8 CBD Brands That You Should Check Out In 2019

8 CBD Brands That You Should Check Out In 2019

There are countless CBD brands for you to choose from these days, and while this is a positive sign for the thriving industry, it can also make it hard to find the right brand for you. These eight CBD brands have consistently sold well at CBD.co, and our customers rate them very highly based on their integrity, consistency, and overall product quality. Each of them brings something different to the table, adding their special touch to the CBD.co product line. Here is what you need to know about each of these brands!

1. Allo CBD

Allo CBD provides a modest lineup of CBD products, and each product has been formulated with the utmost care. From its
CBD-infused coffee blend to its CBD soft gel capsules, this company offers a dedication to quality control and consistency that can at times be rare to find in the industry. Where Allo CBD truly shines, however, is with its tinctures. These CBD tincture oils contain CBD concentrations ranging from 600mg to 2400mg, and they come in Mango and Unflavored varieties.

Brand story

Allo CBD was founded by Jennifer Hawkins, a woman whose life ailments led her to find and adopt CBD products. Her dedication to the extract and the industry at large is founded on her personal experiences, so you can rest well knowing that the person producing your favorite CBD items is well versed in its effects and properties.

What makes Allo CBD special?

While Allo CBD is clearly the pet project of someone heavily invested in the world of cannabidiol, the products offered by this brand are crafted with the utmost professionalism. From its quick packaging process and quality product options to its honest, safe list of ingredients, Allo CBD is a shining example that many other CBD companies should follow.

What we like most about this company is their impressive range of CBD concentration options. For their CBD tinctures, concentrations start at 600mg, but they also offer bottles containing 1600mg and 2400mg respectively. Each item’s prices are fair and reflect their individual concentrations. The 2400mg option is undeniably the best price-for-concentration return out of the lot. Remember that you always save when you shop at CBD.co, and our guaranteed two-day order fulfillment policy ensures that you’ll get your CBD products as quickly as possible.

This brand’s CBD-infused arabica coffee blend contains 320mg of CBD per bag, and the major notes in this blend are raspberry and dark chocolate. Adding CBD to coffee may allow for easier consumption of your CBD than other administration methods would. It’s always worth experimenting with different, unique types of CBD products that you haven’t tried before.

2. Alpine Hemp

Alpine hemp is a no-nonsense CBD company that focuses primarily on capsules and CBD vape products. This company has a professional allure that many others lack, and its lineup also includes a
CBD isolate product that can be enjoyed in a multitude of ways.

While broad spectrum CBD is available as a hemp extract for many in the industry, Alpine Hemp leans more heavily on the inclusion of full spectrum CBD oil because of their belief that a whole medley of hemp compounds is the optimal choice. Another way that Alpine Hemp is different from the competition is its use of ethanol to extract CBD-rich hemp oil. Most brands currently use CO2 extraction methods, which are faster but less effective in collecting hemp extracts than methods involving ethanol.

Brand story

Alpine Hemp is a very humble company, and therefore does not provide a lot of information about itself. It is a company based in Minnesota that offers detailed information online regarding its products and policies. While there may not be a driving origin story behind Alpine Hemp, they have still proven themselves capable of getting the job done correctly, as well as in style.

What makes Alpine Hemp special?

These days it’s a well-known but unspoken requirement to include third-party test results with your CBD products.  Alpine Hemp offers this information alongside every product in their online store. Alpine Hemp is able to differentiate itself from the competition with the variety of products it offers. Most brands stick to producing a single form of CBD capsule, but Alpine Hemp elects to go above and beyond by providing capsules in Energize, Fuel, Joint & Muscle, Restore and Sleep forms.

Each of these capsule varieties has been mixed with various natural ingredients and have gone through rigorous testing in professional labs. These natural ingredients often give the capsules additional effects and offer different flavors than the one produced by natural hemp extracts.

Alpine Hemp also offers five varieties of CBD Vape juice. Each of these products is available in 100mg to 300mg concentrations and the flavors offered are Caramel Junction, Face the Fruit, Flyin’ Hawaiian, Mint Chocolate Swirl, and Nutty Banana. With so many flavors available for you to try out, you might as well pick up one of each and experience everything that Alpine Hemp has to offer.

3. Avida CBD

Avida CBD focuses mainly on tinctures and vape juices, but this brand also offers a topical relief balm and three forms of disposable vape pods. This brand has embraced the broad spectrum CBD revolution, but it still offers some high-quality full spectrum products. Avida CBD has attractive branding, and every indication points to them being  highly professional and excelling within their chosen niche of the market.

