​3 Ways Smilyn CBD Can Brighten Your Day

It could be their commitment to the quality of the products they offer, or maybe it’s the variety; whatever it is, people just love Smilyn CBD. Based in Carlsbad, CA, they’re a brand that is committed to using the highest quality hemp, essential oils and fresh Southern California citrus to create an interesting, varied and flavorful product line that keeps their customers “Smilyn”. This is a company that believes CBD is not just a product, but is also a lifestyle. Smilyn considers itself to be a company that promotes a happy and positive lifestyle for its customers. This is a company that really cares about its community’s well being, and this is evident in the efforts they put into their products and the education they provide their customers and the public. We decided to take a look at Smilyn CBD – their huge product line, company beliefs and customer reviews – and found three fun ways that Smilyn CBD can brighten your day!

#1. Pamper yourself with Smilyn CBD

Has it been a while since your last spa day? Maybe you simply don’t have the time to treat yourself to one, or traditional spas just don’t do it for you. In either case, we have a great solution for you that is just one of the ways Smilyn CBD can brighten your day.

Whether you’ve heard your kids screaming and bouncing off the walls all day, or you just finished up your weekly workout routine, Smilyn CBD has some nice products that are sure to enhance your daily quality of life. Smilyn CBD makes a roll-on CBD product containing supporting topical ingredients that are great for those sore muscles. Additionally, they offer a number of soft gels, gummies and tinctures for you to enjoy throughout the day. Whether you have better experiences with CBD oil, gummies or topicals, this company wants to make sure they have you covered.

The variety of products that Smilyn CBD offers is great enough that you could have your own at-home CBD spa day, if you felt like it. Here’s an example of a possible Smilyn CBD spa day: you start off with a few drops from one of their high-quality CBD oil tinctures. Then, rub their CBD balm on any areas of the body that you think would enjoy the balm’s supporting topical ingredients. After that, fill your bathtub with warm water, turn the lights off and light some candles. While the bath fills up, you let the CBD balm soak in and maybe even enjoy some Smilyn CBD gummies. Once the bath is ready, you put on a Smilyn CBD face mask, get in the tub and let the sound of the flickering candles serenade you into a state of pure bliss. Smilyn CBD is a brand that focuses on your daily quality of life, and because of this they offer products that compliment each other and fit very nicely into a lifestyle sort of approach to CBD use. So plan your day, gather your candles and have yourself a Smilyn CBD spa day. You definitely deserve it!

#2. Happy Pets = Happy People

Smilyn CBD is focused on being part of your daily lifestyle, and they know that many of their customers not only love CBD, but also love their four legged friends. Your pet is one of the most important things in your life, and filling its life with positivity is something that you strive for. Smilyn CBD loves pets too, which is why they offer CBD treats and a CBD tincture for your furry friend to enjoy.

Most dog owners spend over $1,000 on their pet in the first year, and as time goes on the bills keep coming. Smilyn CBD offer an assortment of affordable products that your pet can enjoy! Their bacon-flavored CBD dog treats taste so authentic that any dog would find them hard to resist. A great way to brighten your own day is to brighten someone else’s, especially if that someone else is your beloved pet. 

#3. CBD Skin Care

There is an old, simple saying that seems to always rings true, and it is very much a part of the self love that Smilyn CBD promotes to their customers and the public: “Look good, feel good.” You should look how you want and feel good about it. One thing that everyone enjoys is the look and feel of their skin when it is healthy. After a hard day of work your skin can become dry and blotchy, and while it isn’t the biggest deal, you might still prefer that your skin look consistently healthy.

With the supporting topical ingredients found in CBD skin care products offered by Smilyn CBD, that old “look good, feel good” saying takes on a whole new meaning. Smilyn CBD offers CBD roll-on lotion, a premium hemp extract face mask and even a salve made from premium hemp extract, beeswax and aromatic essential oils. You can use any of these great products individually, or you can really embrace the CBD lifestyle and start incorporating multiple Smilyn CBD products into your daily CBD routines.


There are so many different ways to brighten your day with Smilyn CBD, and it can be hard to narrow it down. So why bother! These products go together like peas and carrots. Smilyn CBD has designed these products to work perfectly together, and although they are all fantastic, high-quality products that stand strong on their own, you can maximize your purchase by using them synergistically. With so many top quality products designed to suit your busy lifestyle, we are happy to recommend Smilyn CBD and their amazing line of CBD products!