CBD.co Holiday Gift Guide 2019 – Start Here

Best CBD Stocking Stuffers

Stocking stuffers are a fun way to give small, personalized gifts each season. Make it a little more special this year by infusing those presents with CBD! There’s no way your friends, family and significant others won’t love these gifts — they’re from the heart and will make them feel warm and fuzzy. With the holidays around the corner, gifting small presents of appreciation are what stocking stuffers are all about.

Let’s start with the CBDfx Aloe Vera CBD Face Mask. Reaching into your stocking and pulling out a heavenly Aloe Vera Mask is a great addition to the flood of holiday gifts. Who doesn’t want their face to feel replenished and clean with this fantastic face mask from CBDfx? Every mask is packed with 20mg of top-quality CBD and organic aloe that leaves the face glowing. Keep the mask on for about ten minutes after cleansing to let its wonderful ingredients sink into your pores and soften multiple layers of skin. Whoever gets this mask will feel great, because everyone can use some extra love to defend against the stresses of life.

Next, add in the Holy Leaf CBD Lavender Soap. Pulling out this lovely packaged present would make any recipient happy. This artisan bar of soap is filled with a generous amount of all-natural hemp and seed oils. Your cleansing routine will never be the same with this product. It takes dull, lifeless skin caused by changing weather and gives it a radiant gleam, nourished by the lavender and CBD oils that our skin loves. This beautiful bar will become a staple in anyone’s home after trying it out! Who wouldn’t appreciate a soap that makes them glow?

With their topical needs satisfied, the HUGS Mixed Berry Pick-Me-Up Drink Mixer will be there to quench their thirst. This is a product that they’ll be able to bring with them anywhere! HUGS Mixed Berry Pick-Me-Up Drink Mixer will be a hit with whomever you gift this to. This product gives you an extra boost of energy on those foggy, sluggish work days. High-quality CBD, caffeine and vitamins aid in providing you with second wind. This natural way of waking your body and mind will be advantageous for all kinds of diets and lifestyles — there’s a reason this is one of the top five products to use as stocking stuffers! Each packet has 12.5mg of CBD and 75mg of caffeine, making this a drink that will certainly wake you up from the mid-afternoon blues!

Following up the caffeinated drink mix with Medterra Goodnight Tablets is a surefire win. Know someone who needs a little assistance falling asleep? Medterra Goodnight Tablets are a wonderful addition to a loved one’s stocking. Sometimes we wish falling asleep could be easier. Our racing minds and struggle to get comfortable often keep us from getting a good night’s rest. Counting sheep is about to become easier when the Goodnight Tablets from Medterra come into play. This is a fantastic stuffer for anyone who struggles with drifting off. The blend of high-grade CBD and melatonin will be exactly what they needed. Falling asleep is hard, now it can be easy with these fantastic tablets that give you that extra nudge to drift off into the deep sleep you deserve.

No matter what, everyone goes crazy for a great tincture. Canna River Peppermint Oil CBD Tincture is your best bet. The peppermint will capture the senses and Canna River Peppermint Oil CBD Tincture will be a great addition to desserts and drinks, or you can enjoy it by itself underneath your tongue. The revitalizing taste and smell of this lovely tincture will give you further pleasure. Choose from 1000, 2500 and 5000mg depending on your needs. A wonderful peppermint tincture is an easy gift because its longevity and great taste! Remember to store this tincture in a cool, dark place.

With this season’s list, there’s no reason you won’t knock it out of the park with your excellent gift giving ideas (we’ll say they’re yours, don’t worry). Since you now have your stocking stuffers together, you can relax a little more and get to enjoying this holiday season!

Gifts for her

Women love presents with meaning behind them. Give the woman in your life gifts with CBD so she can relax and feel good while she enjoys what you got her. She’ll love that the gift has more than one use — the product plus the added CBD.

