5 CBD Drinks That Will Quench Your Thirst

5 CBD Drinks That Will Quench Your Thirst

One of the many beautiful things about the CBD experience is that cannabidiol itself can be ingested in many forms. If you’re someone who has gotten into the habit of enjoying tinctures before you go to bed, there are countless premiere CBD tincture products currently on the market for you to enjoy. Naturally, we here at love a good cannabidiol-infused edible, and we’re happy to report that there’s no shortage of fine CBD gummies, chocolates, protein bars and more for you to peruse and enjoy at your leisure. This is all just another way of saying that no matter how you choose to enjoy CBD, there is an option out there that’s designed to suit your needs.

One CBD product that people don’t always talk about is CBD drinks. There are many advantages to consuming CBD in liquid form: you can bring it with you on a hike, or use it to stay hydrated throughout the workday. CBD drinks rarely leave a sickly-sweet aftertaste like some tinctures are known to do, and you definitely don’t have to go through all of the complicated rigmarole of setting up a portable vape device. Plus, there’s an immense variety of different enticing CBD drinks out there: sweet bevs, CBD shots, crisp alkaline water and lots more. Whatever your preference may be, it’s all readily available – and much of it can be found right here at!

In this blog, we’re going to walk you through five of our favorite CBD drink products currently available on the site. Whether you’re craving a flavorful drink shot, something to cool down or something to quench your thirst, this list was designed with everyone in mind!

#1. Blue Label CBD - Alkaline Water

Remember what we said about the importance of staying hydrated? This CBD-powered Alkaline Water from Blue Label CBD will keep you hydrated for longer than you ever thought possible. This proprietary alkaline water contains over 5mg of Blue Label cannabidiol, and it comes packaged in a sleek, aesthetically pleasing bottle that you’ll feel cool about rocking in public. The best time to enjoy this product is probably before or after a workout, although it’s recommended that users replenish throughout the day so that they may stay hydrated, happy and healthy.

#2. Koi CBD - Peach Iced Tea

Want a quick shot of delicious peach iced tea without having to commit to drinking a full glass? If so, you’ll want to look into this Peach Iced Tea Shot from the cannabidiol-fluent cool cats at Koi CBD. Each lab-tested shot contains 25mg of full spectrum cannabidiol, not to mention vibrant terpenes and melatonin. What’s more is that the peach flavor itself is wildly vivacious and full-bodied; you’d swear you were drinking pure peach juice, that’s how delicious this shot is. Make your life peachy and secure one of these today!

#3. Sativa CBD Water

Don’t let the name scare you off – there’s no THC-influenced sativa high when you drink this CBD water. This is a product that is rich in alkali and electrolytes, which means it’s intended for those of us who have a tough time staying hydrated throughout the day. One bottle of this water per day is recommended to start, although, as we all know, everybody’s body is different and may respond to this particular product in different ways. Available in single packs, or in bulk.

#4. CBDfx - Lemonade Chill Shot

It’s right there in the name: this is one of the most chill products on the CBD market. The “chill” could also refer to the cool, refreshing lemon flavor of this cannabidiol-infused shot, which has been manufactured by the hardworking CBD professionals at CBDfx. Each Lemonade Chill shot contains over 20mg of organic, broad spectrum CBD. This product offers customers a natural source of vitamins, minerals, terpenes and amino and fatty acids, all bolstered by that familiar, one-of-a-kind citrus flavor that you know and love. Like revenge, this is a lemonade shot best served cold.

#5. Koi CBD - Watermelon CBD Shot

Is it any wonder why there are so many watermelon-flavored CBD products available on our site? It’s simple, when you think about it: watermelon is one of the lightest and most replenishing fruit flavors we know of, which means that it pairs quite nicely with the effects of organically harvested cannabidiol. This Watermelon-flavored CBD shot is perfect for those who find the Peach-flavored Koi Shot too sweet. This is a compact product that comes in a screw-capped, 30mL bottle that’s been designed for convenient, on-the-go use. You can fit one of these in your purse, handbag or even your pocket – if you happen to have, y’know, big pockets and feel so inclined. This delicious drink shot was made right here in the United States and is certain to pack a satisfying punch!

That’s what we have for now! Be sure to check back with us regularly so you don’t miss out on discovering new CBD drink products coming to the site! Feel free to pair these products with any others that interest you as well!

27th Feb 2020

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