7 Ways to Bring CBD To Your Next Sports Game

Is there a better way to spend your weekend than attending a spirited sports gathering with a bunch of your friends? It’s an excuse for you to paint your face the colors of your home team, drink cold beer, eat hot, delicious food and cheer for your favorite player (or players). There’s a big difference between watching sports at home and watching them live. To some, this difference is exponential. After all, they’re a lot of fun.

What you don’t always hear about in regards to sporting events is that they can sometimes have their own downsides. What if you have to park more than a few city blocks away from the stadium? What if you break away from your friend group and have a tough time relocating them? Or maybe you’re strapped for cash, and unable to afford the often lucratively priced concession items that are unfortunately a huge part of this experience.

Fear not, friends. Fun is still the order of the day. You can say goodbye to lukewarm beer and overpriced peanuts and say hello to CBD products – your new best friend when it comes to watching sports live.

#1: Morning Mug of CBD

You’ll need to get a sporting mood started in the early hours of the day. Let’s start the morning right. You’ll need a cup of CBD-infused joe before breakfast, and well before the game itself. For that, you’ll brew up a batch of Bean and Brew’s CBD-enhanced “Rise” blend. This will get you feeling sharp and ready for socializing with friends.

If you’re not a coffee-drinker but you still find that you need a cannabidiol boost in the morning, we might suggest Naked 100 CBD’s Amazing Mango Vape Juice, for use with an e-cigarette or vaporizer device. This e-juice is compatible with almost all universal vape pens, and the package itself contains easy-to-follow operational instructions that will guide you to tropical mango nirvana. It’s the same great CBD flavor and effects, but with a delicious fruity taste.

#2: Water Breaks

A big part of hanging out in the sun all day with your buddies while you watch a game is staying hydrated. It’s a known fact that most people don’t drink nearly as much water as they should over the course of the day, and most of us are operating at a minor level of dehydration at any given time. For that, try Blue Label CBD’s brand of CBD Alkaline Water. It’ll help you stay hydrated in the halftime heat and keep you going throughout the day. This revitalizing water makes for the perfect fuel for a day of competitive athletic spectacle. Make sure you’re hydrating throughout the game and throughout the day.

#3: BYOG (Bring Your Own Gummies)

For a holistic (and tasty) alternative to the kinds of needlessly expensive confectionary items you typically find at big game concession kiosks, you’ll want to bring a bag of edible, CBD-infused Fruit Bites, manufactured by the hard-working folks at Green Roads. These bites are meant to be enjoyed on the go, and they have a far lower calorie and cholesterol count than similar ballpark snacks like churros and ice cream. These scrumptious gummy treats are varied in flavor, encapsulating the tastes of lemon, black cherry, green apple and more. Depending on what game you attend, you may have a hard time sneaking them into the stadium, so maybe just eat a few before you head into the game. Be sure to avoid leaving them somewhere in your car where it will be exposed to the heat –  CBD gummies do not mix well with extreme heat.

If you happen to be looking for another CBD gummy option as a snack possibility or to sate your pre-game sweet tooth, try CBDFx’s proprietary Gummy Bears. Like the ones from Green Roads, these gummies also provide an affordable alternative to the processed snack foods you’re likely to find at your local game. They are 100% vegan and contain no artificial sweeteners or corn syrup, and each individual gummy contains 5mg of untainted, fast-acting CBD oil. These gummies are also more unified in their flavor profile. The taste is a dazzling, heavenly berry mélange that compensates for a lack of variety with pure abundance of deliciousness.

#4: CBD For Sunscreen

Obviously, if you’re with your pals watching sports outside all day, you run the risk of being exposed to too much sun. Nobody likes sunburns and nobody – we mean, NOBODY – wants a case of melanoma. If you’re looking to protect yourself from the sun’s blistering heat rays and get your cannabidiol fix while doing it, be sure to look into Savage’s Topical full spectrum CBD sunscreen, which comes equipped with the equivalent of an SPF 30-level potency. This means that you’re still getting the same great consistency and quality that you would get from a store-bought sunscreen… plus the extraneous effects of CBD. This is one CBD item that, frankly, you should never head to a big game without.

#5: Keep The Party Going

At a certain point during your game day outing, you may feel your energy starting to lag. This is normal, especially when considering that you’re taking four to five hours out of your day to watch some burly dudes punt a ball around a large field. With that in mind, keeping your energy levels up is crucial. However, drinks like Red Bull and Five Hour Energy, while effective, simply are not for everyone. If you’re into the idea of an energy drink that won’t have your nerves feeling fried, check out HempGo’s CBD-suffused Strawberry Lemonade beverage, which has been designed for daytime use. This drink contains a plethora of nutrients and vitamins, including B12 and Green Tea Extract. What this means: this drink is designed to keep you going without the use of anything unnecessary, artificial, or gross. Hey, it’s way better than drinking a jumbo-sized Coca-Cola – and certainly better for you.

#6: Postgame Snacks

Once you and your friends have left the game, you’ll no doubt start to feel you adrenaline levels beginning to come down. This is to be expected, to some degree. After all, you’ve been on your feet all day, trudging through the heat, chanting your team’s anthem at a loud volume, and exhibiting displays of raucous support when your team is winning. Who wouldn’t be exhausted after all that? You’ll probably be looking for a tasty postgame treat after the game itself has wrapped up. To satisfy your growling stomach, we recommend Fixx’s edible CBD Corn Nuggets. Particularly if you’ve been snacking at the game and aren’t in the mood for a full dinner, these savory bites will fill light stomachs… and who can resist that tangy, smoky BBQ flavor?

These are a few CBD-related items that will help you operate at peak capacity during game day with your buddies. Whether you’re looking to stay hydrated, stay energized, or just stay snackin’, CBD.co has got you covered. Just bring enough so that your curious friends can try some. With pure, lab-tested, customer-approved cannabidiol now in the mix, live sports outings just got a whole lot cooler. Tell your friends, and don’t leave home for the game without these eight fine products.