CBD Information: Who Can You Trust?

Countless words are written about CBD and posted on the internet daily. Columns are published, new medical studies are released, and there’s a constant stream of advertisements.

With so much information flying around about CBD it’s difficult to know who you can trust. It’s an industry with a lot of money to be made and manufacturers are all aiming for your wallet.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons it’s so hard to find accurate CBD oil information, and how you can utilize trustworthy resources.

A Saturated Industry

The CBD industry exploded in 2018. The farm-bill was passed, CBD was made legal, and demand was there, but there were only a fraction of the brands there are today.

Most of the CBD companies that were around at the beginning had been started by people who believed in CBD to such an extent that they would fight for its legality.

Many of the founders of the early CBD brands risked their life savings investing in an industry that didn’t even exist yet.

Now that people have seen CBD blossom into a fruitful market, everyone wants a piece. The industry has become saturated by manufacturers who just want to make a quick profit and will say anything to get you to buy their products.

And how do these companies sell their CBD? Advertisements. People writing to convince you of how amazing their products are. Making bold claims about CBD being a miracle cure-all has done nothing but harm the industry and mislead customers.

CBD vs THC Information

Accurate information about CBD tends to be more difficult to come by than THC. Marijuana has been in the spotlight for decades, and though there’s still some misleading info out there, the general public is aware enough to know that “reefer madness” isn’t an accurate depiction.

CBD is incredibly popular at this point, but it hasn’t been around enough for the myths surrounding it to be debunked.

Reliable Sources of CBD Information

Knowing where to look for credible CBD information is a valuable skill. Making an informed decision starts with accurate information and you aren’t always going to get that on manufacturers websites or advertisements. Everyone is going to claim to make the best CBD, not because they are malicious, but because that’s the nature of business.

That being said, there are some fantastic places to look for honest, accurate information. Some of the most credible information you can find about CBD comes from CBD users like yourself.

Customer Reviews

When people have spent their hard-earned money on a CBD product, they expect it to have certain qualities and effects. If these expectations aren’t met, or they are exceeded, customers tend to be quite vocal about it.

If you’re interested in trying out a product, one of the first places you should head is to the customer reviews. Finding CBD information through customer reviews offers perspective from a large number of people. If a product has incredible reviews, you know you can trust it. Reviews are written by people who use CBD, not by those trying to sell it.

CBD Information From The FDA

Getting your CBD information from the FDA is a great way to go. This is a government-run administration who sets all of the health and safety standards for CBD products. You might be signing up for a dull read, but at least you can trust the information.

Information from the FDA will be much less opinion and experience oriented. The government is not interested in how much people enjoy CBD, they are interested in the hard facts. Using a combination of resources such as FDA info and customer reviews will provide a nice balance of fact and feelings.

Lab Results

All CBD products are required by the FDA to be tested at third-party labs. This ensures the safety of the public by preventing any contaminated oil from hitting the market.

Lab results are made available to the public and are the equivalent to a CBD information leaflet PDF. Lab results are a trustworthy way to gather accurate information on the contents and potency of a specific product.

If you’re trying to find accurate CBD capsules information, take a look at the packaging or manufacturers website to view the lab results.

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