5 Naked 100 CBD Products That’ll Satisfy Your Taste Buds

Many fans of CBD believe that the compound is most enjoyable when it comes in the form of a tincture. This is mostly due to the fact that it’s an extremely versatile type of product, and even though tinctures have been around since the beginning, companies like Naked 100 are still finding ways to mix things up by creating flavor combinations that will excite your taste buds! Need a quick refresher on why CBD tinctures are well-received and loved by many? Let’s check it out.

First and foremost, a large portion of CBD tinctures are made from full spectrum CBD oil, while others are made from broad spectrum CBD oil. Most companies prefer to utilize the synergistic capabilities of full spectrum oil, which benefits from containing the full range of cannabinoids that a given hemp extract has to offer. Naked 100 recognizes the overwhelming goodness of full spectrum CBD oil, which is why they’ve utilized it when concocting their CBD oils.

Of course, it’s more than just the CBD hemp extracts that make the brand’s tinctures and vape juices so incredible; they went a step further and created some innovative flavor profiles that you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else!

#1. Hawaiian POG Tincture

If you love the flavors of fresh tropical fruit, you’re going to love this Hawaiian Pog CBD Tincture Oil. This tincture embodies the exotic qualities of Hawaii’s three main fruits, which are often combined into a single drink that has become a local staple: guava, orange and passion fruit. Each tincture bottle contains 60ml of oil, and you have the option of purchasing a bottle containing either 600mg or 1200mg of high-quality CBD hemp extract. It’s recommended that you keep the oil under your tongue for 60-90 seconds, but you’ll end up wanting to hold it there longer because it’s so delicious!

#2. Really Berry Tincture

You can’t go wrong when berries are involved, and that’s probably why Naked 100’s Really Berry Tincture Oil is so universally loved. It’s sweet, enticing, candy-like flavor transports us back to our childhood in one way or another; we all had some kind of favorite berry-flavored product way back in the day. Well, Naked 100 played off of this notion well when they created Really Berry CBD Tincture Oil. They stepped it up a notch by combining blueberries, blackberries and lemon to create a game-changing flavor profile. Trust us, you’ll be glad that you tried it out!

#3. Unflavored Tincture

What about those of us who don’t gush over all those exotic flavor combinations? Maybe you just love the herbaceous goodness that regular CBD oil has to offer, especially when it comes from a company like Naked 100 whose mission is to create the best CBD products possible for their customers. This tincture packs the same punch as its flavored counterparts, with your choice of 600mg or 1200mg of high-quality CBD. Some of us don’t need all the extra pizzazz; we’re okay with keeping things simple and focusing on getting the job done.

#4. Lava Flow Vape Juice

Let’s be honest, part of the fun in vaping is experiencing some of those outrageous, off-the-wall flavors! Naked 100 understands this, and it’s exactly how they came to create their Lava Flow Vape Juice. The combination of strawberries, pineapples and coconuts is one that can immediately transport you to the tropical island of your choice. So, even if you’re stuck inside due to some unforeseen circumstances, you can still feel like you’re sitting at the beach, drinking the sweetest island cocktail the world’s ever seen.

#5. Amazing Mango Vape Juice

We all know there are some diehard mango fans out there in the world. Naked 100 is right there with you; they love mango so much that they’ve created a CBD vape oil that possesses its famously sweet notes, paired with the delightful flavors of peaches and cream. Naked 100 e-liquids are critically acclaimed and formulated in Southern California, where they’re rigorously tested to ensure their quality and contents. Each bottle contains 30mL of juice and 600mg of CBD! Talk about getting the most bang for your buck!

Naked 100 is a premium CBD brand that excels in formulating flavor profiles that the CBD community has loved since the very beginning. Sure, many others are whipping some cool flavors together, but not all of them are implementing the same purity and quality guidelines as Naked 100. They pride themselves on having products you can both love and trust. The quality of the flavor is important, of course, but it’s nice knowing that you’re purchasing a product that serious time and effort went into; that’s what Naked 100 is all about, and that’s why we love them.