How Proleve CBD Is Changing The World Of CBD Topicals

Every once in a while, a company will come along that just seems to be clicking on all cylinders. Proleve CBD is one such company, offering a bevy of new and interesting products that are readily available for your enjoyment. Proleve prides itself on its quality, which is why you’ll find that their products possess a combination of functional and aesthetic beauty that’s hard to beat!

Proleve CBD truly excels when it comes to their topical products. Here are a few of the brand’s products that truly identify them as a leader in CBD industry change:

#1. Proleve CBD Lavender Bath Bomb

There’s a reason that you see lavender extracts in countless aroma-driven products. The smell of lavender is relaxing and helps place your body in a state of zen, which makes it an ideal scent for those interested in performing activities such as aromatherapy. Proleve CBD understands what makes lavender so appealing, which is why it only makes sense that they would use it as the premier fragrance in their Lavender bath bomb. This bath bomb also contains witch hazel and epsom salt, both of which possess their own effects and attributes. Witch hazel has a light, floral scent that blends well with that of lavender. Epsom salt doesn’t have a strong scent, but is a good source of magnesium.

Bath salts are a fresh, intriguing area of CBD topical products that is gaining the attention of the CBD industry. They are an easy and effective means of absorbing CBD hemp extract through your skin, and their supporting topical ingredients offer a feeling of relaxation that can be utterly indispensable on days where work and other responsibilities are making things extra difficult. Proleve CBD’s Lavender option is adorned with lavender buds themselves, offering a gorgeous contrast to the bright orange of the bomb.

#2. Proleve CBD Himalayan Salt Bath Bomb

Much like the previously described item, Proleve CBD’s Himalayan Salt Bath Bomb is a unique addition to the world of topical CBD products. However, instead of focusing on the soft, floral notes of lavender, this bath bomb’s focus is on Himalayan pink salt. This type of salt is highly popular as an ingredient in several different forms of topicals, in part because of the array of minerals that it possesses. It gets its pink appearance from its calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper and iron content, and each of these items also allows the salt to perform other positive functions when consumed or absorbed through the skin. Himalayan salt is popular because of its potential effects, such as balancing your body’s pH levels and encouraging greater skin hydration.

These attributes make it an ideal ingredient for a bath bomb. The effects of the salt are more than enough to make up for its relatively odorless existence, and the bath bomb is designed to activate extremely quickly. All you have to do to get it going is drop it into a filled bathtub. The bomb will then begin to dissolve and disperse itself throughout the water, and you will simply need to stir the water in order to achieve a more even distribution. Then, you can enter the water, lie back and relax, knowing that the himalayan salt and premium CBD are being absorbed into your body without you having to do much of anything. Few CBD topicals come close to bath bombs, in terms of convenience!

#3. Proleve CBD Topical Salve 500mg

Every CBD company that’s interested in CBD topical products seems to have their own version of a CBD-infused salve, but few can claim to make their products with the same level of quality as Proleve CBD. Not only is their topical salve all-natural, non-GMO and gluten free, but it also contains a hefty 500mg of high-quality, industrial CBD hemp extract, which all but promises to provide a CBD-filled experience with each and every use. Many other companies will shy away from offering topical products with high CBD concentrations, but this isn’t the case for Proleve CBD, whose salve is proof that more CBD truly can mean a greater product!

Proleve CBD has made a conscious effort to include a wealth of ingredients in this salve, including Sunflower Seed and Soybean oil, which both contain healthy fats and other compounds that make them beneficial for your skin. Camphor, Eucalyptus and Spearmint are a few of the compounds that are included for their aromatic attributes, giving the salve a strong, minty scent and a cooling sensation that you’re certain to love. Salves are especially convenient because of how compact they are; their small size makes them easy to store, meaning that you can take this product with you no matter where you go!

#4. Proleve CBD Topical Pet Salve 500mg

If the regular salve wasn’t enough proof that Proleve CBD is dedicated to making high-quality topical products, they also carry a salve that’s designed for use by your pets. This salve is unique in that it contains the exact same amount of CBD as the regular salve. Other companies will adjust the concentrations of their pet products to be much lower, but Proleve CBD maintains their 500mg salve standard. Now, your furry friend can enjoy his own CBD topical product, just like his owner! Since the concentration of the salve is the same for both pets and humans, you won’t have to use as much of the salve per serving on your pet as you would on yourself, greatly increasing the product’s longevity!

This pet salve variation contains many of the ingredients that are found in the version meant for humans, including the camphor and peppermint, which work to both create an appealing aroma and provide your furry friend with a cool sensation that they can enjoy. It also includes coconut and olive oil, which are exceptional at moisturizing the skin of your pet, as well as lavender and frankincense, which provide even greater aromatic stimulation for both you and your pet. Proleve CBD recognizes that our pets can also enjoy CBD products, and they have worked hard to become serious competitors in the world of pet CBD, producing items that are both exceptionally high in quality and very easy to use.

These are four topical products offered by Proleve CBD that are putting in work to change the way we view the CBD topical market. With the growing interest in bath bombs and other bath-related items, the sky is truly the limit for this portion of the CBD industry!

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