5 CBD Tinctures That You Can Add To Cocktails

There are few things in life more enjoyable than hosting a group of your best friends over for a night of socializing, chatting, and maybe a board game or two. The key to taking all this friendly activity to the next level? Cocktails, of course. They’re the social lubricant that keeps the party moving at full speed!

Cocktails are always going to be a fun and festive way to get the party started: they’re more celebratory than beer and certainly less formal than a glass of wine. If you’re not into Gin Gimlets, perhaps you’re a Brandy Alexander Person. Maybe you’re into Gin Martinis, or prefer a drink highlighting vodka. The best thing about cocktails is the variety; whatever your preference might be, cocktails offer a little something for everyone.

What many folks don’t know yet is that you can add a dash of CBD tincture for a light, mellow flourish that will take your cocktail game to the next level. It may not sound like a traditional combo on paper, but it is an inspired one – and trust us, it works wonders in social settings. In this article, we’ll outline five ways that you can spice up your cocktail-making skills with cannabidiol tincture products designed for easy and efficient use.

1. AndHemp Orange CBD Tincture

AndHemp’s Orange-flavored CBD Tincture is as good a place as any to start. It’s a product that our website described as “transportive,” with a sweet, rapturous orange flavor that’s unlike anything else on the market. Naturally, this type of tincture would make the most sense when preparing an orange creamsicle: the most creamy and decadent of cocktail concoctions. In addition to the requisite amounts of vanilla vodka, orange soda, and sugar sprinkles (if you feel like being indulgent), you’ll want to administer one serving of AndHemp’s Tincture to the final product before serving to your guests. Since this drink is already orange-flavored, we recommend not overdoing it – simply adding a tiny garnish to your scrumptious orange beverage should do the trick.

2. Crush CBD Lemon Cream Tincture

Let’s say that you’re having a Martini party with a bit of “Mad Men” flair. The only thing that makes a Vodka Martini better is a simple twist of lemon. But what if you didn’t need an actual lemon to get that tart citrus flavor that can elevate a Vodka Martini to dizzying new heights? Crush CBD’s Lemon Cream Tincture can do just that, offering users 500mg to 1000mg of pure, natural hemp extract that can be added to any beverage. This tincture possesses a very mild, understated taste – so much so, in fact, that it may read as tasteless to those with certain palates. After you’ve shaken up your ingredients and strained the results into a chilled Martini glass, simply add a dollop of this lemon-flavored tincture in place of a lemon twist. Trust us – it may not feel like a big change, but it makes all the difference!

3. Urth CBD All Natural Tincture

Some of the best tinctures on the market are the ones that don’t taste like anything. After all, you don’t always use tinctures because they taste good (although some of them do). You use them because they offer a quick and resourceful method of ingesting CBD, plain and simple. Similarly, when you drink an Old-Fashioned with good whiskey, you want that sweet, slightly smokey whiskey taste to shine through. If you’re looking to add a smooth, rich kick to your favorite Old Fashioned recipe, try this all natural-flavored cannabidiol tincture from the good folks at Urth CBD. It’s fast-acting and can be absorbed easily, containing an abundance of the company’s customer-approved proprietary CBD blend. This is the kind of mild, pleasingly natural liquid component meant to counterbalance the robust flavor profile of a good whiskey drink. Your guests will thank you later.

4. Clear Bright Days Mint Tincture

If you’ve still got bourbon left over from the Old Fashioneds you’re making for your guests, try whipping up some classic Mint Juleps. You don’t have to be a little old Southern lady sitting on your porch in the blistering hot sun to enjoy one of these; they’re the perfect alcoholic refresher for any social occasion. If you’re looking to double down on the mint flavor of everyone’s favorite iconic Southern beverage (the traditional drink of the Kentucky Derby), check out this mint-fueled CBD tincture from Clear Bright Days. You won’t need to add much if you’re already using four to five mint sprigs/leaves, but just a drop of this wonderful product can add a resplendent kick to a tried-and-true drink that, by some divine miracle, makes the result feel old and new at the same time.

5. Leafy CBD Natural Tincture

No matter what kind of party you’re having, ending it the right way is of the utmost importance. As the night winds to a close and your guests start to filter out, you’ll want to start whipping up some nightcaps to end everyone’s evening on the right note. A nightcap is the classic way to end an evening, sending everyone home in good spirits, talking about what a wonderful time they had as guests at your place. This is another beverage where you won’t need a flavored tincture, since the brandy and liqueur you opt to use will be providing much of the taste. If you’re looking for mild natural tinctures to give your cocktail a boost without any unnecessary added taste, check out Leafy CBD’s naturally flavored tincture. This lab-tested, top-of-the-line product is perfect for this particular drink, and the handy drop topper that comes with the bottle ensures that you won’t serve too much to your guests. Try a fresh spin on and old classic and give your guests a nightcap they won’t soon forget. This drink is perfect for any occasion, and this particular CBD tincture works best with drinks that have their own prominent flavors.

These are five products that can add a little zest or life to your standard evening cocktails. That said, there are a lot more CBD products out there that are perfect for this sort of thing. It’s all about doing research, mixing and matching, and determining what products work for you. For now, these five aforementioned products will offer you a great start when it comes to making drinks that will impress your friends.

Happy Holidays, CBD lovers! Have a drink on us!