When she first peels back the wrapping paper and sees Kat’s Natural CBD Skin Serum, she’s going to be so impressed that you knew the perfect skin product to get her! This product contains a collection of oils that tighten and brighten your complexion. It is sensitive enough for the skin of your face, but feel free to use it anywhere else on the body that may need some extra TLC, such as the neck, chest and feet. The luxurious aromas from the oils fusing together will stir her senses while the product soaks into the skin, leaving behind a gleam of radiance. Who wouldn’t want to give a wonderful gift like this to a wonderful woman?

Next, she reaches for the gift holding the CBDfx Rejuvediol Face Cleanser. She looks up at you puzzled, because you’re 2 for 2. She’ll be wondering how you are doing so well with these presents, but it won’t matter for long because she’ll be running to the bathroom to wash her face with this cleanser. As soon as she dispenses the cleanser into her freshly washed palms, the scent of peppermint and charcoal will come alive. She’ll feel the active ingredients penetrate her skin and leave behind a clean glow as it is gently washed it away. Every bottle contains 50mg of broad-spectrum hemp.

The most lavish bath she’ll ever have; Mint Wellness CBD Cedarwood and Tangerine Bath Bomb activates and absorbs while she relaxes in the bathtub. Once this bomb is dropped into the water and activates and she’s in, she’ll be transported to her own personal woodland escape. Every fast-acting bath bomb contains 35mg of top-tier, broad-spectrum CBD. This amazing bath bomb will be so calming due to its assortment of fragrances and sensations, she’ll never want to take a bath without it again!

She’s going to love the wonderful taste of HUGS CBD Mango Tincture. It’s going to be a gift that she won’t be able to stop smiling about! Tinctures are a great gift because the possibilities are endless! Have a smoothie that needs a little more flavor? Or a desert where a hint of mango would taste fantastic? Squeeze a few drops of tincture oil onto the treat of your choice, and allow it to work its magic. Using this as a trick in the kitchen, or even dropping some underneath the tongue, is a fun way to get in a serving of high-quality CBD.

Magik Beauty CBD BTX4 Hair Capillary Treatment is an intriguing product that will ensure her hair is as strong and soft as possible. It will eliminate frizz and give her hair a sleek look that she can be confident in. It also stimulates hair growth so she can be bold and beautiful when it comes to her hair care — her hair follicles will thank you as well. As a cherry on top, it contains high-quality CBD that she certainly won’t want to miss out on! Use this luxurious capillary hair treatment followed by your favorite shampoo and conditioner for the best results.

These CBD products will be the perfect presents for your woman this year, and it might even look like you spent months finalizing all the gifts for her — when in reality you saw this list and knew right away she’d fall in love with its contents.

Gifts for him

Bless the man in your life with thoughtful presents that he’s sure to love! He’ll be extra excited to open gifts that are infused with hefty servings of CBD. It can be difficult to come up with gift ideas for men, so we are here to help you out. These will become a new part of his daily routine!

He’s never going to use any other shampoos again after receiving the Magik Beauty CBD Shampoo from you. He’ll discover just how much he cares about his hair routine with this amazing product. Lather it on and let it settle for a few minutes before rinsing. It’ll feel fantastic because there’s no sulfates anywhere in this product. Now, the man you gift this shampoo to won’t have to worry about dry and brittle hair. An additional benefit is the inclusion of topical ingredients that potentially aid in the stimulation of hair growth and prevention of hair loss! He’ll love the way that it makes his hair feel, and the high-quality CBD that it contains will offer its own set of amazing effects.

Gift that special, bearded man in your life with the Pinnacle Hemp CBD Beard Oil “The Bulge.” This product contains 120mg of full-spectrum CBD, almond oil, peppermint oil and jojoba oil, all of which will make the hair on his beard feel soft and smell great. Plus, he’ll love the fact his beard is finally not making him scratch at his face and feel uncomfortable. This gift will be something that he talks about for years to come because of how much he enjoyed it.