Brand story

Avida CBD says that its underlying purpose is to help people be healthier and more active, and this brand makes sure to have independent labs test its products to ensure the utmost degree of transparency. According to Avida CBD, its products contain organically-grown CBD-rich hemp oil, and they are pesticide-free, non-GMO, eco-friendly, and THC-free. Most of all, Avida CBD wants you to know that its products are made responsibly with domestic hemp in facilities located within the United States.

What makes Avida CBD special?

Avida CBD diversifies its online store by offering both disposable CBD cartridges and CBD vape juice. Sticking to only one type of product forces customers into a corner, so giving them the option to buy a convenient disposable vape pod alongside the option to buy their sustainable vape juice is a great brand model.

Avida CBD’s vape juice comes in concentrations ranging from 250mg to 1000mg of CBD, which is about standard in the industry. This brand offers plenty of innovative flavors when it comes to its vape juice lineup, but one of the product categories that doesn’t get the attention it should is Avida CBD’s tinctures.

While these tincture products are not the highest in terms of concentration, we like the fact that both broad spectrum and full spectrum oils are offered. Offering both options shows a degree of flexibility, ensuring that Avida CBD is working with the benefits of its customers in mind.

Remember that Avida CBD is far from your only option here at CBD.co. Once you’ve checked out the products that this brand has to offer and have tossed whatever interested you into your digital cart, make sure to stop by other brands and and see the products that are being offered at customer-friendly prices.

4. Aqua

Aqua CBD is unique in its devotion to a single category of products. This CBD brand hails from California, and it offers five different vape juice flavors that are flying off the shelves here at CBD.co. The options this brand offers are called Drops, Momentum, Pure, Rush and Swell, and each of these CBD vape juice options contains 600mg of CBD.

Brand story

Aqua CBD is the result of a partnership between a cannabidiol producer and a legendary vape juice manufacturer. With Marina Vape supplying the juice, Aqua CBD is able to create a CBD vaping experience that’s unlike any other in the world.

Customers have every reason to expect great things from Aqua CBD, and even though this brand’s products are limited right now, we’re sure that more options will be coming soon. For all the latest on Aqua CBD and other companies on our website, stay tuned to the CBD.co blog.

What makes Aqua special?

Aqua CBD makes things easy by offering a single concentration for its vape juice products.
Each product has beautiful packaging and design, and it contains 20mg of CBD per milliliter of vape juice.

There’s nothing out of the ordinary with regard to the ingredients in this brand’s vape juice formulation. Aqua provides third-party lab reports for each of its products, ensuring that you are getting what you pay for and that your CBD is free of contaminants. Since they’re made in the USA, Aqua CBD‘s products contribute to the domestic economy, and together with all the other hemp brands we offer here at CBD.co, Aqua CBD is helping farmers across the country and contributing to the hemp boom.

5. Blue Moon Hemp

Blue Moon Hemp has been on the market longer than practically any other CBD brand, giving them time to experiment and produce an incredibly varied line of high-quality cannabidiol products. From vape juice to CBD edibles and concentrates, Blue Moon Hemp has it all, bringing it together in one massive lineup of quality hemp products.

Brand story

Throughout the years, Blue Moon Hemp has found success through carefully articulating each of its unique selling points. This brand’s products are made in the USA, are thoroughly tested and contain 99.6% pure CBD. Blue Moon Hemp products don’t contain detectable levels of THC, instead offering various desirable cannabinoids and terpenes that are naturally present in the hemp plant.

Blue Moon Hemp started out by working with some of the first hemp cultivation pilot programs in Kentucky, and it has remained committed to making hemp products accessible and affordable for everyone who wants to use them.

What makes Blue Moon Hemp special?

It’s safe to say that Blue Moon Hemp is one of the most established CBD brands in the industry. Therefore, its product lineup is understandably extensive. Even without all the other amazing brands we offer at CBD.co, Blue Moon Hemp would provide you with enough variety to keep you happy for years.

Blue Moon Hemp is most well known for its
vape juice options. With flavors like Berry, Peppermint and Natural, this brand offers CBD concentrations ranging all the way from 250mg to 3000mg of CBD. There aren’t many CBD brands that offer vape liquid with that high a concentration of CBD, making Blue Moon Hemp a great option if you’re looking for products with extremely high concentrations.

This brand also offers CBD concentrate that has been augmented with various cannabis terpenes to smell and taste like some of the more legendary hemp strains. If edibles are more to your liking, Blue Moon Hemp has you covered, and this brand also offers plenty of disposable vape options.

Other products include CBD for pets, CBD tinctures, and CBD topical salves. Blue Moon Hemp has an impressive lineup, and its pricing makes Blue Moon Hemp a solid addition to your cart any day of the week.

