7 CBD Oil Brands Taking CBD.co By Storm

CBD oils are some of the hottest cannabidiol products on the market today, due in large part to their wide variety of satisfying tastes and ingenious bottle design. Tincture oils are packed into bottles with a built-in dropper, and each bottle can be stored virtually anywhere, allowing you to either keep it at home or take it with you for a night out on the town. Vape oils command their own glorious corner of the CBD industry, attracting vape enthusiasts from around the world!

Countless CBD brands are coming out with lines of CBD oils that cater to their customers’ many tastes and desires. Here are 7 brands that have gone above and beyond in crafting their CBD oil products:

#1. Original Hemp

Original Hemp has made a point to dedicate itself to the quality of its CBD capsules and tinctures. Each delicious tincture contains high-quality, full spectrum CBD hemp extract in quantities of either 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg or 2000mg, depending on the size of the bottle that you elect to purchase. Original Hemp offers three different flavors for their tinctures, each possessing an equally tantalizing flavor profile. Fresh Berry provides light, fruity notes that are perfect for those sunny, Summer days, while Vanilla Dream is ideal for those chilly, Winter nights. Their natural option appeals to those who want to appreciate CBD oil in all its natural, earthy beauty.

Unlike other brands, Original Hemp also offers their CBD tincture oil in single-use packets, opting to remove the bottle entirely. These packets are small enough to fit in your pocket and can be torn open and consumed at a moment’s notice. As compact as they are, they still each contain 33mg of full spectrum CBD hemp extract, meaning that you’ll most certainly be getting exactly what you paid for. You can either purchase them individually or as a 30-count box, which would give you something nice to keep on your kitchen counter and pull from every once in a while. Original Hemp’s innovative minds are true leaders in the world of CBD oil.

#2. Canna River

Canna River offers a wide selection of CBD tincture oils, including some with and without added flavors. Each bottle is adorned with the sleek, simplistic design that Canna has in part pioneered, but there is nothing simple about this tincture oil whatsoever! These tinctures are more potent that many of the brands that also sell CBD oil, each bottle containing anywhere from 1000mg to 5000mg of broad spectrum CBD hemp extract. At 60mL of oil, any of these concentrations all but ensures that you will feel the effects of the product quickly, which is what you’ll want when you’re consuming a dropperful before heading out of your home.

In addition to offering CBD tincture oils for human consumption, Canna River produces a line of tinctures designed for use by your pets. Since all mammals share the same system that interacts with CBD, most pets are also able to adequately consume CBD similar to us. The bottles offered by Canna come in 3 flavors: Bacon, Chicken and Natural. They each contain 600mg of CBD hemp extract, allowing most any furry friend to enjoy it!

#3. CBDfx

CBDfx is a premier brand in the CBD industry, and it’s popularity is closely connected to the sheer amount of products that it offers. The brand carries everything from gummies and tinctures to CBD-infused face masks; if you’re looking for a specific type of product, there’s a good chance CBDfx has it. Their tinctures are an especially well-designed portion of their repertoire. They offer 3 non-flavored tinctures, as well as 3 that are infused with light, fruity flavors. The non-flavored tinctures come in concentrations of 500mg, 1000mg and 1500mg, same as the flavored options.

In addition to the tincture oils for humans, CBDfx offers natural-flavored tincture oils for pets as well. These tinctures come in concentrations for small breeds (150mg), medium breeds (300mg) and large breeds (600mg). They also boast a large selection of CBD vape oils in varying flavors, spanning from fruity flavors such as Strawberry Kiwi and Fruity Cereal to ones that accurately imitate the flavor profiles of famous cannabis strains, such as Sour Diesel and OG Kush. The brand boasts a collection of CBD oils that’s hard to top, although they aren’t alone in offering such an array of oil options.


If the gorgeous minimalist package design isn’t already enough to get you hooked on this brand’s products, then the actual quality they possess surely will! ENVY CBD prides itself on the fact that its CBD tincture oils are top-of-the-line, containing nothing but the best ingredients, which includes a hefty helping of premium CBD. Depending on the size of the bottle that you choose to purchase, these ENVY CBD tinctures contain 250mg, 500mg or 1000mg of CBD extract, which provides you with a moderate amount of cannabidiol with each and every serving.