Every once in a while, men should step up their self care routine. The time has come for a change — let’s start with the Nirvana 600mg CBD Body Lotion. Soft skin is always in. Changing weather and air can create unkind conditions that result in dry and cracked skin. We believe men deserve to take a moment to themselves and indulge with a little self care. Soothe the skin by rubbing Nirvana 600mg CBD Body Lotion on areas of dry, split skin. Once the lotion sinks deep into the skin barrier, he’ll see new, healthy-looking skin in no time.

Do you know a man who is looking for a quick and easy way to get daily servings of premium CBD? Give him the Real Scientific Hemp Oil Capsules this holiday season and see his eyes immediately light up! This straightforward and inconspicuous way to get in your daily serving may just be the thing he has been looking for. They are created with 25mg of top-tier, organic CBD, offering a hefty helping each and every time. The bottle is incredible travel-friendly, so he can throw it in his bag or car and be good to go.

As soon as he tears off the wrapping paper and sees CBD Fusion’s Sour Bear Gummies, he’s going to be ecstatic. We all love to snack — men are no different. Give him a fun kick for his next needed sugar fix by giving him a sour bears that are infused with CBD! Each gummy has organic, full-spectrum CBD intertwined with ingredients that make up the perfect gummy! Every jar has 300mg of CBD. These delectable sour gummy bears are the perfect present. He’ll have a hard time not eating them all at once!

After the gummy bears, when he sees you got him Crush CBD Strawberry Watermelon Vape Juice, he’s going to be overcome with joy. Have a man in your life that loves to vape? This is an awesome gift for any man in your life who loves this hobby and appreciates a great vape flavor. Additionally, this E-juice is non-GMO and is made with 100% organic ingredients. There are two options to choose from when tailoring this to the man in your life: 500mg of high-quality CBD in every bottle or 1000mg. You know him better than us, and that’s why we like giving him as many options as possible!

Buying gifts for men just became 10 times easier with this list. We know he’s going to love the presents because they are going to be practical, fun products he can always have on hand!

Gifts under 50

When a great gift is also inexpensive, it seems to make it even better. Just because they are cheaper doesn’t mean quality is gone as well. Find out why these products were chosen to represent “Gifts under 50” that really work. No one said you have to break the bank for great presents this holiday season!

Seeing the Erth Hemp CBD Lavender Body Butter under the tree is a wonderful moment. This soothing body butter can be used at any time of the day — that’s why this product is going to be a hit! The aroma will greet your nose with the fragrance of lavender that will make anyone stop and ask, “Who smells so good?” Use this on your hands and body to help combat the dry skin that you inevitably experience when cold weather strikes. Erth Hemp CBD Lavender Body Butter is going to be your new savior. Every container of this wonderful lotion has 250mg of the finest CBD. Feel the effects of the natural ingredients that penetrate your skin and allow it to be as soft as it has ever been.

Ignite CBD Pain Relief Cream is a wonderful gift for anyone in your life who suffer from some discomfort– which we know is probably a lot of people. Ignite CBD Pain Relief Cream will make you feel brand new once you begin using it. The fresh smell of Lemon will awaken you as it soothes your senses, and additional topical ingredients will provide you with the assistance that you desire. What’s great about this formula is that it’s fast-acting and is gentle enough to apply anywhere on the body and neck. In every bottle, there are 1000mg of pure, organic CBD.

Know someone obsessed with skincare, or maybe someone who needs a small boost to their morning regimen? The Erth CBD Tone and Hydrate Face Serum harnesses the power of hyaluronic acid and vitamin c to create a formula that truly rejuvenates and hydrates. This amazing serum is just the product you’ve been looking for. Every container has 100mg of the finest-sourced CBD. Use this wonderful product on a fresh face after cleaning. Work this in with clean fingers, applying upwards on the face and neck. Once finished, follow by using your favorite moisturizer.

