8 Hempzilla Products That Will Leave You Amazed

Hempzilla has emerged as one of the cannabidiol landscape’s most serious players. This brand is a testament to endurance, and to crafting top-of-the-line products that are fun, high-quality, inclusive, and made with a sense of craft. For over twenty-five years, the company’s founders – who came up from humble beginnings, and have since turned their shared dream into a reality – have persisted in manufacturing organically sourced, fairly priced cannabidiol products that allow them to stay a step or two ahead of the competition.

CBD.co is proud and honored to feature Hempzilla’s sterling array of CBD products on our website, where anyone is free to enjoy them. This is a company that’s committed to excellence, and given the high quality of their general output, it can be tough choosing a single Hempzilla product to try first. With that in mind, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to determine our eight favorite Hempzilla products currently available on the site. Keep in mind that these are just our picks, and you might feel differently – in which case, there’s plenty more Hempzilla goodness out there for you to choose from!

Here are eight of our favorite Hempzilla products currently available for purchase on CBD.co:

#1. Hempzilla – CBD-infused Shot

This CBD-infused, shot-sized product is designed for those who are always on the go. Maybe you have to deliver a stressful Powerpoint presentation to a room full of investors, or you want a quick, mellow shot of high-grade cannabidiol after an intense workout at the gym. If so, this is the product for you. While ingesting certain CBD-related items might require a degree of effort – we’re thinking concentrates and tinctures – this CBD shot has been engineered with efficiency in mind. Pick up a single shot, or pick up a bulk package if you feel like saving money.

#2. Hempzilla CBD Tincture – Orange

At this point, we’re all familiar with why many people don’t like CBD Tinctures. The recurring reason we’ve heard is that some customers don’t like the strange aftertaste that lingers on the tongue after a sublingual ingestion. Thankfully, Hempzilla’s orange-flavored CBD tincture has none of that: just vibrant citrus flavor, plain and simple.This proprietary tincture blend also contains coconut oil and stevia extract, with twenty-five servings per bottle. It’s perfect for a cool helping of CBD in the morning, or at night before you go to sleep.

#3. Hempzilla CBD Topical – Muscle Gel

We’re all occasionally afflicted by a host of physical discomforts. Hempzilla’s sensational proprietary muscle gel is infused with up to 300mg of full spectrum CBD hemp oil, and designed for use throughout the day. As far as how to use it, it’s simple: take a small portion of the gel and rub it over the discomforted areas of your body. Then, sit back and wait for the CBD to be absorbed into your body and offer its effects. This gel also contains juniper berry oil, rosemary leaf oil and glycerin witch hazel water.

#4. Hempzilla – CBD Pet Tincture

Hempzilla is a company that looks out for its customers, and not just the human kind. They’re also in the business of designing products for our four-legged, furry friends. This non-toxic tincture is designed for sublingual use, and full of rich bacon flavoring that your pet certainly won’t be able to resist. Start with eight drops a day and adjust as needed.

#5. Hempzilla Wild Berry Gelato – Zilla Pods

Rejoice in the silky-smooth taste of wild berry gelato with these flavorful zilla pods, which come in packs of two. Hempzilla prides itself on their high-quality zilla pods, and when you’re also talking about heavenly fruit flavors and a full-bodied cannabidiol profile, it’s hard to nitpick. Plus, this product comes with a six-month no-separation guarantee, on the off-chance that you’re not satisfied with it.

#6. Hempzilla CBD Edible – Sour Gummies

Listen, we weren’t going to NOT include gummies on this list; Hempzilla’s gummies are some of the best in the game right now. This sugar-coated product is zesty, sour and incredible in more ways than one. They’re ideal for eating at home, on your work break or after dinner as a form of CBD-infused nightly routine. These babies are fairly potent – 80% strength and full spectrum cannabidiol – so you might need to experiment with serving sizes at first. Once you’ve done this, you’re all set to enjoy some of the finest gummies available!

#7. Hempzilla CBD Topical – Lavender Lotion

Just the smell of lavender sends us into a tizzy of joy; is there a more intoxicating or wonderful scent on the planet? If you find out, please do let us know. Fellow lavender-heads out there will want to check out Hempzilla’s topical lavender lotion, which is designed which specific topical ingredients to address the way that your skin feels and provide lasting joy. This product contains organic aloe and coconut oil, and will have your hands and face feeling smoother than ever before. Say goodbye to flaky, irritated skin, and say hello to Hempzilla!

#8. Hempzilla CBD Pod – Watermelon Ice

Summer may be a few months away, but who’s to say you can’t enjoy the flavors of summer earlier in the year? This Watermelon Ice pod from Hempzilla is designed to help your palate on temperate days. The flavor is an icy menthol chill that reveals a robust, full spectrum CBD profile. It’s the next best thing to having a mouthful of real, refreshing watermelon. This product only works with the Ki device, but it’s more than worth it to make such an investment considering the positive lifestyle changes that it can provide.

Thanks for reading! If you’re curious about a Hempzilla product that didn’t make this list, go to CBD.co and search “Hempzilla.”