness routine. With an impressive list of ingredients such as pectin, high-quality cane sugar and powerful CBD hemp extract, these gummies are truly some of the best on the market; yet another reason that Green Roads can consider itself to be a CBD edible powerhouse!

Relief Toads

We’re all looking for a little CBD from time to time, and the CBD Relief Toad Gummies from Green Roads were formulated with your enjoyment in mind. These impressive gummies were formulated by pharmacists and produced with the utmost consideration for both the product and customer. Every bottle contains 40 gummies in assorted flavors, and each of the gummies is packed with 10mg of high-quality CBD hemp extract. We love that these gummies are shaped like cute little toads, and we’re continually blown away with the quality, effectiveness and presentation of Green Roads edibles!

Sleepy Z’s

A good night’s sleep can sometimes be hard to come by. Fortunately, Green Roads CBD understands, which is why they’ve formulated a CBD gummy specifically for those who need a little bit of help drifting off to sleep. Melatonin has been used for centuries by countless cultures and individuals for its incredible ability to help us fall asleep – and stay asleep until morning!

Green Roads decided to combine the awesome capabilities of CBD with the delightfully restful power of Melatonin to create a delicious, end of day product for everyone to enjoy. When you find that counting sheep just isn’t doing it for you, reach for this tasty nighttime gummy, and experience premium CBD with Melatonin in the form of Sleepy Z’s gummies from Green Roads. These delicious gummies give “goodnight” a whole new meaning.

Award Winning Products

Green Roads has proven itself to be a real CBD edible powerhouse time and time again. Their countless happy customers, reinforced product quality and list of awards helps back up their claim to CBD superstardom. If you want to taste the essence of quality and experience some of the purest CBD on the market, take a moment to check out Green Roads CBD at CBD.co!