Give the Pinnacle Hemp Coconut Beach Dream Body Lotion to anyone who loves a little luxury in their life. A great smelling lotion that also contains CBD is a win. Pinnacle Hemp Coconut Beach Dream Body Lotion will prove to all your friends and family that you are in fact an expert gift-giver. This lotion is non-GMO, so there’s no extra ingredients you wouldn’t want to put on your skin. Every lush bottle has 200mg of the finest CBD. Each use will leave your skin feeling smoother than the last!

Who wouldn’t want to receive a CBD Fusion Rose Petal Bath Bomb? This beautifully packaged Bath Bomb by CBD Fusion is going to make any bath feel like you’ve been transported to a luxurious spa. The sweet scent will billow up and create an experience so relaxing, you’ll want another rose bath every night. Every luxurious bath bomb contains 100mg of organic CBD.

Giving these presents out will be a wonderful surprise that your friends and family are sure to enjoy. Stand out with your impressive gift-giving skills this year with this list of products under $50.

Gifts for our pets

Our animals are extremely important to us and we believe they deserve their own stocking as well! Stuff their stocking this year with delicious CBD treats that will make their mouths water. After all, they deserve it! This isn’t only for dogs either — ‘pets’ is a broad term that can relate to any animal you love. So let’s take a look at the products on CBD.co that they will love!

As you unwrap the Canna River Pet Bacon Flavor Tincture for your pet, they are going to light up! This tincture is a fantastic way to show your appreciation for your furry little friend. It is a great additive for their food and can be treated as either an extra bonus or an incentive for them to eat it all. This bacon tincture can also be dropped on top of treats or in their water bowl — really anything you can think of! Choose between 200mg, 400mg or 600mg of CBD per bottle.

Is there a special pup in your life? Gift them the Core CBD Dog Treats Bacon Flavor. Keep these treats stored away from your pet because they are going to become obsessed with how amazing they taste. And the flavor? You guessed it — bacon. Core CBD Dog Treats Bacon Flavor are made from the finest full-spectrum CBD. Every tasty treat has 5mg of CBD and the entire container contains 150mg.

Gift your pet a present they won’t expect but will certainly be happy to receive. The AndHemp 300mg Pet Shampoo is an extraordinary product. It is a non-rinse shampoo, so there is no water involved whatsoever! If your pet hates baths and water, this could be the magic product for you! Put some shampoo on your hand, lather the product onto your animal’s fur and keep scrubbing for as long as you need. Let the shampoo dry and that’s it! Your lovely furry friend will also appreciate this shampoo because of the 300mg of organic CBD contained in each bottle.

The TropiCBD Pet Balm is going to become a new, fun routine in you and your pet’s lives! Helping your pet feel better is the responsibility of every pet owner. Let’s help fix the discomforts that they experience with this fast-acting formula from TropiCBD. This pet balm is a plant-based formula with no harsh chemicals or ingredients. In order to use this product, uncap and gently apply in slow, circular motions. Every lovely bottle is infused with 10mg of high-quality CBD and is completely safe for use on your pet!

MEDTERRA CBD Pet Edibles Peanut Butter Joint Support is a fantastic gift for your pets this holiday season. Pets both young and old will enjoy the flavors presented by this tasty treat. Watch as the treat’s premium ingredients quickly get to work on your pet! Each soft chew is peanut butter flavored, so when it comes time to give it to them, they’ll be fooled into thinking it’s a normal treat. Each snack contains 10mg of the highest quality CBD.

Give your pet something they’ll really enjoy with the Creating Better Days CBD Pet Spray Mist! Pets sometimes need a little extra something to boost their quality of life. This Pet Spray Mist by Creating Better Days is all but guaranteed to do just that. You can spray it in their mouth or on top of their food before giving it to them, either way works! Your pet loves to get their daily serving of CBD in, just like you! Every bottle of this wondrous spray contains 200mg of natural CBD, and every spritz has about 1.3mg. Serving portions are based on the size and weight of your pet.

Pets are just as important when it comes to gift planning this holiday season. Make sure to keep them feeling included with this easy list from CBD.co. Regardless of their age or species, they’ll all love these delicious CBD-infused presents!