6 Ways to Celebrate the New Year with Cannabis

2021 was a tough year for a lot of people. It was a year filled with new Covid variants, social distancing, and too many zoom meetings to count. Fortunately, 2022 is well on its way and it’s time to celebrate! You might not be hitting the club with your besties on New Year’s Eve, but there are some awesome ways to usher in the new year.

Though there were countless hardships in 2021, the cannabis industry continued to blossom. There are more cannabis products to enjoy than ever before and we have the best of the best right here at CBD.co! We’ve expanded our inventory to include a broad variety of incredible cannabinoids and we’re more than happy to share some of the ways people are using them to celebrate the new year. If you’re still trying to figure out how you’re going to ring in the new year, check out this list of 6 awesome tips!

The Best Ways To Celebrate with Cannabis

There are plenty of fun ways to celebrate the new year. You can hang with friends and loved ones, go on a nice date with somebody special, or relax at home and watch the ball drop. There are plenty of options and each one of these options can be enhanced by including some of the best cannabis products on the market. Let’s take a look at some of the ways our customers like to celebrate with cannabis!

#1. Relax with Some Delicious CBD Gummies

There’s nothing more comfy than chilling at home and leaving the celebratory chaos to the party crowd. And, when you want to relax at home and relax your way into the new year, there’s no better way to do so than with tasty CBD gummies. These products are loaded with valuable cannabinoids and terpenes. Not only do you get to enjoy a delicious health supplement, but you also get to enjoy the incredible benefits of CBD without any of the hazy side-effects experienced with THC products.

#2. Get Hyped with CBD Energy Drinks

If you’re heading out for a raucous New Year’s Eve, then you’re going to need some energy to keep the party going. Sure, you could reach for one of those super sugary energy drinks or give yourself the jitters with a bunch of coffee, but if you’re looking to enjoy some clean burning energy, then you need to pick up some CBD energy drinks.** These powerful beverages are made with the finest ingredients. Thanks to the inclusion of cannabinoids, CBD energy drinks provide you with a perfectly balanced burst of energy that won’t leave you crashing come midnight!**

#3. Sip On a Powerful Delta-8 Tincture

New Year’s Eve is coming fast, and you want to party it up, but you don’t want to have an intense psychoactive experience. Well, we’ve got the perfect thing! Delta-8 is commonly referred to as the perfect middle ground between CBD and THC. Delta-8 tinctures provide you with a hearty serving of cannabinoids and elicit a perfectly mild psychoactive experience. If you’re looking for a more powerful, semi-psychedelic experience, you might find that THC-P is more your speed! Of course, you can always increase your serving size if you want to feel more powerful effects, but many of our customers love using these products specifically for their mild effects. You still get to enjoy the benefits of cannabis, but you have the added benefits of a slight “head change”.

#4. Get The Year Started With Delta-9 Soft Gels

If you’re looking for a fantastic way to discreetly enjoy some New Year’s fun, then you definitely need to check out our selection of Delta-9 Softgels. These are some of the most low-key products available and they offer a bunch of different advantages. One of the things that people love about D9 softgels is that they are incredibly portable and discreet. You can easily swallow a couple on the train or in an Uber, and they are so small that you can take them with you anywhere. Don’t let their size fool you, D9 softgels are capable of providing a powerful psychoactive experience that can keep you going until midnight!

#5. Enjoy a Soothing Massage with CBD Cream

Whether you’re staying in for the night or want to have some after-party fun, CBD cream is an excellent choice. There’s nothing like coming home from dancing the night away and capping off the evening with a soothing CBD massage. These products are known for working wonders on sore muscles and minor aches and pains.** They are also a fantastic way to spend the last hours of 2021 with someone special!

#6. Try Something New!

There’s a lot to love about starting a new year, but one of the most exciting aspects is the changes we make in ourselves and our daily lives. It’s time to get out there and try new things. There are millions of people who use CBD daily, but there are also some other incredible cannabinoids for you to try. We now carry a huge variety of cannabis products that are made with different cannabinoids. We highly recommend trying out some Delta-10, HHC, THC-A, or THC-P. This year is going to be a good one, so try some new things and live it up!

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