Top 10 Perfect CBD Products For The Holidays

While the holidays are usually a time for celebration with friends and family, they can also be some of the most difficult weeks to get through. Between buying gifts for relatives that you barely know and trying to maintain the facade of enjoying conversations with your somewhat bigoted great uncle, you’re going to wish that you had some tasty CBD products to make your quality of life a little bit better this holiday season.

We picked some of our favorite products to meet your needs right now. Whether it’s a last-minute gift or a present for yourself, we know this list won’t go wrong either way. We took quality, quantity and aesthetic into consideration when creating this list, so whichever products you’re looking into, you can relax knowing we did the work for you on this one.


There are a few specific flavor profiles that have become entirely synonymous with the holidays, including peppermint and candy canes! These sweet, minty flavors are the perfect treat for those cold winter nights. The only thing better than a fresh candy cane or square of peppermint chocolate is enjoying their flavors in a sleek, convenient CBD product. Select CBD offers just that with their Focus Spearmint Disposable Vape Pen! Each pen contains 250mg of CBD, and its battery is designed to last as long as there is still juice in the tank. Since it is disposable, you never have to worry about charging it. Simply start using it right out of the packaging, and once it runs out of juice, you can recycle it and purchase a new one! This pen is ideal for those long winter nights, and its flavor pairs well with other sweets or hot chocolate.


It seems like you really just can’t go wrong when you’ve got a bag full of mouth-watering, delicious blackberries. The juiciness of the berry, along with its sweetness and abundance, makes it a quick and easy snack that you’ll wish you could eat all day. However, you simply can’t bring these berries everywhere with you, and the mess they can potentially create isn’t something that you enjoy. Wyld CBD’s Blackberry Gummies possess all of the delicious aspects of real blackberries, but eliminates the fruit’s messiness entirely. These amazing fruit-infused gummies come with a light dusting of sugar for an extra flavor kick that will leave you savoring each serving. You are given the option to choose between 250mg or 500mg of all-natural CBD, and regardless of which option you pick, we’re certain that you’ll find each gummy’s flavor to be as good as, if not better than, that of the original fruit!


Your skin is one of the most sensitive parts of your body, prone to being affected by the things that you interact with throughout the day. The winter months can be especially harsh to your skin; cold dry air combines with chilling winds to leave your skin feeling dry and irritated. You have certain lotions that you enjoy using, but you really wish that you could use one that also contains CBD. Andhemp’s Lavender CBD Lotion is the perfect item for this situation, providing your skin with the moisturization that it so desperately need during the holiday season. Additionally, it will give your skin a glow others will seem to notice too. Once applied, the lotion emits a soothing lavender scent, offering a delightful fragrance boost that you might not get with other topical products! The packaging is also a plus, whether you give it to yourself or as a gift. You are given the ability to choose between bottles containing either 200mg or 500mg of CBD.


If one lotion wasn’t enough, we thought we’d give you a second option that you are guaranteed to love. Who doesn’t appreciate having several amazing lotion options? There’s no way you could possibly go wrong here! HempMeds’ Hydrating and Soothing CBD Body Lotion is a premier topical product that you can use anywhere on your body that you feel needs a boost of natural topical ingredients. Whether you plan on gifting this lotion to a friend or keeping it for yourself, you’ll be amazed by its supporting topical ingredients’ ability to deeply nourish the skin and create a nice barrier for the skin against chilled winds and dry air. This lotion can be used at any time of day, offering a flexibility that you’ll quickly come to enjoy. Every bottle contains 100mg of high-quality CBD and a host of supporting ingredients, such as almond oil and jojoba oil.


The holidays are just as much about looking good as they are about feeling good. While your focus should be on enjoying time with friends and family, it’s also highly likely that you spend a sizable amount of time getting ready before parties and other social gatherings at this time of year. This is one of the few times that you get to see many of your relatives, and some friends as well, so you want to look as good as possible. You’ll hit the jackpot with this face serum ⎯ CBDfx really has outdone themselves with this one. This serum is packed with essential oils and botanicals that are amazing for your fragile facial skin. 250mg of Full Spectrum Hemp oil are contained in each bottle, ensuring that you will be enjoying a hefty serving of CBD along with the serum’s other incredible topical ingredients.


While we’re on the topic of CBDfx products, this brand has been making waves with its assortment of CBD-infused balms. While each one possesses its own set of attributes that make it ideal for certain situations, their Calming balm is by far one of the most versatile of the collection. This balm can be rubbed anywhere on your body, so long as it doesn’t pass over any open wounds, and it can be used at any time of day. Since it is contained in such a compact, convenient tin, you can take it anywhere with you. It is the perfect gift for anyone because it works on all different types of skin; even skin that is extra sensitive. Your friends will love you even more than they already do if you give them this Calming Balm. Every tin contains 150mg of organic CBD.


Have you ever wondered what the absolute limits of CBD convenience could look like? Every day, creative teams across the world are finding new and interesting ways to make it even easier to get your daily CBD. During the holidays, when everything is hectic and you barely have any time to yourself to enjoy the CBD you love, these new products can be a godsend. Lucent Botanicals has created a product that is as effective as it is convenient, offering all the lifestyle benefits of CBD products in the convenient form of a mint. Their Mood Lift Mints can be taken with you wherever you go, and since they look like regular mints, they offer an easy means of discreetly consuming CBD in public. Whoever’s hands this product falls into, they’re sure to love it. How could they not; who doesn’t love a good, refreshing mint every once in a while? Especially when each mint contains 10mg of CBD. These delicious mints are sure to be a hit. They’re so good, in fact, that you shouldn’t be surprised if your friends start buying them as well!


The holidays often call for bundling up in warm blankets and sharing some warm, freshly baked goods such as cinnamon rolls and gingerbread with friends and family. Sweet treats are a staple of winter holiday celebrations; if you aren’t loading your body up with candy canes, chocolate coins or peppermint-infused hot chocolate, then you aren’t experiencing the holiday season to its full extent! That’s why we know this full spectrum Cinnamon Tincture from Be Well Dexter will be a welcome addition for this season! You’ll love the way that this CBD tincture oil perfectly mimics the flavor of all your favorite cinnamon treats ⎯ you may even find that it’s better than the cinnamon treats that you’ve had in the past! You are given the option of purchasing bottles whose concentrations range from 500mg to 1000mg. This is a product that you and your foodie friends and certain to love!


It can be hard to wake up in the morning and immediately get yourself moving, and this is especially true in the cold winter months. Sometimes, a little pick-me-up such as coffee can make all the difference, returning your energy levels and making you a slightly more functional morning person. Coffee pods are already so easy and quick ⎯ why not buy ones with a little extra something to them? With the Creating Better Days CBD Coffee Pods each containing 10mg of CBD, your mornings will begin to look better immediately. Even the mere thought of having some of this delicious CBD-infused coffee could give you some energy! It seems like everyone has an instant coffee maker, so a present that your friends and family will really use everyday is a homerun.


With the amount of planning, shopping and socializing that you go through during the holidays, it can be easy to forget about certain things. One such task that may accidentally be forgotten is to get a present for your pet! While it might seem bizarre to forget about getting a gift for the fuzzy little critter that you love so much, the holiday season can fill your mind with a bit too many things to manage well. Fun fact: you can purchase CBD tinctures that are designed specifically for use by your pets. It seems almost all pets love peanut butter, so why not play into their obsession? They won’t be able to resist this Peanut Butter Tincture by Eclipse CBD! A few drops of this tincture and your pet will be filled with the same love and enthusiasm for the holiday season that you possess! These tinctures come in concentration options ranging from 300mg to 1500mg of high-quality CBD.