An Exclusive Look at CBDfx’s New CBD Vape Pens!

With the CBD industry now becoming a billion-dollar market, the selection of high-quality CBD vape pens can feel, well, a little endless. And with so many new brands entering the space, this seemingly endless selection of premier CBD vapes is continually growing. So, if your search for the best CBD vape feels a little overwhelming, that’s kind of par for the course. 

Luckily, one of the best CBD companies has outdone themselves again, giving their classic line of CBD vape pens a complete refresh and making your search for CBD vapes all but complete. 

CBDfx, a titan in the health and wellness space, has updated their line of CBD vape pens, improving their vape’s signature design and adding two new delicious flavors to the mix. But how do these CBD vape pens differ from CBDfx’s original line of disposable vapes? And how do they compare to other best-selling CBD vapes? 

We’ll answer all these questions and more as we take an exclusive peek into CBDfx’s revamped line of CBD vape pens!

Who Is CBDfx?

Based in sunny Southern California, CBDfx has been a major player in the hemp wellness space since 2014. Their CBD products are made with high-quality ingredients and organic hemp extract. Their diverse line of products includes full spectrum CBD, broad spectrum CBD, and CBD isolate and come in a wide range of options like CBD gummies, CBD bath bombs, CBD topicals, and much more. 

High-Quality Ingredients

In addition to making their products with organic hemp, CBDfx also uses various all-natural, vegan ingredients to create delicious flavors and complementary wellness effects. While other brands rely on artificial sweeteners and additives, CBDfx keeps things simple, opting for straightforward recipes to produce worthwhile wellness-based products. 

Third-Party Lab Tests

And they prove their all-natural formulas by publishing third-party lab tests (Certificates of Analysis). These lab tests show the product’s chemical makeup, giving users a glimpse into the company’s cultivation, extraction, and manufacturing processes. If corners were cut and shoddy practices used, they’ll show up on these tests. 

By making these tests public, CBDfx gives their users a chance to verify their product’s potency and purity—a mark of a reliable, trustworthy brand. You can find a product’s Certificates of Analysis on its products page under “Lab Report.”

What’s New to Their CBD Vape Pens

If you didn’t try CBDfx’s classic CBD vapes, you might not see how significant their changes are. Their original CBD vapes were long, skinny, and white with a USB-C charging port on the bottom. These pens didn’t have a button but were simply draw-activated. So, you just inhaled off the mouthpiece to activate the vape battery. They came pre-charged and pre-filled, so you didn’t have to tinker with charging cables or pods. Each pen held two grams (around 800 puffs) of high-quality CBD vape juice and came in eight exciting flavors—four with full spectrum CBD and 5mg of delta 9 THC, and four with broad spectrum CBD.

And these CBD vape pens were popular—to put it mildly. 

Now, CBDfx has taken what made their CBD vapes best-sellers and added a few key improvements, all to give users a better vaping experience. 

Even More CBD Vape Juice

While CBDfx’s old CBD vape pens contained 500mg of broad spectrum CBD or full spectrum CBD, their new CBD vapes have triple that amount: 1500mg of high-quality, fruit-flavored CBD vape juice. This staggering amount of CBD vape juice offers users approximately 2500 puffs per pen—a far cry from their old pens’ 800 puffs. 

Now, there is still a slight difference between the CBD vape juice in their CBD vape pens and their CBD + THC vape pens. Their CBD vape pens contain 1500mg of broad spectrum CBD each, while their CBD + THC vape pens have 1500mg of full spectrum CBD and 10mg of THC each—we’ll discuss the differences between full spectrum CBD and broad spectrum CBD below. 

Smaller Designs

CBDfx’s old CBD vapes were long, skinny, and white, and if you had a couple lying around, you couldn’t quite see which flavor each one was. You’d have to roll the dice, pick one, and take a discerning puff. Now, CBDfx has labeled all their pens with their flavor names and designed them with a color to match that flavor’s profile. For instance, the Blue Raspberry CBD Vape Pen dons a berry blue color, while their Strawberry Lemonade CBD Vape Pen sports a summertime pink.

Aside from their fun colors, CBDfx’s new CBD vape pens also have a much different look. They’re no longer skinny and tall; instead, they’re slightly ovular and fit more discreetly and ergonomically in your palm. This new design rests more comfortably in your pocket and hides easier in your hand, letting you take a secret, relaxing CBD toke anywhere you go.

Two New Vape Flavors

There are many returning flavors among CBDfx’s new CBD vape pens, but two new flavors are expected to quickly become fan favorites: Mango Ice CBD Vape Pen and Watermelon Skit CBD + THC Vape Pen. These two new flavors help round out CBDfx’s line of CBD vapes, giving users an even split of four broad spectrum CBD vapes and four full spectrum CBD + THC vapes to choose from.

CBDfx’s Line of Broad Spectrum CBD Vape Pens

First, let’s meet CBDfx’s broad spectrum CBD vape pens. If you’ve enjoyed CBDfx’s vapes before, you’ll notice a few returning stars with the aforementioned tropical-mango newcomer.

