3 Aqua Products Perfect For Your Next Staycation

Everyone loves a good staycation.

Jet setting is great but it gets expensive fast, and even when cost isn’t an issue it can be difficult to find time to indulge in distant escapes. You’ve worked hard to turn a living space into your unique home, so ditch the luggage, airport security, and screaming children on the plane, and bask in the fruits of your labor by planning a relaxing staycation.

The Art of the Staycation

There is nothing quite like treating yourself to an escape in the comfort of your own home. You have privacy, all of your regular amenities, and you can plan your perfectly relaxing day without feeling the obligation of tourism.

There are a bunch of different activities (or non-activities) that can contribute to making a great stay at home day, and if you want your next staycation to be a truly special one, there are some must-have CBD products.

Aqua is one of the finest CBD brands on the market and happens to make products that are the perfect companion to join you on your quest for an enchanting staycation. After many hours of very much enjoyed, experience-based staycation research, it has come to light that there are three Aqua products that stand out by way of their ability to help create a staycation so relaxing.

Whether you are looking for a tropical escape, a sweet indulgence reminiscent of a summer vacation, or to bask in the pure bliss of strawberry-watermelon-apple goodness, Aqua has the perfect product to help you achieve your goal.

Let the mango flavored Momentum vape juice take you on a tropical escape without ever leaving your living room.

Enjoy Paradise without the Plane with Momentum Mango Vape Juice

One of the real perks of the staycation is not having to leave your house for anything.

Put the phone on silent, prepare your indulgences prior, and get ready to relax. One of the key ways to induce the feeling of relaxation is by creating a soothing ambiance.

The Momentum vape juice from Aqua provides the user with full yet gentle clouds of high-quality CBD vapor, the sweet taste of juicy mangoes, and the pleasure of a tropical paradise.

Island vacations are incredibly popular for a multitude of reasons: the warm sun, the calming sound of the ocean, and the feeling of closing your eyes and leaving life’s stresses behind. This delicious vape juice is perfect for any CBD lover looking to treat themselves to a tropical-style staycation and escape without ever leaving the comfort of their own home.

Everything You Love About Watermelon Minus the Seeds

Summer vacation? How about summer staycation? Being an adult is great, but those summer vacations from our youthful school days are often sorely missed.

Don’t fret, because you can remind yourself of sweet summer indulgences with the refreshing flavor of Aqua’s Swell watermelon vape juice. This grown-up treat provides the user with a myriad of beneficial compounds such as terpenes and cannabidiol, so you can indulge while still getting your “adulting” on.

Be proud of yourself for saving money on that trip to far-away lands, and treat yourself to a summer vacation bundled into one responsible, guilt-free, and incredibly relaxing CBD staycation. The amazing flavor and remarkably effective CBD in the Swell vape juice will help guide you on your way.

Embrace the Feeling of Nostalgia

The 21st century is a fast-paced time to live in. Whether you’re running back and forth to meetings, working hard to develop a start-up, or pursuing your passions with vigor, there never seems to be enough time to take a break and get away.

The staycation is the perfect solution for the modern person looking to maintain their ambitious schedule, and still enjoy the luxury of relaxation. Without leaving your own home, you can treat yourself to a variety of indulgences that provide the perfect escape.

One of the finest of these indulgences is the incredibly delicious Pure vape juice from Aqua. They really went all-in on this formulation and included a variety of flavors that perfectly blend to bring the user one insanely tasty vape juice.

By combining the sweet, crisp taste of apples, with the flavors of juicy watermelon, and fresh strawberries, Aqua has created a flavor profile that is both incredibly unique, and perfectly soothing. Each 600mg bottle contains high-grade CBD that was formulated with ethically grown hemp and extracted by way of super clean, highly effective proprietary methods.

When you just can’t seem to find the time to get away, don’t get down, instead treat yourself to a relaxing CBD staycation. Whether your idea of the perfect staycation is to give yourself the full-on spa treatment, or you just want to turn off your phone and do some binge-watching, Aqua has a CBD product that is sure to be a fantastic companion.