How Creating Better Days Is Reshaping The CBD Industry

The use of CBD-infused products is, generally speaking, still just beginning to pick up speed. As such, we as consumers are constantly learning about advances being made in this field. CBD is a constantly evolving industry, where having correct information can make all the difference in terms of the products one chooses to purchase. As is the case with anything you put into your body, it’s of the utmost importance that CBD consumers have all the facts before making the correct judgment in regards to the cannabidiol that they purchase. With that in mind, having a brand that you look to for guidance and upholding the standard of excellence really is everything.

This is where Creating Better Days comes into the conversation. Consider the significance of their brand name: Creating Better Days is a company that’s interested in doing just that for their customers. This means, in the company’s own words, “producing the purest and highest quality hemp CBD products.” For Creating Better Days, it’s about more than just manufacturing the highest quality CBD currently on the market. It’s about aspiring to a more enlightened, more evolved lifestyle, one small step at a time.

Creating Better Days also specializes in Nano-enhanced CBD, a type of cannabidiol that is rare and unique. Nano CBD takes the terpenes found in so many cannabis-based products, which possess a range of different effects, and removes them from the equation. We should mention now that not all of Creating Better Days’ products are nano-enhanced, meaning there’s still the requisite full spectrum cannabidiol oils, edibles, cartridges and pet products that you might be specifically searching for. That said, the inclusion of nano-enhanced CBD is one of the many things that makes their brand singular, novel and exciting.

Vast Collection of Products

Creating Better Days also prides itself on offering a wide array of products for CBD users whose individual preferences may vary. They offer CBD-based skincare products, e-juice for your cartridge of choice, CBD beverages with flavors such as fruit punch and coffee, and even products for the physically active CBD user in your life, such as whey protein powder and muscle rub. So, as you can see, Creating Better Days offers a little something for everyone, unlike some other CBD companies who are just getting their start and only offer a handful of products.

Creating Better Days is also proud to proclaim that they’re pushing the envelope to make their products available in all fifty states. Seeing as how some states have fairly regressive laws when it comes to cannabis-based products – even those that contain no traces of THC – this kind of thing is no trivial cause. A development like this goes a long way towards de-stigmatizing the negative rumors that surround CBD culture. As such, the company is portraying cannabidiol for exactly what it is: a tool that can be used to improve your everyday quality of life. The fact that all of the products made at Creating Better Days have been manufactured within the United States (with federally legal CBD) only makes this notion all the more resonant.

High-Tech Extraction

Creating Better Days is also committed to sourcing their proprietary cannabidiol through the CO2 extraction process. This practice is not uncommon amongst many CBD companies. Creating Better Days extracts from the hemp plant, as opposed to other forms of cannabis, mainly due to the relatively low quotient of THC found in industrial hemp. The oil that is extracted as a result of this process contains a robust abundance of terpenes, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that posit Creating Better Days as a company that is raising the bar in their chosen field.

A lot of folks in the world of CBD like to boast that their products are “all natural,” when the fact of the matter is that they may be MOSTLY natural, although there might be some unnatural additives thrown into the mix at some point in the manufacturing process. Creating Better Days proudly features entirely natural products in their products; you simply won’t find synthetic ingredients or psychoactive substances here. Through this, Creating Better Days is able to offer their customers a seal of approval and a hard-earned level of quality that is simply not guaranteed with other CBD companies.

Available At

We at are thrilled to feature many of Creating Better Days’ top-shelf products right here on our site. The high level of integrity that these products are made with is only matched by the quality that’s readily apparent in the company’s output. Looking to scratch your itch for scrumptious CBD gummies? Try the Creating Better Days Edible Gummy Variety Pack, featuring an assortment of sugar-coated watermelon slices, sour worms, sour bears and more. Maybe you’re feeling some discomfort after a long day at work or in the gym. If that’s the case, the supporting topical ingredients found in Creating Better Days’ CBD Topical Pain Cream are the perfect way to topically address how you feel. Or perhaps you’re looking to give your furry, four-legged companion a little cannabidiol goodness. If this sounds like you, the company’s CBD Pet Tincture – which is loaded up with essential vitamins, probiotics and fatty acids, plus resplendent amounts of wild salmon oil and medium chain triglyceride oil – should be the perfect product!

If you’re still curious about the ways in which Creating Better Days is reshaping the CBD business, all you need to do is visit their products page on our site and select an item from their inventory that interests you. Sometimes, familiarizing yourself with the product itself is the only way to understand firsthand how this company is making big changes in the industry. If you remain curious even after that, head on over to the company’s website to learn more about what makes them one of the major innovative disruptors in the CBD industry. As always, thank you for reading; now, go check out some Creating Better Days CBD products!