Brand Spotlight: Green Roads CBD

Once in a while, we come across a brand that stands out from the crowd. A brand whose commitment to quality is so apparent that we can’t help but take notice. These are the brands that make the CBD community what it is; one of health, wellness, and a genuine concern for each other.

Green Roads CBD is a brand that embraces the best of these qualities. They have proven their undying commitment to their products, the planet, and the wellbeing of their customers time and time again.

We have absolutely fallen in love with Green Roads. Not only are they one of the most sought-after brands we carry, but they’re a personal favorite as well. Green Roads offers a wide variety of top-tier products in mouth-watering flavors and impressive formulations, and thats just the beginning of why we love them!

If you’re looking to treat yourself to a truly premium CBD experience, there really isn’t a better choice. In this Brand Spotlight, Green Roads takes center-stage as we explore what makes this one of the finest companies in the industry!

Who Is Green Roads CBD?

There are countless CBD companies on the market, but few of them compare to Green Roads. This is a brand that has invested an incredible amount of time and energy developing the best possible CBD products.

This company lives and breathes CBD. They offer a variety of fantastic products to fit the diverse needs of customers. Everyone uses CBD for their own reasons. Some people consume CBD when it’s time to sleep, others use it for specific ailments, and a lot of us use it simply as a way to stay on top of our general wellness.

Green Roads is a brand on a mission to bring top-quality CBD to everyone who needs it. Their diverse product line and the impeccable quality of their products have made this brand a household name in the world of CBD.

If you aren’t yet familiar with Green Roads, this is a brand that certainly needs to be on your radar!

What Sets Green Roads Apart?

There is a long list of things that set this brand apart from the competition, but one of the things we really admire is their commitment to their customers. Green Roads believes in the power of CBD and knows that people depend on their products daily.

This concern for their customers manifests itself in an unrelenting commitment to quality. This brand knows that each one of their products is going to someone who is depending on them. This isn’t something they take lightly, and as such, Green Roads goes the extra mile throughout every stage of manufacturing.

What sets this brand apart from the countless others? Let’s take a look!

Organically Grown Hemp

One of the most important parts of producing CBD is the hemp that it’s made from. It may seem obvious that using sub-par hemp leads to sub-par products, but you’d be surprised at how much of an impact this really makes.

Healthy hemp plants are rich in 113 known cannabinoids. These cannabinoids are produced in different concentrations and directly influence the way a CBD product will affect you. If hemp isn’t grown properly, it contains a lower concentration of compounds, and the end products’ quality suffers greatly.

Green Roads is famous for taking a sustainable, organic approach to all of its hemp production. From the location of their farms, to the highly qualified farmers who care for the plants, every step is carefully planned and executed to the highest of standards.

Clean, Effective Products

The way in which CBD is extracted from raw hemp has a massive impact on the quality of a product. Ethanol and Butane are quite commonly used as the primary solvent in CBD extraction. While this is generally regarded as safe, and is a technique approved by the FDA, it does tend to leave residue in the final product.

Another thing we love about Green Roads is that all of their products are extracted with supercritical CO2. This method of extraction is not only extremely effective at capturing all of the valuable cannabinoids, it also produces extracts that are completely free of chemical residue. This means you get to enjoy Green Roads CBD without consuming Ethanol, Butane, or any of the other chemical solvents that other companies use for extractions.

Why People Love Green Roads CBD

When it comes to Green Roads CBD; there’s a whole lot to love! This brand combines the finest hemp extracts with carefully selected botanicals to bring you unique products that are truly an experience to behold.

This brand uses the cleanest most effective extraction methods, farms all of their hemp with organic growing techniques, and offers some of the most powerful products on the market. How could you not love Green Roads CBD?

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