Is Your CBD Cartridge Safe? The Answer May Be Shocking.

Is Your CBD Cartridge Safe? The Answer May Be Shocking.

It’s estimated that the CBD market size will grow to a $3.5 billion dollar industry, and many of those dollars will be spent buying CBD cartridges. These have become some of the most popular of all the CBD products. People praise cartridges for their ease of use, convenience and enjoyability, but are these products safe?

Whether you have been using cartridges for years or you’re interested in getting started, this is is article is a must-read. We’ll explore the anatomy of vape cartridges, how they can be dangerous, and even give you tips on how to find the best.

The Anatomy of a CBD Cartridge

CBD cartridges are incredibly easy to use which might make them seem simple, but while they may be simple for you, they are quite complex to manufacture. These products have a handful of different parts that need to work together perfectly to generate the vapor that we all love. If just one part of the cartridge is out of place, your vape won’t work properly and might even suffer from an electrical short. This is one of the many reasons it’s so important to use cartridges from reputable brands.

The two most important parts of a cartridge are the wick and the coil. These parts are what allows the cartridge to absorb vape juice and turn it into delicious clouds of vapor. CBD cartridges are directly linked to the battery in your device and utilize the electricity from the battery to heat up the coil. If you have a malfunctioning coil, the power drawn from the battery can create dangerous problems. Let’s take a look at what could potentially happen if you purchase a dangerous vape cartridge from a fake CBD brand.

The Dangers of Fake Products

Fake or “bootleg” CBD are not only illegal, they can be downright dangerous. Cannabidiol has quickly become one of the most popular health and wellness products on the planet. Millions of people from around the globe use these products to help with a variety of different ailments. Some people use CBD to help with sleep, others use it to help them combat daily aches and pains, and many people use them as a way to stay on top of their general health and wellness.

Such incredible popularity has led many brands to jump on the band wagon. While the majority of these brands have the best of intentions, some are only in the industry to make a quick profit. Just like fake designer purses and bootleg electronics, there are a handful of companies out there producing fake or knock-off versions of popular products. The big problem with knock-offs is that they are often doing everything they can to slip under the radar. This typically means that they don’t adhere to the strict regulations that the FDA has for manufacturing CBD products.

Some fake cartridges may be harmless, but others can be quite dangerous. There are a number of different regulations that exist to keep you safe. One such regulation is that vape devices must have a safety buffer with their on-off switches. Have you noticed that your vape device requires you to press the button multiple times to turn it on? If you didn’t have to press the button multiple times, the device could turn on in your pocket and potentially burn you. Many fake CBD vapes and cartridges don’t have this feature because they don’t follow manufacturing guidelines. This is just one of the many reasons you should do your best to avoid fake products.

Premium CBD Cartridges Adhere to FDA Regulations

All of the best CBD cartridges on the market follow strict manufacturing guidelines created by the FDA. not only does this ensure a certain level of quality, but it also means that you don’t have to worry about carrying around a potentially dangerous product.

CBD cartridges can be very safe. With modern technology, there is no reason that manufacturers shouldn’t compensate for safety by adding these features. All of the best CBD cartridges adhere to all FDA regulations. When these regulations are met and you’re using a cartridge from a reputable brand, you can rest assured that the product is completely safe to use.

How to Avoid Fake Cartridges

The best way to avoid fake products is to buy your CBD from a reputable source. There are plenty of retailers out there who are eager to make a quick profit and don’t mind putting you at risk to do so. Fortunately, you’re at, which means you’re in very good hands. We are the #1 online CBD retailer and refuse to carry anythingbut the absolute best. We have the finest cartridges from the most reputable brands, and offer them to you at unbeatable prices.

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