Top 5 Products To Bring With You On A Business Trip

Business trips can be draining, but thanks to CBD, they don’t have to be! Put a great spin on it this time with the help of CBD. The constant flow of droning conversations and shuffling in and out of meeting rooms can get mundane pretty quickly. Here are’s top 5 products that are easily accessible, compact and have the advantages you need in order to conquer this upcoming business trip. With these products lining your suitcase, you are sure to have a better, more relaxing time. Who knows — maybe you’ll woo those higher-ups like you wanted and put yourself in a position to get a raise. After reading this list, you’ll begin to wonder how these five products ever managed to slip past you in the first place!

#1. Creating Better Days Watermelon Slices Gummies

Sometimes we need a little bit of fruit flavor in our lives. One gummy is all it will take for the watermelon flavoring of this product to overtake your tastebuds, filling your mouth with a wave of fruity goodness. The Creating Better Days Watermelon Slices packaging is so discreet that people will think you’re getting your sugar fix instead of a delicious serving of CBD! Take them out for a quick snack while you’re heading to a meeting, or even sneak a few while you’re in the meeting if you’re feeling bold! Every watermelon slice contains 15mg of the highest quality CBD. The fast-acting CBD will be just what you need before hopping into the company car and heading to a lunch meeting at a snobby restaurant with a group of people that just don’t quite know how to interact with each other. You can also share with others too if you’re feeling generous; you’re all in this together, might as well make the best of it!

#2. PACHAMAMA Green Tea and Echinacea Tincture

Besides high-quality CBD, the two other star ingredients of this tincture oil will give your immune system a boost — because we all know traveling can throw your body off and potentially throw you off your game. Green tea has the potential to help you wake up in the morning, which is always helpful when you’re faced with the prospect of listening to those boring, drawn-out speakers who could have summarized their speeches in 30 minutes instead of two hours. Echinacea offers similar effects as green tea, providing your body with a boost that it might not have otherwise naturally produced. Get a step ahead by using this tincture while you’re on your trip. As an added bonus, this tincture tastes great and is discreet enough to be taken out and used anywhere. Drip the tincture oil on your food, in your drink or under your tongue! The bottle is so small, you can take it anywhere, even your coat pocket. Just try to keep it in a dark, cool place when it’s not in use.

#3. Blue Label CBD Alkaline Water

Stay hydrated with Blue Label CBD Alkaline Water. Nothing on the packaging alludes to anything other than you drinking a nice bottle of water — which, of course, you are. Along with keeping you extremely hydrated, this bottle of alkaline water will provide you with 5mg of top-tier CBD as well! Drink this lovely bottle of water anywhere while you’re on the go. Alkaline water has many benefits for the body. When traveling, these assets will come in handy, whether you are feeling dehydrated or start to feel a bit under the weather. Water is an important asset in between your countless coffee breaks, and you body will appreciate its inclusion in your daily life. You can bring this bottle of water into meetings and sip away, enjoying the effects of CBD while watching one of your coworkers fumble through the presentation that he put together the day before. Don’t let this business trip throw you off when you have so many other things to do when you get back home. Since life waits for no one, keep this water by your side so you can keep on killing it in life and not get too worn out.


While on a business trip, chances are high that the quality of your hotel bed doesn’t come anywhere near that of your bed at home. This can range from being a minor inconvenience to being something that causes you to wake up in the morning with discomfort running through your body. Similarly, business trips are often filled with car rides and flights that leave kinks in your neck that seem to bother you for the rest of the trip. In both of these instances, your best bet for achieving relief is through the use of Eco Sciences Ecoderm Pain Cream, a topical cream containing 300mg of high-quality CBD. Squirt a small serving onto your hand and rub it into your neck, lower back or anywhere else that you feel could benefit from it! The soft cream glides over your skin and is absorbed quickly without any lingering sticky feelings. Afterward, your skin will have a soft glow that will make it feel much softer than before. It will both allow you to recover from a rough, restless night and look your best when you deliver that big speech you’ve been working on for a month. The top-tier ingredients mixed with full spectrum CBD in this product will allow you to finally breathe again — you deserve to get some relaxation time between the stressful events of your busy schedule. This cream’s container is compact, so you store it in a purse or pocket and have it on hand at all times; even during a business meeting!

#5. Select CBD Focus Spearmint Disposable Pen

This compact, disposable vape pen is going to come in handy when you want to take it out quickly for a little pick-me-up hit throughout the day. The cool, spearmint flavor is going to bring your sense to attention and give your breath a fresh, minty touch. Who doesn’t love a product with multiple, equally appetizing functions? It will be great for use on the go when you wake up late and need to rush from your hotel room to the conference room downstairs! Every three second puff provides you with approximately 2mg of CBD. This even-hitting pen will be your new favorite CBD product when its CBD contents carry you through an especially long trip, in which the meetings never seem to end and all you really want is to be in your warm bed at home with your dog. The entire pen has 250mg of high-quality CBD.

Business trips can be made much more manageable by throwing in fun, discreet CBD breaks. These top 5 products will leave you impressed, even after the business trip. Maybe they will remain in your CBD regimen! It would make sense — these are the best of the best, and they can all be found right here on, the ultimate marketplace for everything CBD!