Each CBDfx broad spectrum CBD vape pen offers these key benefits:

  • 1500mg broad spectrum CBD per pen
  • Smooth hits & expertly crafted, all-natural flavor
  • Disposable & discreet; no need to charge
  • Approximately 2500 puffs per pen
  • Ceramic coil with 5mL of CBD liquid
  • Rechargeable / Disposable

Mango Ice CBD Vape Pen

With sweet notes of tropical mangoes and a zingy ice sensation, CBDfx’s Mango Ice CBD Vape Pen offers layers of flavors—with CBD’s patented relaxing effects. Just a couple of puffs and you’ll be on tropical island time, with a mouthful of chilled, flavorful mangoes!

Blue Raspberry CBD Vape Pen

A staple to CBDfx’s line of CBD vape pens, Blue Raspberry CBD Vape Pen has long been a best-seller at, giving users CBD’s soothing benefits with a pop of sweet berry flavors. CBDfx’s tweaks to this pen’s design have led to an even stronger mouthful of flavor and more potent vapor clouds, so you can relish in a more profound blue raspberry CBD vaping experience. 

Cool Mint CBD Vape Pen

Reminiscent of their Fresh Mint CBD Vape Pen, CBDfx’s revamped Cool Mint CBD Vape Pen packs even more refreshing spearmint flavors in their extremely portable, pocket-sized CBD vapes. This flavor offers a cool, icy zing that fills the lungs, before filling the air around you, with a strong minty aroma. It’s a must-have for spearmint lovers and fresh-breath enthusiasts. 

Strawberry Lemonade CBD Vape Pen

Like summertime in your pocket, CBDfx’s Strawberry Lemonade CBD Vape Pen couples two delicious fruit flavors into one swirl of relaxing, CBD-infused vapor. The marriage of strawberries and lemons makes for a sweet and tangy taste that lasts from inhale to exhale, bringing you a mouthful of summer year-round!

CBDfx’s Line of THC + Full Spectrum CBD Vape Pens

Along with their broad spectrum CBD vape pens, CBDfx has also retooled their THC + full spectrum CBD vape pens, packing more cannabinoids into a compact personal vaporizer, bringing even more CBD, THC, and delicious flavors to your vaping experience. 

Here are a few key details that make these vape pens stand out from the crowd:

  • 1500mg full spectrum CBD per pen
  • 10mg THC per pen
  • Disposable & discreet; no need to charge
  • Approximately 2500 puffs per pen
  • Ceramic coil with 5mL of CBD liquid
  • Warning: May cause psychotropic effects

Watermelon Skit THC + CBD Vape Pen

As a newcomer to CBDfx’s vape lineup, Watermelon Skit THC + CBD Vape Pen is about to make a name for itself. Crafted with tasty terpenes from Watermelon Zkit, a popular cannabis strain, this Watermelon Skit THC + CBD vape pen offers delicious flavors and a relaxing cannabis experience. 

Purple Punch THC + CBD Vape Pen

CBDfx’s Purple Punch THC + CBD Vape Pen contains strain-specific terpenes, giving users all the flavors of this classic cannabis strain. This CBD vape provides uniquely relaxing effects, with the help of full spectrum CBD and delta 9’s synergistic swirl. 

Maui Wowie THC + CBD Vape Pen

Their Maui Wowie THC + CBD Vape Pen boasts a specialized flavor profile that’ll remind seasoned cannabis enjoyers of this all-time great strain. The CBD vape pen’s orange color is easy to spot when you think it’s lost, but even easier to hide in your palm as you take a discreet, Maui-ful puff!

Pineapple Express THC + CBD Vape Pen

A legendary Hollywood strain, Pineapple Express is perhaps one of the most famous cannabis strains worldwide—and CBDfx has captured its delicious flavors in their Pineapple Express THC + CBD Vape Pen. This vape pen hits smooth and gives users a subtle, relaxing experience. 

What Is CBD?

After meeting CBDfx’s full line of CBD vape pens, you might need a little refresher on specific terms. First, all of these vape pens contain effective levels of cannabidiol, also called CBD. CBD is a member of the cannabinoid family. Cannabinoids are organic compounds native to all cannabis plants. While there are over a hundred cannabinoids found in cannabis plants, CBD is one of the most abundant, known primarily for its popular wellness-boosting benefits. 

CBD (like other cannabinoids) achieves its patented effects by interacting with your body’s endocannabinoid system. This cell-signaling system is made up of receptors that span all across your body. These receptors regulate essential functions like sleep, mood, appetite, pain, and more. When these receptors are out of sync, you might feel imbalanced, but after you take a CBD product, like inhaling CBD-rich vapor, the cannabinoids filter through your body and engage with these receptors, bolstering the system’s performance and creating a long list of wellness benefits.**

This is how products like CBD vapes provide their relaxing, soothing, and calming effects. But, as we mentioned earlier, there are different types of CBD, and CBDfx uses two in their CBD vape pens. 