ENVY’s tinctures come in 3 different fruity flavors: Double Apple, Orange and Strawberry Watermelon. Double Apple perfectly captures the essence of a pair of freshly picked apples; you’d swear that you were actually biting down into a juicy, ripe apple with each serving of this CBD oil. Similarly, the Orange tincture option transports you to your own personal orchard, where you’re free to taste the sweetest oranges that you’ve ever had. Strawberry Watermelon fills you with the satisfaction that you used to feel when you’d eat the actual fruits on Summer days. You can thank ENVY CBD for the trip down memory road.

#5. Smilyn CBD

If you’ve come to CBD.co today and are dead-set on leaving with a top-notch CBD tincture oil, Smilyn CBD is one of the best brand pages to visit. Smilyn specializes in tincture oils, offering six different flavors in sleek, easy to transport bottles. Each bottle contains 500mg, 1000mg or 1500mg of high-quality CBD hemp extract, which is on par with most of the other tinctures on this list. You could easily bring any of these tincture bottles with you on a business trip or vacation, or you could keep it stored in your desk at work for occasional enjoyment.

Smilyn CBD has elected to infuse its CBD tincture oil with flavors that are strong and delectable, covering up more of the natural, earthy flavors present in the hemp extract. These flavors include Cinnamon, Mint, Lemon, Grape, Blueberry and Orange. The fruit flavors will make you feel like you’ve just picked its real-life counterpart off of a tree and take a bite, while the Cinnamon and Mint options will have you in mind of dessert treats. Such flexibility in flavor options is what you can expect in the CBD oil from Smilyn CBD!

#6. Green Roads

Green Roads is another CBD powerhouse on this list, whose products demand the attention of everyone with interest in the CBD industry. You can hardly search for CBD online without either running into Green Roads products themselves or encountering articles raving about what the brand has managed to accomplish. Their products are of the highest quality, and their CBD oils are no exception. Like many others, they carry a selection of CBD tincture oils, although the concentrations of their oils range from 150mg all the way up to 3500mg, offering a wide variety of options for their customers to choose from. They also produce tincture oils that carry the terpene profiles of classic cannabis strains.

Additionally, they carry pet tincture options for cats and dogs. The cat option contains 60mg of premium CBD hemp extracts, while the dog tinctures range from 60mg to 600mg. One niche area of the CBD industry that Green Roads has taken ahold of is the world of CBD syrups. The brand’s line of “Soothe Syrups” combines high-quality CBD, fruity flavoring and 10mg of melatonin, an item known for its ability to naturally manipulate your sleep cycle and encourage greater restfulness at night. These syrups are a perfect item to store on your bathroom counter!

#7. Rare Terpenes

Rare Terpenes clues you into what its list of products is bound to contain from the very get-go. One look at the brand’s name and you understand that you’re dealing with a company that

wants to provide you with terpene profiles that you’re unlikely to encounter elsewhere. While there are countless other CBD brands offering their own selections of terpene-infused CBD oils, the options are usually fairly common and low in number. Instead of simply providing you with five terpene oils that you’ve seen before, Rare Terpenes dives headfirst into the world of terpene profiles and offers you a list of 42 different terpene oils.

This brand’s collection of oils ranges from common to truly rare. It offers classic options that you’ve likely seen before, such as Blue Dream, Gelato and Fruity Pebbles, which all have highly enjoyable flavor profiles. Additionally, they offer terpene profiles that you may have never encountered before on the CBD market, such as London Pound Cake, Skywalker OG and Tropical Trainwreck. Not only will you be amazed by Rare Terpenes’ list of products; you’ll be delighted when you discover just how enjoyable and effective they are!

These are 7 CBD oil brands that are absolutely killing it with regard to the CBD oil products they’ve been producing. You can find all of their CBD oils and much, much more right here at CBD.co, your one-stop shop for everything CBD!