How To Celebrate National CBD Day –

Every August 8th is National CBD Day, and there’s no better day of the year to learn more about CBD, share it with friends, and use your favorite CBD products to your heart’s content. This day only comes once per year, so you should plan ahead by checking out my top seven ways to make the most out of National CBD Day.

1. Discover the History of CBD

If you don’t know all there is to know about how CBD came to be such a huge part of today’s society, there’s no better day than National CBD Day to study up. The blog is a great place to start on your quest for knowledge; and keep in mind that human beings and hemp share a very long, productive history… that’s tons of fun to learn about!

For starters, did you know that hemp is one of the oldest crops? The Cannabis sativa plant might, in fact, be the oldest textile crop on the face of the Earth, which means that human beings and hemp may have been interacting since before recorded history. Over the years, the relationship between people and cannabis has changed in some significant ways, but the hemp plant remains one of the most useful and exciting crops ever cultivated.

Though we went through a rough stretch starting in the mid-20th century, our relationship with hemp is finally back on track, and the discovery of CBD in the 1940s was a huge turning point in the history of cannabis. Ever since, scientists have wanted to learn more about this mysterious cannabinoid, and as CBD hit the consumer market in the late 2000s, millions of people around the world gained access to a substance that allows them to reap the full effect and nutritive spectrum of the hemp plant.

2. Learn More About How CBD Works

CBD isn’t as much of a mystery as it seems. In fact, scientists have learned a lot about CBD over the last few decades, and we’re starting to get a clear picture of just how this cannabinoid imparts its reported effects.

While it can’t be said that we know everything about CBD, we certainly know more about this once-mysterious molecule than we did just a few years ago. The standards of the CBD industry have also changed dramatically; consumers and producers have learned that CBD is only as good as the processing that went into it, and all reputable CBD companies now provide detailed, third-party lab test results for all their products. The increased popularity of CBD is pushing more research, so there’s never been a more appropriate time than National CBD Day to get up to date with the current state of knowledge regarding how CBD works and what its reported effects are.

3. Try CBD a Different Way

There’s no better way to learn all about how CBD works than trying it yourself, but you might have limited yourself to a certain type of CBD product up until now. This National CBD Day, the time is right to branch out and try a way of using CBD that you’ve never experienced before.

If you’ve never tried inhaling a lungful of delicious, CBD-rich vapor, then you should give this CBD ingestion method a shot this National CBD Day. Vaping is nothing like smoking, and we think you’ll find that vaping CBD is totally different than vaping any other substance.

You might be the opposite type of CBD user, however, who has only ever vaped this cannabinoid. If that’s the case, perhaps you might want to try sublingual CBD this National CBD Day to expand your horizons. The benefits of sublingual CBD are completely different than the lifestyle benefits offered by other CBD ingestion methods; and if you’ve never tried ingesting CBD orally, you’ll love the long-lasting bioavailability that this method of CBD administration provides.

4. Use CBD and Go Outside!

It’s a stroke of good luck that National CBD Day falls on one of the nicest days of summer. The middle of August is when people around the country hit the beach, go hiking, or go to festivals and fairs… and you’re missing out if you’ve never used CBD outdoors.

Many CBD users report that the experience of CBD is even more enjoyable outside. One of the main benefits of CBD is the flexibility of use: pack the right items along, and you can use CBD for an entire camping or hiking trip without even once needing access to electricity.

Whether you’re cooling off in the mountains or cruising down the river, grab some friends and break out the CBD this National CBD Day. You may have missed your chance to vape CBD and watch the fireworks in July, but you can still hit your favorite flavor of CBD vapor with your closest crew as the sun sets over the water.

5. Tell Someone About CBD

National CBD Day provides the perfect opportunity to share the experience of CBD with your friends or family. You can start things off casually by mentioning that it’s National CBD Day, and use that introduction as a jumping-off point for sharing your encyclopedic knowledge about what makes CBD so great!

Maybe there’s someone you’ve been wanting to tell about CBD for a long time or you just struck up a conversation with an acquaintance. Whatever the situation might be, use the occasion as an opportunity to spread knowledge about CBD. There’s still a lot of conflicting information about CBD out there, but people are much more likely to believe something they hear from someone they trust.

Since you’ve experienced the benefits of CBD in your lifestyle firsthand, you’re the perfect person for the job of sharing the power of this cannabinoid with one special person – or your entire group of friends. Don’t hold it in any longer; declare your love of CBD from the rooftops!

6. Share CBD on Social Media

Showing off your CBD products in person is one great way to spread knowledge of this cannabinoid on National CBD Day, but why not let all your closest followers and friends in on the fun as well? Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are where the internet meets the grapevine, and they serve as ideal platforms for getting the word out in a trusted format.

You can start by sharing this article to make sure that everyone knows National CBD Day is coming up, and from there, go ahead and pick out a few of your favorite CBD brands – and tell everyone exactly why you like them. Remember that we offer products from all the top CBD brands in the country here at, which makes our site the perfect place to turn when you get those inevitable questions about the best place to buy CBD on the internet.

The sky is the limit in terms of what you can share on social media, so feel free to spread the love by telling your followers all about what this cannabinoid has done for you. Links to scientific research, blog articles, and even product pages are also great for helping everyone you know online get started with CBD.

7. Give CBD to Someone Who Needs It

For every person who has successfully tried CBD, there are hundred who would love to be introduced to this cannabinoid, though they might not know it yet. While CBD research is still in its infancy in many ways, it’s clear that this cannabinoid has been a valued addition to the life of thousands of people worldwide already.

If you know someone who could use something new and exciting in their life, National CBD Day is the perfect opportunity to extend a helping hand. There’s no better way to celebrate everything that CBD has become than by sharing the experience of this revolutionary cannabinoid with someone who can use an introduction to the incredible hemp plant. Whether it’s your best friend, your mom, or even someone you hardly know, you could truly be the life of the party if you take it upon yourself to celebrate National CBD Day by offering the gift of CBD from the bottom of your heart!

Celebrating National CBD Day: The Bottom Line

National CBD Day only comes once per year, but there’s never a bad time to enjoy the lifestyle benefits of CBD by yourself or with friends. After the festivities are over, we hope you’ll continue to count on as your source for the best CBD products and CBD information on the internet. Have your own ideas on how to celebrate National CBD Day? Drop us a line or share your idea on social media with the hashtag #CBDco!