Full Spectrum CBD vs. Broad Spectrum CBD

CBDfx uses full spectrum CBD in their four CBD + THC vapes and broad spectrum CBD in their other four CBD vape pens. The difference between these two types of CBD lies in their cannabinoid profiles.

When companies pull CBD oil from raw hemp plants, they pass the plants through a simple extraction process to strip all unnecessary plant matter. This filtration process leaves behind hemp’s aromatic properties, including terpenes and flavonoids, and its complete cannabinoid profile, which has over a hundred different cannabinoids, including less than 0.3% THC. 

While this isn’t enough to elicit cannabis’ iconic psychoactive effects, it is enough to potentially trigger the Entourage Effect. This effect occurs when multiple cannabinoids simultaneously interact with your body’s endocannabinoid receptors. Each cannabinoid synergistically boosts the others’ effects on the mind and body, leading to a more profound wellness-boosting experience.** 

But still, 0.3% may be too much THC for some adults. So, companies also offer broad spectrum CBD—the second most comprehensive type of CBD. Broad spectrum CBD contains the same cannabinoids and aromatic compounds as full spectrum CBD (terpenes and flavonoids), but its THC levels have been filtered down to undetectable levels. So, you can still potentially experience a more profound wellness-boosting effect, thanks to the Entourage Effect, but this boost might not be as profound as that from full spectrum CBD.**

What Is in These CBD Vapes?

Though their CBD e-liquid formulas are different, these disposable CBD vapes all contain the same components:


CBD oil is teeming with all-natural compounds like cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. After filtering the hemp-extracted oil from the raw plants, CBDfx adds CBD oil to their vape juice. This honey-hued oil is viscous and rich in an earthy, funky flavor. But this CBD oil is not suitable for vaping—not in this form. So, they need to add a couple other ingredients to give the juice its flavor and vapor density. 

Propylene Glycol/Vegetable Glycerin

Inside all types of vape juice, from CBD vape juices to THC vape juices, you’ll find varying levels of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin—the two ingredients that give vape juices its flavor and vapor consistency. Propylene glycol is a transparent, odorless liquid that provides the vape with juice its flavor. But too much propylene glycol, not balanced with enough vegetable glycerin, can cause a strong throat hit—a sensation many adults don’t enjoy. 

Vegetable glycerin is a natural chemical derived from vegetable oil. It gives the vape juice differing levels of vapor consistency. The more vegetable glycerin, the heavier the cloud of vapor. Plus, vegetable glycerin helps mellow the throat hit from high levels of propylene glycol. 

These CBD vape pens from CBDfx have a balanced 50/50 ratio of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, making for a vaporous, flavorful, and pleasant vaping experience. 

How to Vape Broad Spectrum CBD Vapes

If it’s your first time vaping CBD, a little crash course might help you optimize your experience with these new CBDfx vapes!

These pens come pre-filled and pre-charged, so you can use them as soon as they’re unwrapped from the box. They don’t have a button to activate the battery; just take a small inhale off the mouthpiece and let the vapor settle in your lungs. You’ll notice the fruity flavors (delicious, right?) and gradually feel CBD’s soothing, non-psychoactive effects. Because these pens use broad spectrum CBD, you don’t have to worry about potentially getting “high.” Just stash it in your pocket, backpack, or purse, and take the good vibes with you!

How to Vape THC + CBD Vapes

Now, CBDfx’s Delta 9 THC + CBD Vapes are a little different. These Delta 9 THC + CBD vapes contain 10mg of delta 9 THC per pen. While 10mg is not a lot compared to the 1500mg of full spectrum CBD oil in the pens, this amount may potentially lead to psychoactive effects. So, take small, starter puffs spaced out over time if you want to avoid a potentially psychotropic experience. 

CBD Vape Products vs. CBD Gummies

While CBD vapes are among some of the most popular CBD products, many adults don’t enjoy vaping. They like getting their daily dose of CBD in a variety of other ways, like CBD gummies. CBD gummies are soft, fruit-flavored chews packed with an effective dose of CBD. Instead of vaping CBD, you can just enjoy a dose of CBD all at once, in the convenience of a flavorful gummy.

Since a CBD gummy has to pass through your digestive system—a long, arduous path—it can generally take 30 minutes to two hours to feel the gummy’s effects, depending on your body composition, height, weight, and other bioavailability factors. On the other hand, vaping CBD can elicit calming, soothing effects in a matter of minutes, if not seconds. This quick timeline is because cannabinoids in vapor filter through your lungs and into your bloodstream almost immediately after your first inhale. 

Are CBDfx CBD Vapes Right for You?

In the world of disposable CBD vape products, CBDfx has long been a key player, giving users access to high-quality CBD oil vape juice in a reliable, disposable pen. Now, with their updated line of CBD oil vapes, CBDfx has enhanced your experience by upgrading their vape devices and boosting their formulas, so you get more CBD (and more flavor) in every pen!

So, are CBDfx CBD vapes right for you? 

Only if you want a classic CBD experience in a high-quality, discreet, pocket-sized vape pen perfect for any occasion!