8 Best CBD Edibles To Bring To A Picnic

The crisp chill of Winter is receding and Spring, the most inviting of seasons, is almost upon us. That means one thing: it’s picnic season, baby! But before you grab your mom’s hand-me-down wicker basket, some adorable paper plates, a loaf of fresh bread (with cheese) and a bottle of good day-drinking wine, let us implore you to consider the following:

Why not work some CBD into your picnic routine? With so many incredible cannabidiol-infused products currently on the market, who wouldn’t want to explore this option?

Picnicking and CBD edibles go hand-in-hand to create a lovely experience that will enhance the situation to the point where you’ll never want to have a picnic without CBD on deck ever again. With CBD edibles, there’s no unnecessary additives – just the tranquil goodness of high-quality cannabidiol coupled with delicious eats. Who could ask for more than that?

We’ve prepared a list of eight incredible CBD edible products available on CBD.co that would make a great addition to your picnic basket. We should mention that almost all of the edible products on this list carry sweet flavors, in one way or another, making them especially enticing CBD-enhanced options that you can bring to your next outing in the park with friends. There aren’t as many savory CBD edibles currently available, but as soon as we get some up on our site, you – our loyal readers and customers – will be the first to know about it.

Anyway, here are eight CBD edibles you can bring to spruce up your next picnic:

#1. Cookies and Cream Protein Bar from JustCBD

This bar is perfect for those with a sweet tooth who also enjoy a protein boost. JustCBD has infused over fourteen grams of hearty whey protein blend into this rich, lush cookies and cream flavor – it’s so tasty that you probably wouldn’t believe us if we told you this product was entirely gluten-free. The perfect come-down if you happen to be picnicking after a hike or a demanding gym session, this bar also comes in a variety of other delectable flavors, including S’mores, Cinnamon Pecan, Birthday Cake and Caramel Almond.

#2. Dried Pineapple Chunks from JustCBD

These chewy, sweet CBD products will make an excellent addition to your picnic lineup. The one-of-a-kind tropical chews pack the flavor of fresh island pineapple into each bite, making them the ideal bridge between a sweet and savory nibble. These are particularly ideal if you’ve also brought a bottle of dry white wine to the picnic.

#3. Edible Gummies by Yami Vapor CBD

What’s a picnic without edible CBD gummies? Lucky for us, Yami Vapor CBD makes some of the best in the business, and they’re readily available for purchase on our website! These gummies are infused with farm-grown, domestically harvested hemp, and boast a dizzying and diverse flavor profile that includes pink lemonade, blue raspberry, green apple and more.

#4. Peanut Butter Carob Truffley Treats from The Feels

This product is for the fancy chocolate-lover at the picnic; you know, the kind of person who playfully points their pinky outward when they sip from a cup of tea. Its flavor profile is pure milk chocolate goodness, but since it’s actually carob, you don’t have to worry about the guilt and calories that usually come with the sweet treat. For a beautifully rich post-picnic product that combines two of the greatest flavors on earth – peanut butter and carob – look no further.

#5. CBD-Infused Honey from BoostCBD

Did you bring some toast to the picnic? Good. Are you brewing up some breakfast tea on the fly? Also good. This CBD-infused honey is exactly what you need. Grab a knife and lather some of this delicious spread onto a slice of whole wheat bread, or drop a dollop into your tea of choice. Made with broad spectrum hemp extract and organic clover honey.

#6. Rainbow Sour Belt Gummies from Hempcy

More gummies, you ask? Yes, yes, more gummies. Because the truth is, you can never have enough gummies – particularly if you’re picnicking with friends. Who knows when you’ll run out? Rejoice and relish in the sour, zesty rainbow flavors of these CBD-infused gummies, which are designed to provide a range of different flavors – making them ideal for a peaceful day lounging on green grass. Just don’t forget to bring a backup!

#7. Dried Apple Slices from JustCBD

You didn’t think you were going to get through this list without TWO mentions of delicious dried fruit, did you? Plus, if you don’t bring some form of apple slices with you to a picnic, then you’re obviously doing it wrong. There’s almost 12mg of 99.9% pure CBD Isolate in each delectable slice, which is to say nothing of the sources of fiber, calcium and iron that you can find in this particular apple-based product. If you really want to get crazy, take one of these slices and dip it in CBD honey! Now that is what we call living.

#8. “Balance” CBD Taffy from Don Polly

Quick show of hands: who doesn’t like taffy? No one? Good. I mean, we figured. Taffy has always been something of a novelty in the world of sweets, so we suppose that it was only a matter of time before the pioneering minds at Don Polly found a way to work some CBD into the equation. This “citrus medley” taffy promises over 50mg of full spectrum CBD hemp extract, and it’s been designed with improving your daily quality of life in mind. It’s also perfect as part of a picnic outing with close friends.

These are eight of our favorite picnic-friendly products currently available on the site. If you feel like we missed anything, please feel free to drop us a line or a comment – we love hearing from you guys!

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article, and we hope that your next picnicking opportunity comes sooner rather than later. Don’t forget to bring the honey!