6 Products That Will Make You Love Pinnacle CBD

If you don’t know the name Pinnacle CBD… well, you’re about to. We’ve narrowed it down to six of our absolute favorite Pinnacle CBD products currently available on CBD.co, and we’re ready to share them with you. Aside from the incredible story that serves as the foundation for their company, Pinnacle CBD has won over their fans and loyal customers the old-fashioned way: by crafting well-made, easy-to-use products that crush the competition.

Here are our favorite Pinnacle CBD products currently available on the site. Read on, and get ready to do some online shopping by the time you’re done with this list.

#1. Full Spectrum Honey Syringe

CBD Honey is one of the great discoveries of our modern era: a convenient and scrumptious way of working CBD into your morning routine. Whether you’re adding some to your Earl Grey tea or spreading some on a biscuit, Pinnacle CBD’s full spectrum cannabidiol is simply the best – and now it comes in a pre-filled 3ml syringe for even easier use. It’s not often you can actually use the phrase “the greatest thing since sliced bread” and mean it, but this time, we mean it. Come to think of it… a dab of Pinnacle CBD’s cannabidiol-infused honey on a slice of bread sounds awfully good right now. This product’s suggested serving size is 0.5ml a day, but, as always, bear in mind that everyone’s body is different, and will thus react to the effects of third party-tested cannabidiol accordingly.

#2. CBD Pet Tincture – Salmon Flavor

We all know that pets – kitties especially, but doggos too – LOVE the taste of salmon. And who can blame them? Salmon is one of the all-time great-tasting proteins; rich and delicious, but also healthy, lean and full of nutrients. Some pets don’t like taking CBD tinctures for the same reasons humans don’t like taking them: that weird, vague after-taste that lingers far too long. Well, now, thanks to Pinnacle CBD’s full spectrum Salmon-flavored tincture, your domesticated animal pals will never have to experience nasty tinctures ever again. Straight from the home of the Rocky Mountains, this is a product bolstered by medium chain triglyceride oil and non-GMO organic hemp to ensure the most enjoyment possible.

#3. CBD Mint Toothpicks

Now THIS is an exceptional product. With Mint CBD Toothpicks officially on the market thanks to Pinnacle CBD, who would ever want to go back to normal toothpicks? They’re packed with over 200mg of top-tier full spectrum hemp extract, as well as an icy-fresh mint flavor that will have your mouth smelling and feeling fantastic. Simply place a toothpick in your mouth and suck on it for five to fifteen minutes twice per day. Pinnacle CBD recommends that you use both sides of each toothpick to achieve optimal strength. Each package contains over twenty disposable, CBD-infused picks that are brilliantly engineered, affordably priced and ready for you to use ASAP.

#4. CBD Topical – Coconut Beach Dream Body Lotion

We all need moisturizing lotion from time to time, and we all forget to use it, which results in flaky, irritated skin. Nobody wants that. We all want a modestly priced, cruelty-free lotion that smells great and leaves us feeling like a million bucks. Enter Pinnacle CBD’s Topical Beach Dream Body Lotion, a non-GMO lotion product which smells like the essences of coconuts, sand and the ocean, all mixed into one scintillating package. Simply apply a dime-sized dab of lotion onto your body and rub it deep into the skin. Be sure to apply the lotion at least once a day. Contains over 200mg of third party-tested CBD.

#5. CBD Vape – David G Cake Beyond Dreams

Are you familiar with David Goerlitz? He’s an actor, model and writer who was best known as the “Winston Man” in the 1980’s. Some years later, Goerlitz swore off tobacco and has since become a vocal advocate for vaping CBD. Goerlitz’s latest collaboration with Pinnacle CBD has resulted in this yummy, unique vape flavor: Cake Beyond Dreams, which, as you could have guessed, tastes like a perfectly moist cake adorned with just the subtlest hint of strawberries. This is as tasty a vape product as you could hope for, containing industrial-grade cannabinoids and terpenes, plus less than 0.3% THC. Don’t take our word for it – David Goerlitz is a man with the right priorities, and someone you can trust when it comes to this sort of thing.

#6. CBD Cartridges – Full Spectrum Variety Pack

It’s no secret that Pinnacle makes some of the finest CBD cartridges on the market. As far as flavor, quality and price are concerned, they are one of a few smaller companies that are leading the pack. With that in mind, why wouldn’t you want to buy in bulk and save money where you can? Pinnacle CBD is proud to introduce their new vape cartridge variety pack, available in three well-known cannabis strain flavors: mellow Blue Dream, funky Granddaddy Purps, and buzzy, electric Trainwreck. There’s a flavor for every palate here, and over 500mg of full spectrum CBD per cartridge. For best use, simply screw the cartridge onto a universal pen battery and vape between 3.7v-4.2.v.

If you remain curious about any of Pinnacle CBD’s products that are not mentioned above, feel free to visit their page on our website and check out their plethora of incredible products. These ones are our favorites… but, as always, there’s more out there to discover.