6. BoostCBD

BoostCBD is relatively new to the CBD scene, but it’s clear this brand has significant financial backing. From it’s marketing material to its product design, BoostCBD has proven that it possesses the forethought that it needs to last in this industry.

This brand offers a variety of
disposable vape cartridges, as well as CBD soft gel capsules and gummies. Like many other brands on this list, BoostCBD also offers a CBD tincture, which provides you with flavors and CBD that rival those offered by other brands on this list.

Brand story

When you’re buying CBD, it’s often hard to tell where your product came from. Lack of regulation means that the burden of transparency and providing evidence of quality is on individual companies. Many brands source their CBD from central suppliers, and in some cases, these brands are given sparse information about the hemp extracts they’re buying, except that tests show it to be high in CBD content.

BoostCBD does not run into this problem, and their customers can vouch for their attention to product quality. This brand provides incredibly detailed information on its hemp cultivation process from seed to sale, and it’s immediately clear that BoostCBD cares deeply about playing the CBD game correctly.

This brand uses only organic farming processes. It grows its own hemp and processes it in a state-of-the-art facility. Photographic proof is provided of each stage of the process, which is above and beyond what most other companies offer.

What makes BoostCBD special?

As a Colorado-based company, BoostCBD is at the epicenter of the hemp boom, which makes this brand uniquely situated to develop incredibly high-quality CBD-rich hemp products. This brand’s products aren’t different from most others in terms of pricing and potency, but it’s the ingredients that go into them that matter the most.

It is true that some companies enter the CBD industry for short term gains and neglect their duties to their customers, but many others strive to uphold these duties. There’s nothing wrong with making money, but if you want to be featured on CBD.co, you have to play by the rules. BoostCBD is a great example of a CBD company that is taking the initiative to develop itself within the confines of the industry’s growing regulations.

7. CBDialed

CBDialed is a simple company, and it likes to keep its product options simple too. This brand offers five varieties of CBD tinctures for humans and two additional varieties for pets. CBDialed’s normal tincture flavors include Vanilla, Sleep and Peppermint, and it also offers options titled Inflammation and Anxiety respectively. For pets, CBDialed offers Anti-Separation and
Muscle & Joint varieties.

Brand story

CBDialed’s products are non-GMO, and their hemp extracts are produced through organic growing methods. This brand’s products are pesticide free and contain undetectable THC levels.

Along with providing independent test results, CBDialed also guarantees that it controls its manufacturing process from start to finish. That way, you can know with certainty what’s going into your CBD products.

What makes CBDialed special?

This brand’s vanilla and peppermint tincture flavors contain either 750mg or 1500mg of CBD, and its other human tinctures contain 500mg options. Each CBDialed product for pets contain 300mg of CBD, and every CBD product that CBDialed produces has been designed to heighten the effects of its hemp extracts as much as possible. Overall, CBDialed is doing everything right, which helps explain why it’s so incredibly popular at CBD.co.

8. Dixie Botanicals

Dixie Botanicals has been a part of the hemp scene since before the 2014 Farm Bill passed, placing it in the same category as Blue Moon Hemp based on its longevity and veteran status among many other brands. Dixie Botanicals hasn’t changed much over the years, and that’s because it hasn’t needed to. This brand’s product model has proven effective time and time again, and Dixie Botanicals customers keep flocking to CBD.co for our low prices and free shipping on every order.

Brand story

Each CBD brand has a target market, and Dixie Botanicals isn’t shy to declare that its products are made specifically for athletes. Dixie Botanicals sources its hemp from Europe, performs thorough lab testing and extracts its CBD with CO2.

Overall, Dixie Botanicals offers a polished and streamlined CBD experience. While this brand offers many of the same types of products that are offered by other CBD companies, the fact that they have been producing these items for so long gives them a well-earned, reputation-based edge over many others. CBD companies that can’t make it fail early, so when you’ve been on the market for seven years it’s clear you’re doing something right.

What makes Dixie Botanicals special?

Here at CBD.com we offer vape juice, topicals, tinctures and edibles from Dixie Botanicals. Each of these products has its strong points, but we’re most impressed by this brand’s CBD tinctures. With flavors like Blackberry Lemonade, Sour Watermelon, and
Vanilla Caramel, Dixie Botanicals has options for every taste. The flavored tinctures are made possible with an assortment of different flavorings, such as vanilla and peppermint.

Dixie Botanical’s Salvation Balm is a hit, and its CBD Kicks edible chews continue to grow in popularity. Pick up a few products you like and combine them with items that interest you from other brands to create a truly diverse and delectable CBD.co cart.

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