5 Products That Make Krypted CBD A Powerhouse Brand

Krypted CBD has been making waves in the CBD industry for a while now, and when you take a look at the variety of unique, quality products that they sell, it’s no wonder! Krypted prides itself on delivering the best, most refined products possible, so that whether you’re looking for a new vape juice or isolate powder, you’ll find something that catches your eye and fulfills all your desires.

Here are 5 Krypted CBD products sold right here on CBD.co that make this brand such as tour de force:

#1. Southern Peach CBD Vape Juice

Let’s start this list off on a sweet note. The Krypted CBD Southern Peach vape juice is one of the sweetest, juiciest CBD products you’re ever going to try. It is designed to perfectly mimic the soft notes of an actual peach, making it the perfect vape juice to enjoy on a hot summer day, when something sweet and refreshing feels absolutely necessary! The hemp extract found in this vape juice is an isolate, meaning that many of the terpenes and cannabinoids have been stripped away, leaving virtually nothing but the cannabidiol itself. As a result, the hemp extract doesn’t produce a prominent smell or taste, allowing the juice’s peach-based flavor profile to shine even brighter!

You can enjoy this product anywhere, and since it’s compatible with all vaping devices, you can purchase it without fear of not actually being able to enjoy its sweet flavoring. You can choose between 250mg, 500mg and 1000mg options for the juice, depending on the CBD concentration that you feel is ideal for you!

#2. Purple Haze CBD Vape Juice

Where the Southern Peach vape juice excels in providing a fruity option, Krypted CBD’s Purple Haze Vape Juice is the perfect option for when you feel like enjoying the flavor profile of your favorite cannabis strain. The Purple Haze cannabis strain is more well known than most others, and its name will remain in the Cannabis Hall of Fame for the foreseeable future. If you are interested in simply tasting and smelling the strain while still using a CBD product, this is a must-have. Terpenes have been combined with the CBD isolate hemp extract in this juice, granting it the familiar flavor profile that it possesses without actually containing the THC that is commonly associated with it. The isolate doesn’t carry a flavor or scent on its own, so there’s no need to worry about clashing profiles.

Similar to the Southern Peach vape juice, Purple Haze comes in CBD concentration options of 250mg, 500mg and 1000mg. Those with more experience will like the higher concentration options much better, while those who are just starting out with these types of products may want to ease themselves in with the lower concentration option. Regardless of your skill level, Krypted CBD has you covered!

#3. Sunset Watermelon Isolate Powder

Krypted CBD’s Isolate Powder line is unique, both within its own assortment of products and the CBD market at large. Isolate powders are an interesting product that can facilitate multiple different means of consumption. Unlike most vape juices, which can only be vaped and usually shouldn’t be consumed orally like a tincture, this powder can be consumed in a variety of ways.

It can be added to any of the food or drink of your next meal. Once you sprinkle it on your food or drink, make sure to blend it in so that it evenly disperses and doesn’t look too out of place. The CBD isolate in this product is combined with a watermelon flavoring, making it an especially strong additive for foods and drinks that could use a boost of sweetness.

It can even be vaped! Once dissolved, you can pour its liquid form into the cartridge of your vape pen and enjoy its watermelon flavoring to the max! The possibilities are truly endless with this product, and if you’re feeling especially lazy, you can even place a small serving directly in your mouth and allow it to dissolve under your tongue for a moment before swallowing it. Such flexibility isn’t something that you see everyday, adding to this powder’s overwhelming greatness.

#4. Blue Dream CBD Vape Juice

Krypted CBD’s Blue Dream Vape Juice is similar to its Purple Haze juice, in the sense that it perfectly imitates the flavor profile of the original cannabis strain. It’s filled with the smooth notes of blueberries and other berries like it, and just like the other vape juices provided by this brand, its CBD isolate hemp extract does nothing to alter or detract from its overall flavor profile. One mouthful of vapor provided by this juice and you’ll be transported to your own personal grove, surrounded by bushes filled with delicious berries that are all yours for the taking. If this is a fantasy that you feel you might want to take part in, then Blue Dream vape juice is the perfect product for you.

This vape juice can be enjoyed virtually anywhere, and since it’s compatible with the cartridges of all pens, you don’t have to worry about any sort of extra steps between you and your mystical berry wonderland. With CBD concentrations of 250mg, 500mg and 1000mg, there’s an enjoyable option for everyone.

#5. Candy Apple CBD Vape Juice

Most of us have at least one childhood memory of scarfing down a sweet, caramel-covered apple. Whether you’ve had one at a carnival or at the end of a trip to your grandparents’ home, it was always an enjoyable experience that was well worth the inevitable cavities it would bring. Krypted CBD’s Candy Apple Vape Juice captures that dual sweetness − from the apple itself, as well as its sugary shell − and translates it into a vape juice that promises a smooth, rewarding hit each and every time. At 99.5% pure hemp, you can rest assured that you’re taking in some of the absolute purest CBD hemp extract currently available.

This vape juice is perfect for when you need something that can quickly satisfy your sweet tooth. Instead of turning to chocolate and other snacks, you could turn to an even simpler product and pick up a bottle of this vape juice! Desserts will never be the same once you try out this scrumptious juice for yourself!

These are 5 Krypted CBD products that give the brand their title as a CBD powerhouse. You can find all of these and much more right here on CBD.co, your one-stop shop for anything and everything CBD!