8 CBD Topicals To Make You Glow for the Holidays

The holidays are many people’s favorite time of year. It’s a time to be thankful, to reflect on what you’ve accomplished over the course of the year; to give and receive presents, and to spend time with your family. Even if your dad presents your family with a poorly prepared holiday ham for the umpteenth time or your controversial aunt has one too many glasses of sherry and starts spouting political opinions that no one wants to hear, there’s no doubt that the holidays are (mostly) the “most wonderful time of the year.”

It’s important, as you decorate your Christmas tree or the candles on your menorah, that you maintain what we like to call a “holiday glow.” That means: practice self-care, take care of your skin, attend to any discomfort you might feel and take some soothing baths if you feel like it. There are a million different ways to “glow” during the holidays, but for the purposes of this list, we’ve narrowed it down to eight. That sounds manageable, right?

With the holidays just around the corner, we’ve compiled a list of eight CBD.co products that will have you glowing for everyone’s favorite time of year. Be merry, light the candles, load your plate up with more leftovers and read on:

#1. Mint Wellness CBD Lavender and Grapefruit Bath Bomb

You’ll want to smell fresh before your relatives arrive at your house with gift-wrapped presents and heaping plates of food. To take your bathing experience to the next level of comfort and relaxation, we recommend Mint Wellness’s CBD Lavender and Grapefruit Bath Bomb. This bath bomb is, simply, one of a kind: an alchemy of soothingly warm water, scintillating scents and pure fizziness that brings relief and a feeling of coziness to whomever uses it. The bath bomb itself contains about 35mg of broad spectrum CBD, and the aromas that it exerts are flush with notes of fruit and flowers. Add a little bit of grapefruit essential oil (providing a sweet citrus kick) and lavender essence and you’ll never want to take a bath without one of these again.

#2. Hempmeds Nourishing Hemp Conditioner

There are plenty of CBD-infused shampoos and body lotions to get you feeling great and to maintain your glow. However, we can never say no to a CBD-powered conditioner. This is the kind of product that will have your hair feeling smoother than you could have ever imagined. Time to look into a Nourishing Hemp Conditioner from the good folks at HempMeds! This product contains not only 20mg of powerful cannabidiol, but also argan oil – renowned for its anti-aging properties – and a serving of green tea. Don’t let the bath bomb do all the work! Hydrate your scalp and protect your hair from the unseemly side effects that can come as a result of using cheap storebought conditioners.

#3. Nirvana Natural Relaxation Body Lotion

After you’ve taken a bath, you’ll want to rub some body lotion on your skin – particularly the parts that are irritated or otherwise experiencing some type of discomfort. For this, you’ll want to use Nirvana Natural Relaxation’s CBD-enhanced body lotion. Each bottle is rich in water, aloe vera, coconut oil and 600mg of broad spectrum CBD. It’s a rich source of vitamins and nutrients, meaning it will keep your skin silky smooth. It’s the perfect way to feel rejuvenated after using your CBD bath bomb before the guests arrive.

#4. CBDistillery Skin Care Cream

Maybe you have a skin care ritual that you practice after you take a bath or shower. Even if you don’t – you should. If you want your skin to feel smooth, replenished and flake-free, we recommend CBDistillery’s new brand of topical skin care cream. This product has been engineered with the finest-quality cannabidiol hemp oil, and contains such restorative oils as coconut, olive, apricot, and sunflower, in addition to beeswax and self-emulsifying wax. Simply apply a liberal dab to the perimeter of your face and be sure to rub it in well. Use this cream for a week and you’ll start to get that holiday glow we were talking about.

#5. Social CBD Topical Patch

If you’re not so much into skin creams but are still looking to enjoy the effects of topically-applied cannabidiol products, the new Topical Patch from the CBD experts at Social is perfect for you. You can slap this patch on your arm, shoulder or chest while you’re eating dinner or opening presents with your family and experience the effects of CBD without anyone being the wiser. It’s the mobility that makes this patch one of the more unique products of its kind; it’s resistant to water, meaning that there is no reason to fear it peeling off if you begin to sweat. Once you’ve placed the patch on whatever part of your body is most convenient for you, the CBD will start to slowly seep into your body through your skin – and it works throughout the day, offering a steady flow of CBD! Available in singles or as a pack of 3.

#6. Erth CBD Essential Oil Pain Stick

If you feel that you still experience discomfort and don’t want to have to rub a cream all over yourself, check out Erth’s Essential Oil Pain Stick – a topical product like no other. This stick is convenient and easy to use, requiring only that you run it across your body in order to evenly disperse its contents on your skin. It’s flush with organic ingredients and offers a direct and concise use each and every time. At 250mg of CBd per stick, you are sure to receive a hefty helping of cannabidiol with each use.

#7. CBDfx Cucumber Face Mask

Before the guests arrive, you might want to put on a face mask for fifteen minutes or so. CBDfx’s Cucumber Face Mask offers exactly what you need in that regard. It’s quick, soothing and feels like a specialized spa treatment that you can indulge in within the comfort of your bathroom. Who needs to go get an expensive treatment when these masks exist? Keep that holiday glow going, guys!

#8. Hempfina Advanced Night Repair Complex

It’s now nighttime. Dinner went off without a hitch. All the guests have taken off and the leftovers are safely tucked away in the refrigerator. You’ve spent the night stuffing your face with rich foods and creamy, fatty desserts, and now your skin and body seem to be revolting against you, as if saying “dude, what are you doing to us?” For a nourishing end to your night with a touch of CBD, try Hempfina’s Advanced Night Repair Complex topical product. This product is all about addressing cracked or dehydrated skin through a carefully calibrated mix of phytocannabinoids and other natural ingredients that are rich in antioxidants. Plus, it can easily be used as an overnight product, working on its own while you catch up on your sleep!

These products will help you maintain the glow you need to keep going during the holiday season. After all, “glowing” isn’t just about the quality of your skin. It’s a lifestyle, a mentality; an attitude. It’s about allowing yourself to thrive on an elemental level. It’s about doing these simple things so you can be the best possible version of yourself. These eight products should help you do that as you gather with family and friends to ring in the holidays before a new decade is upon us. After all, what better way to say “hello, 2020” then with a batch of incredible CBD products?!