I Gave My Cat CBD for a Week and This is What Happened

I am a big fan of CBD and I’m not alone. Millions of people from around the world use CBD daily and I am happy to report that I am one of them. Everyone who uses these products is well aware of the benefits that they can provide, but many have yet to treat their pets to the same relief.

My cat has had a pretty cushy life. She doesn’t work, she lounges around the house all day without any worry of paying rent, and every meal she eats has been paid for and presented to her as if she is royalty. She might as well be. But, even though she enjoys a luxurious existence, my cat still has anxiety. I, like many of you, have heard of pet CBD, but for whatever reason, I hadn’t thought to give it a try. That is until my cat created some serious chaos and I knew it was time for a change. Here is the story of my cat’s first week of taking CBD.

Introducing Popcorn

Popcorn might sound like a silly name for a cat, but my niece named her and I really couldn’t think of anything better. And so the kitten became “Popcorn the cat”. Popcorn is a fluffy Tabby. I’m not sure what the specific breed is, but whatever it is, these things are intense. My cat loves nothing more than to destroy sheets, chew on slippers, and knock over everything that isn’t glued down.

For the most part I’ve been able to deal with this behavior, but one summer evening, Popcorn pulled some shenanigans that were simply unforgivable. I went on a date with a girl that I had been pining over for weeks. It was a friend of a friend and we had hit it off at a wedding. After a couple weeks of exchanging texts, we decided to go on a date.

Everything went swimmingly and we were headed back to my place for a night cap. I was hoping that Popcorn would behave for once, but I should have known better. It only took about 5 minutes for the cat to ruin everything. We walked in the house, I poured us each a drink, and as we sat to enjoy eachothers company, Popcorn jumped on the mantel and knocked over an urn that contained the ashes of my recently deceased mother.

The date was over. I was a wreck. And it took every ounce of me to not drop Popcorn off at the pound. But, I love that little trouble maker, so I decided to finally try some CBD.

Getting Started

There are a ton of different CBD treats out there and knowing how fickle Popcorn can be, I was sure I was in for it. I ordered a handful of different CBD treats so I could experiment and see what her little heart desired. To my complete surprise, Popcorn loved everything I threw at her. She loved the bacon-flavored CBD cat treats. She couldn’t get enough of the salmon-flavored CBD oil. I knew right then that I had made a good decision.

Days 1-3

The first day of giving Popcorn CBD was exciting to say the least. She loved all of the different flavors and formulas and things seemed like they were going to be easy. That’s just not how things work. Popcorn was still a complete maniac. Was the CBD working at all? Was I giving her enough?

I went online and started digging in. It didn’t take long before I came across an article stating that consistency is key with CBD. Patience on my part was going to be an essential part of this equation.So I waited. I gave her CBD for 3 days and didn’t see any results. At last, day 4 came.

Day 4 Break Through

After not seeing any results for 3 days, I was starting to get worried that I’d be stuck with a psycho cat forever. Fortunately, day 4 came in with a bang. Popcorn was the coolest she’s ever been. She was relaxed, let me pet her, and didn’t destroy a single thing. I was amazed. Looking back, she had probably gotten gradually more chill over the three prior days, but day 4 this change became so apparent that it was undeniable.

Days 5-7

After day 4, things changed. Popcorn was a dream cat. She didn’t even get anxious when I had a couple of friends over for sushi. And of course she got some sashimi for being on good behavior.

Days 5,6 and 7 were a breeze and are just a distant memory to me now. Popcorn has been regularly enjoying CBD since my week-long experiment. I never stopped because it works. Popcorn and I have a great relationship now and I don’t mind that she won’t get a job because she pays rent in cuddles.

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